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Travel Website Portal Design and Development Services

Creation of a travel portal is a complex process, requiring a lot of expertise and skills. Businesses may face certain difficulties in travel portal development for further successful promotion on the Internet. It is worth mentioning that travelling & tourism are highly competitive topics on the web, along with such topics as clothing, household appliances, real estate, renovation & construction, and others. Making software solutions for travel industry calls for a qualified approach to all stages from development to resource promotion.

Alfee is a travel portal development company, eager to suggest you effective solutions for travel, totally shaped to your business needs and aimed at reaching your maximum. We have already delivered hundreds of top-notch projects for tour operators, travel companies & travel agents, in the sphere of hotel booking, flight booking, etc.

What does travel portal development notion mean?

If you aspire to stay ahead of competitors, you can't but do with a best-in-class travel portal solution. To find a reliable and trustworthy travel portal development company, you first need to understand what exactly the notion of travel portal development means. A travel portal is a comprehensive web-based booking system, designed for travel industry needs. This kind of software is primarily used by travel companies, online travel agencies, B2B/B2C travel enterprises, tour operators and freelance travel guides.

Travel portal solutions assist in increasing customer experience, since they generally incorporate a huge spectrum of travel-related services, such as hotel booking, transfers, tour packages, travel tickets, car rental services, etc.

Major peculiarities of travel website development

Having a website is an indicator of a decent level of company development. For a travel management company, having a website is especially vital. We have carried out some research and are ready to share the results about major travel website development features.

Travel portal design

Website design will be your company's face, which means that its proper implementation cannot be neglected. First of all, website pages should be well arranged, as competition in travel industry is growing, and the client should choose your company. The design should be catchy and of high quality. However, it shouldn't be too complex, simplicity is better. The background and main elements should be done in soothing colors so as not to scare away potential customers with excessive brightness. Use matching photos and pictures with information about your services.

At Alfee we deliver software solutions with responsive web design. Get in touch with our expert team, and we will do our utmost to suggest you edge-cutting online travel portal development services.

Travel portal functionality

The best travel portal should be as user-friendly as possible, without unnecessary pop-ups, banners and ads that distract and annoy the user, only functional blocks! Here are three main rules we follow when developing online travel portals:

  • Website pages shouldn't have layout errors, they should quickly and correctly display on various devices and browsers.
  • Travel portal interface should be intuitive, menus and sections should be linked to each other and answer all clients' questions.
  • Travel site should be available round-the-clock, customers must have access to information about your services at any time of the day.

Travel portal content

Travel portal design development is inextricably linked with filling it with content. You should clearly know what information is important for users. Information about the services provided is in the first place. The fewer questions customers have after reading information about your service, the more likely they are to purchase it. You need detailed and comprehensive information about flight booking or cruise booking, accommodation options, additional excursion services, attractions and other important points for the traveler.

Multiple photos of beaches, attractions, hotels and restaurants will attract users' attention of and will additionally motivate them to purchase your services. Travel portal content should be updated regularly to give visitors access to up-to-date information about booking, visas, flights, hotels. Don't forget to add prices.

A mobile application is not a prerequisite, but it increases the attractiveness of your company in the eyes of customers. The booking system should be simple and intuitive even for the most inept Internet users.

Stages of travel portal web design and development

We have already mentioned that the creation of a travel portal is a complex process, and the travel industry itself is highly competitive. It should be noted, that almost any travel business tends to create a product, and then sell it to consumers. These factors largely determine the structure of travel websites, as well as their promotion strategy.

Speaking about the stages of building travel specific websites, it is necessary to highlight three main ones:

  1. 01
    Creating or modifying travel web design. This stage consists of discussing, creating and approving travel portal layout. Website design should be bright and colorful, it should fully meet customer's needs. Its major purpose is to sell the service.
  2. 02
    Programming or direct development of web solutions. The next stage is based on high-quality code writing, thanks to which travel websites function. This is an uninteresting and incomprehensible stage for an ordinary person, but no less important. Programmer's work is the key to a reliable and long-term functioning of a travel portal.
  3. 03
    Promotion. Here you should be smart and apply all your knowledge: digital marketing techniques, SEO promotion, in some cases, contextual advertising through Google AdWords and other channels.

The whole development process, from discussing travel website design to the final promotion, requires a lot of effort, knowledge and time. That is why such work should be performed only by professionals in their field. Entrust Alfee dedicated team with complete travel portal development, and enjoy great results. We will increase company revenue and take your business to a new level.

How much does it cost to hire a travel website development company?

The cost of travel portal development depends on the type of website you'd like to obtain and its functionality. Prices start at 3,000 USD and go up to 20,000 USD. Alfee company offers both B2B and B2C travel portal development taking into account your business requirements.

At Alfee we first conduct a short interview with a potential client who wants to order travel portal development. Our specialists identify the main project tasks and draw up an estimate. Based on this information, the budget and necessary development time are determined. Alfee web developers evaluate each stage and explain to the client why it is needed.

Why choose Alfee as your travel portal development company?

To create the best travel portal, Alfee professionals carefully study travel industry, major market trends, and clients' travel business. Only after a detailed study, work on creating a travel portal prototype begins. We understand the importance of SEO optimization from the first stages of development, so we work out the structure and content of the future travel portal before constructing design layout.

We are convinced that smart software solutions are modern, with pleasant user interface, not overloaded with graphic elements or textual information, totally corresponding to customer expectations. Therefore, we work in the aesthetics of minimalism, closely following current trends in web design and development, correctly positioning selling elements. This approach allows to convert up to 40% of site visitors into loyal customers.

Travel portal development services we offer

If you are in search of a SEO friendly travel portal solution, Alfee experts are ready to construct it. We carry out successful travel API integration with several systems, offering great customer support services. For travel agencies, large and small travel market players it becomes possible to take advantage of car rental services, hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, tour reservation system, travel insurance, payment gateway integration, etc. Alfee works both with giant enterprises and separate travel agents. If you possess a travel business, travel management software is a must.

Questions for Travel Website Portal Design and Development

How much does it cost to build a travel website?

Prices for a credible travel portal solution vary from country to country depending on the key features and designing. The minimum cost is about 3,000 USD, but prices may go up to 20,000 USD. If you are searching for a cost effective travel portal solution, we recommend cooperating with Alfee company, whose experts deliver top-notch solutions at a reasonable ratio of quality and price.

What is travel portal development?

Travel portal development is a complex process of creating specialized software for an online travel agency or an agent. It can be tourism website development, a booking system, or a rental cars system. The process includes travel API integration and implementation of the latest technologies for the prosperity of your business.

What are the online travel service portal services?

Travel portal services include a huge variety of options, such as tours, hotel & flight booking, customized travel offers, car rental, etc. The main aim of a travel portal is to ensure better user experience and provide perfect API solutions. Alfee team is ready to build credible solutions in accordance with custom requirements.

Where to Find Good Travel Website Portal Design And Development Services?

Finding a credible company ready to construct a travel portal solution isn't an easy task. Want to get combined experience of great developers with immense knowledge in travel portal design and development? Start working with Alfee expert team. Our experienced developers and digital marketers will do their utmost to create travel portals with maximum profitability.

How to Choose Custom Travel Portal Development Company in USA?

If you are lin search for a reliable and trustworthy custom travel portal development company, start cooperating with Alfee dedicated team. Highly qualified specialists will deliver customized travel portal solutions in accordance with your current business goals and taking into account all your preferences.


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