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Custom Taxi Booking App Development

The periods when we traditionally called for a taxi for moving are far behind. Today, we open a taxi reservation application, get acquainted with testimonials on the taxi service and performers, and run up the overall cost of the drive.

Taxi services have changed significantly after the appearance of taxi booking app market. It has powerfully merged into the everyday routine of modern societies. Today, taxi reservation apps firmly take a niche in the society and gain billions of dollars income.

Whether you're dreaming of launching a new taxi business, or aspiring to modernize an already existing taxi business, constructing a taxi booking app can have a positive impact on prospects. Alfee mobile app development company is eager to construct a convenient taxi app for reserving cars with automatic and manual dispatch, corporate transfers option, and many other services.

What are taxi booking apps?

Taxi application is a specialized program which permits a client to book taxis, track the movement towards the agreed direction and pay for the drive. The maps implied by the program just like Google maps show the clients nearby cars. Clients have an opportunity to select a vehicle category (from economy to premium) and sometimes even a driver.

When reserving a taxi, it isn't necessary to indicate your location, GPS tracking will indicate the point. A taxi app has ratings of not only taxi drivers, but passengers too. The original product may enhance tools that provide great user experience and affect rankings, as various payment options, notifications, vehicle tracking system, etc.

What features should a top taxi app solution have?

To construct Uber like taxi application, it's important to concentrate not only on the technologies implemented. Concentrate on the pluses of taxi booking services that customers & employees obtain.

Any Uber like app is constructed for convenience. Clients can be picked up at any place and transfered to any destination. Would you like a similar result? Implement all necessary functionality for convenience, reliability & quality of the taxi application. Continue reading to discover more about application tools that may make the taxi app more successful.

Basic features of a taxi booking app

Basic tools are necessary for proper functioning of any app like Uber. If you aspire to construct a taxi app that will be friendly for an applicant and will help you enjoy great customer satisfaction, don't forget to pay special attention to the feature kit below.

Unsophisticated registration

The registration procedure must be easy and transparent, it should not take more than 2-3 minutes. The applicant downloads the aggregator taxi booking app, enters data, receives approval. Customer registration via a social network account can be added.

GPS services integration

GPS remains a vital feature, regardless of mobile application use. The client must be sure that he or she will be found at a certain location. The system must be designed in such a way that error becomes impossible. When integrating customer location tracking, don't forget to enable customer consent surveys.

Convenient communication means

Basically, clients are informed about taxi arrival via SMS and notifications. SMS is more complicated, but also more reliable. It is not dependent on unstable communication, full memory, or removal of the function by the user.

Secure payment gateways

Payment system integration may provide a choice between cash and card payments. But the most convenient is registering a bank card in the taxi reservation app itself. To embed the payment function, it is necessary to involve the appropriate payment processing service, not forgetting about account service cost.

Additional features of a taxi booking app

Besides the core functionality, we have also listed some advanced features that will turn your taxi app into the best-in-class software solution created.

Driver information

Customers usually prefer to know vehicle category and whom to expect. Notify the passengers about car details and driver's name and contact details. It is desirable that the client has the opportunity to select the car he likes and a pleasant carrier.


The function significantly enhances work quality. A bad taxi driver or a customer with non-standard behavior can be excluded from the database. Typically, customers are asked to briefly answer the question whether they liked the trip and rate it in points. Knowing about this function, drivers will strive to fulfill the order at the highest level.

Advantages of cooperating with taxi app development company

When you select taxi booking mobile app development, you immediately obtain a number of pluses both for the client and the enterprise:

  • Reducing owner costs. Taxi booking app development helps to cut down the expenses for dispatcher staff, telephone communications, employees for accounting & statistics, etc. Taxi apps allow you to replace an individual with a computer algorithm;
  • Process acceleration. Manual labor takes time, while automation speeds up the process because all the data is in a single system. If the cab booking app provides the possibility to pay for the trip, select the nearest taxi, the trip process is accelerated for users as well;
  • Convenient customer service. The client can immediately see the driver's rating, the nearest taxi cars on the map, the approximate cost. It is also possible to make an online payment directly in the application.

Demand taxi app development process

Taxi app development makes much sense for both large companies and start-ups. Over the past decades, the popularity of such mobile applications has increased, they are used much more often than traditional taxi services.

Let's see in more detail how Alfee dedicated taxi booking app team operates:

  1. 01
    Taxi industry research & analytics. Alfee specialists collect project data and customers requirements. If necessary, internal market research is carried out to better understand the specifics & relevance of the project;
  2. 02
    Discussing app idea & technical specifications. This is the desirable variant for the development team to fix the necessary functionality requirements, design, and other parameters;
  3. 03
    Design creation. Before the actual cab booking app development, designers work out several concepts for the customer's choice;
  4. 04
    Programming. At this stage, Alfee taxi app developers directly construct taxi solution by writing code. Depending on the operating system and development method, the programming language and framework are selected.
  5. 05
    Testing. For comfortable operation of taxi applications and error-free user interaction, the ready made solution must be tested before its release. Testing is carried out both manually and using special programs;
  6. 06
    Taxi application release. After all steps of development and testing completed, the application is moderated in the app stores and is made available for download. Alfee development team accompanies mobile apps after launch to create new features and provide technical support.

Taxi app development cost

Answering the question 'How much does it cost to develop a mobile application for a taxi?' we note that each project is individual. Therefore, the cost is calculated based on business requirements.

On average, an API can cost about $20,000, and developing a single platform application costs $14,000. It will be possible to more accurately estimate the time & cost of development after the completion of the research stage. In the early stages of the development process there is an increased level of uncertainty and many factors that need to be evaluated (application complexity, features set, hourly rates of specialists, number of platforms, etc.).

Bear in mind that the resourses spent will pay off very quickly, as you will end up with an effective and working innovation tailored to your business model.

Why select taxi app development services by Alfee?

Constucting the best taxi booking app is a tricky process that requires an efficient team and professional approach. Alfee expert taxi app developers are eager to deliver best taxi booking apps for growing businesses.

We have enough experience & skills to develop taxi hailing apps with maximum functionality and effectiveness. Our designers will do their utmost to create a perfect user interface and clear admin panel.

We have already constructed dozens of taxi booking apps for large and small businesses, and we are aware of all pitfalls. If you don't know what to commance with, contact Alfee professional team for free consultation.

Questions for Taxi Booking App Development

What are pluses of taxi mobile app development?

A taxi booking app assists to automate your business & manage it efficiently and easily. You can obtain a network of loyal clients with fare management. The clients have the opportunity to select the vehicle and the driver, and you have the opportunity to collect service fee and introduce cancellation fees.

Taxi Booking Mobile App Development Cost & Features

Taxi reservation application elaboration amenities may vary in their cost regarding the country and tools. Estimates for creating the first operational version of a taxi application like Uber vary from $75,000 to $85,000 per platform. This includes a passenger app, a driver app, an admin panel. The cost of developing a full featured product can go up to $235,000+ per platform.

Where to find Custom Taxi Booking App Development Company?

If you need to pick up a taxi application creation firm, we advise you to cooperate with Alfee dedicated team. Alfee taxi application experts are able to boast vast experience & deep knowledge in software development. We will give you edge-cutting solutions corresponding to the business model limited to the stated period and budget.

How to select Online Taxi Booking App Development Services?

When selecting taxi application creation amenities we advise you to focus on the company's skills and reputation. Testimonials and positive feedback from previous customers is no less important. Check up for true testimonials, learn the taxi application creators portfolio, read more about service quality & prices.

What are Benefits of On Demand Taxi Booking App?

On demand taxi reservation application helps automate the firm and reach greater results quicker. It provides increased user experience & advances revenue to a completely new level. App users book a taxi just in a few simple steps, and you get payment in a few seconds.

How to select On-demand taxi booking app development?

If you'd like to discover a high quality taxi reservation application elaboration amenities, we recommend cooperating with Alfee experienced team. We're eager to realize any business idea & construct a taxi booking application that will work for the prosperity of the business. Alfee experts can add any particular feature, be it user stories, ride sharing or fare calculator.

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