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Uber Like App Development Company

The niche of transportation is the most technologically advanced industry among transport topics. Recent innovations gave possibility via uber like app development to ensure efficient communication between the driver & his clients in a few simple points. Uber like app replaces significant work carried out by dispatchers and helps managers remotely monitor the taxi fleet.

This article runs on the theme of delivering an app like Uber, advantages & points that may arise concern regarding the app development process. You will learn more about Alfee company and why it's worth your attention.

What actually we mean by Uber like taxi booking app?

You will hardly find a person who doesn't know what is Uber - one of the most impressive start-ups in the world. Over 90 million people use on-demand services every month around the globe. Billions of rides have been made worldwide via the Uber app. Uber app can be truly regarded as breakthrough of the 21st century.

As we watch the acceleration of society's technological development, we realise that numerous usual procedures and actions are performed in a different way. We used to call out a taxi by phone, and now we are likely to turn to a taxi booking app. App like Uber conquered users' hearts with convenience and faster speed. Add advanced technical functions that automate location, have several payment gateway providers, etc., you will get a top-notch solution.

This business model, when solving all the service stages via a mobile application can be applicable to almost any niche.

Why do you need an Uber clone app?

The development of an Uber like app has various advantages for both owners & consumers. Let's view closer these benefits and find out why you actually may need a taxi app.

Lower cost estimation

An Uber like app is handy when you aspire to shorten the total cost of dispatchers staff or completely avoid it, the expenses for telephone communications, employees for accounting & statistics, etc. A taxi app makes it possible to replace a manual job with a computer algorithm. Furthermore, if you build a technical support bot, you can cut on the expenses for technical support specialists.

Process acceleration

Automation speeds up the whole process because all the information is in a single complex system. If the application provides payment integration and other advanced options, the trip process is accelerated for users as well.

Easier management

Business processes can be uncomplicatedly tracked by the owner, i.e. driver tracking system, real-time order statistics, etc. This simplifies business control, making it more manageable. If the Uber like app has a function for collecting drive reviews, the manager analyzes the driver rating, counting on reviews, control the sercice quality.

Customer service reliability

In Uber app a passenger can immediately see the driver verification, the nearest taxi cars on the map, the ride cost estimation, real time car movement. Besides cash payments, users can pay directly via the application. All functionality is in one place, which increases user convenience and customer satisfaction.

Taxi booking apps development process

Alfee development team regularly deals with requests for the development of app like Uber. This process isn't an easy one, it's rather complex and multi-step one. To build an app like Uber, you must find a trustworthy company that has developers with enough expertise and talent.

At Alfee we possess both experience and skill set for building trustworthy and credible applications with advanced features. Read on aboout the software development process we apply in work below:

  1. 01
    Research & analytics. At this point, the team's specialists collect data on the Uber like project and the customer requirements. If needed, internal market research is held to better investigate the business model, specifics and relevance of the project, etc.
  2. 02
    Designing technical specifications. Development of technical specifications is the best variant to fix the needed requirements for the application's functionality, design, and other parameters.
  3. 03
    Design creation. When starting delivering app like Uber & discussing functionality, designers create several Uber app design concepts for the customer's choice. The client approves the design option he likes, after that we proceed to the following development stage.
  4. 04
    Programming. At this point, the development team directly works out the functionality of the app like Uber by writing code. Counting on the operating system and development method, programming languages and framework are selected.
  5. 05
    Testing. For comfortable operating of the app like Uber and error-free interaction with users, the application must be tested before its release. Testing is carried out both manually & using special software tools.
  6. 06
    Application release. After all development and testing points are finished, the customer app is moderated in the app stores (both iOS & Android apps) and is made available for download. Alfee team can accompany your own Uber like app after its launch to add new competitive features and technical support.

What are basic Uber app features?

At Alfee we deliver feature rich mobile apps for taxi industry and other niches. We are ready to put into reality your app idea and give you a hand by turning it into the most popular one to promote on demand service.

The core features of Uber like apps contain registration options, payment options (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card transactions), defining services, integrating with existing geolocation API such as Google Maps for defining user's precise location data and eventually, giving additional settings for each user.

Uber like application is handy for two different communities, and you will actually deliver two individual products (passenger app and driver app) tailored to the needs of these communities regarding basic features, smooth operation and payment security. It is essential to deploy a separate passenger Uber mobile app with a booking interface and payment options, and a driver app with an understandable cabin booking interface displaying the pickup locations.

Both should have an interactive map (integrated Google Maps services), user-friendly interface & refined UX design to suit the preferences of the end user. Push notifications is a must, as well as detailed admin panel, route optimization items, trip alert, and others.

How much will you pay for Uber app development cost?

The final cost of Uber like app development varies a lot counting on the several issues, such as the main features in your own Uber app and the benefitial advanced features, the region/country, project complexity and tech stack, time framework, and some others.

The more additional systems you implement, the more incresed the development cost will be. Each project on Uber app work is individual. Therefore, the actual cost is calculated based on the client requests.

The development cost comprises specification, graphical mockups, application prototype, components diversity, wide arsenal of testing strategies, support & maintenance. Building a ride sharing app equal to Uber could sometimes cost you more than $50,500 depending on the hourly rate (average price estimate).

However, the latest investigations proved that in the following decades individuals will be increasingly ordering services remotely. Thus, if you plan to develop an app like Uber, we strictly recommend entrusting this rough beginning to Alfee. Don't forget that an unrepeated business model is an important element here!

Why entrust Alfee with Uber like taxi app development?

Alfee commances the whole development process with studying your business objectives. We have vast exxperience in delivering app like Uber equipped with push notifications, user-friendly admin panel & top-notch technology stack. We deliver a scalable solution for both Android and iOS app.

Thanks to expertise and profound knowledge we deliver app development ensuring best-in-class software solutions with extremely high quality and totally tailored to the preferences of your target audience.

Looking forward to building an app like Uber, there is no better decision than cooperating with Alfee professional team in terms of software development.

Questions for Uber Like App Development

How much does it cost to make an app like Uber?

Building a mobile online service is a useful extension for any business, big or small. If you aspire to make an app like Uber, you should be ready to pay from $15,000 and up to $50,000 depending on the project complexity and feature set. Such an application is always a good investment, but you must take into account many factors to be ahhead of your competitors. Alfee team is eager to consult you on how to build an app like Uber, providing further development services.

How many hours does it take to develop an app like Uber?

Time framework of software development is predetermined by app complexity and app features. Building an Android app as well as iOS version of Uber like app takes about 143-169 hours. If you aspire to develop a web based admin panel and we speak about web-development, it will take approximately 85-110 hours.

Where to find Uber like app development services?

If you are looking forward to developing an application that will repeat Uber's success, you should cooperate with a team of professionals. Alfee company has vast experience in delivering Uber like apps. We know Uber service peculiarities & how Uber works. Our top developers are ready to implement their proficiency and development skills to deploy the best taxi app for your business.

How to Create an app like Uber: Cost and Features

When deploying an app like Uber, you should bear in mind the main features it should have. These are registration option, location services and built-in maps sdk, payment system integration, driver destination feature, active drivers or preferred driver. The cost is predetermined by the app features and taxi app complexity. On average, the prices for Uber clone app start at 15,000 USD and go up to 50,000 USD.


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