Web and Mobile Technologies for Your Business Benefit

It's essential to pay enormous attention to selecting the right web and mobile technologies when building your application. Outmoded technologies can have a negative impact on your application's lifespan. Functionality and usability of your solution depends on the effectiveness of technologies selected.

Modern technologies are increasingly penetrating the corporate environment, providing new competitive advantages for companies. Business mobility requires a clear strategy to integrate technology with a common system and improve business processes.

If you have never dealt with custom software development before it may be difficult to select the right direction for development. The market is overwhelmed with new players offering their services. To find the best option, you should be aware of the most common technologies.

Alfee team is ready to implement the latest innovations for your profit. We apply not only cross-platform technology, but also native approach. Our team delivers top-notch mobile applications development on the latest web technologies. We prepared a brief overview of technologies used in web and mobile development for you to understand it better.

All You Should Know about Mobile Technologies

Alfee is always aware of the latest mobile technologies, which has become the cause of success of numerous of mobile projects and contributes to the rapid development of functional and convenient applications. Our vast experience in implementing cost-effective mobility solutions is at your disposal.

We have several directions of mobile development:

  • Native apps for iOS and Android
  • Cross-platform solutions
  • Hybrid products
  • Development with React Native
  • Mobile development team outstaffing
  • Mobile development team outsourcing.

Android Solutions by Alfee

For decades, Alfee mobile application developers have been delivering top-notch Android applications. Our Android developers master a huge variety of programming languages such as Java, Kotlin, C++ and more.

Company's Android development team has extensive practice in building Android applications, both native and cross-platform.

Check out some of Alfee Android app development services below:

  • Android development of any complexity
  • Building Android GPS applications
  • Delivering augmented and virtual reality applications
  • Mobile banking
  • Application development for TV
  • Development of Android educational games.

Whether you need a native or cross-platform Android app, our team of professionals knows how to create an Android app that will meet the highest demands.

iOS Solutions by Alfee

Our iOS development team has extensive practice in creating iOS applications. Taking advantage of advanced programming languages like Swift, Objective-C, C ++ and others, we create trustworthy mobile applications for our customers, as well as develop our own products.

Check out some of Alfee iOS app development services below:

  1. Custom iOS development of any complexity
  2. Application development for Apple watch
  3. App development for Apple TV
  4. iOS Reader Development
  5. iOS game development
  6. Dedicated iOS development team
  7. Outstaffing iOS development team

Our team of mobile app developers for iOS can boast of high-level specialists with profound knowledge and skills in the sphere of C ++, Swift, Objective-C and XCode.

React Native Development by Alfee

Our developers are experienced in this demanded JavaScript-based mobile app framework which makes it possible to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android with no change of codebase.

We know how to bring your idea to life and help you release the first version of the product in the shortest period possible - it will be a top-notch cross-platform solution suitable for both Android and iOS, so you can reach two markets at once.

React Native framework makes it possible to halve the time period and save the development budget without sacrificing quality.

High-quality Front-End Technologies for Your Prosperity

Front-end is a public part of web applications (websites) which the user can interact with and contact directly. Frontend includes display of functional tasks, user interface performed on the client side, as well as processing of user requests. In fact, the front-end is everything that the user sees when opening a web page.

Our front-end developers work hard to ensure that each button, icon, text and window on the site not only stands in its place, doesn't overlap each other and looks attractive, but also that they fulfill their intended purpose - for example, that the “buy” button opens the basket, and “play” starts playing a movie or music).

In order to create popular and accessible software solutions, Alfee front-end developers interact with other programmers, designers, marketers, analysts and other specialists.

Read on to find more information about frontend development components.

HTML technology

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) in simple words is the markup language for all elements and documents on the page, and their interaction in the page structure. Our specialists identify page titles, images, text boxes, buttons, and text with HTML.

CSS language

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language for characterizing and styling document appearance. With the help of CSS code, the browser understands exactly how the elements should be displayed. CSS creates fonts, colors, determines site blocks location, etc. It also adapts the same document in different styles, displays the transmission on the screen or for voice reading.


This is a language created to spice up web pages. The task of JavaScript is to respond to user actions, handle keystrokes, cursor movements, mouse clicks. JavaScript also makes it possible to enter messages, send requests to the server, and load data without reloading the page, and so on.


Angular is perfect for creating single-page applications. Our experts use this framework from Google for building customized applications, creating a separate component and publishing it as a Web Component, which can be used on any HTML page.


React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook which is great for building modern Single Page Applications of any size and scale. React implements functional programming (FP) concepts by creating easy-to-test and reusable code.


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework which is the best option for building highly adaptable user interfaces and complex single page applications. It is used to create single page applications as well as more complex web application interfaces. It is important that minor interactive elements can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure without negative consequences.

Trustworthy Back-End Technologies

Back-end is an area of ​​web technologies responsible for implementing the logic of the site. It uses software and hardware that is outside the browser and user's computer.

This part is considered more complicated than the frontend, here the developer chooses the programming language that is supported by the server.

Alfee team of back-end developers uses several programming languages to develop the logic of the site and the server side.


Laravel is an enterprise-level framework in the PHP programming language created to develop complex websites and web applications. The major benefits of Laravel are high security, increased performance, open code, authentication, database migration, MVC-architecture, and others.


This is a widely used open source general purpose programming language. The popularity of PHP is due to its simple and intuitive syntax. It has incorporated all the best features of such popular languages ​​as C, Java and Perl.


This is the fastest growing programming language in the last few years. It is used to develop web applications, games. Convenient for automation, mathematical calculations, machine learning, in the field of the Internet of things.


Node.js (Node) is an open source JavaScript language platform built on the Chrome V8 engine. In addition to web applications, it is used to create any services where a constant exchange of information with the user is needed, i.e. chats, social networks, project collaboration systems, online text editors.

Alfee company can boast of an experienced team of developers, mastering the latest innovations in mobile development and web technologies.

Working with Alfee has the following benefits:

  1. Reliable & trustworthy team. Our developers are respected by customers thanks to credibility and professionalism. You can count on us!
  2. Customer-oriented approach. We believe that customer's satisfaction is above all. That's why we always listen to all your preferences and try to find the best match for you.
  3. Years of experience. Throughout decades our expert team has been delivering robust and scalable solutions with best web technologies and advanced mobile technologies.
  4. Time on delivery. We strictly adhere to the timeline when working with you and provide reports whenever necessary.
  5. Cost-effectiveness. Our solutions are totally tailored to your budget. We help save money when it's possible.

We have provided you with the most common mobile technologies and web solutions applied by our professional team of developers. All you need to do is to select the option that fits you best and get in touch with our experts.

In response, we will deliver revolutionary and most functional solutions to your business.

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