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Startup Website Development

Modern digital technologies world is rapidly developing every day. Competition grows along with progress, which means that in order to create truly promising projects, it should be correctly demonstrated. Designing unique startup websites - a common practice among ambitious entrepreneurs. Websites can simultaneously serve as tutorials & collect potential investors' contacts.


Alfee - leading startup website development company, providing professional design and development services worldwide. We have partnered with over a thousand startup leaders around the world. Large part of these startups has grown into successful businesses that bring constant income to their owners. We are pleased providing our clients with smartly implemented innovative solutions aimed at obtaining high-level results.

Company is proud of each employee, conducting regular team members retraining. This feature allows us to be confident in each web developers team member and their professional knowledge relevance. Clients in cooperation with Alfee receive full guarantee of startup website implementation in accordance with reference terms and modern quality standards.

Great teamwork experience allows professional team performing each development process in optimized manner. Competent project manager draws up personal development plans according to clients' business goals & technical requirements. Effective workflow guarantees unique startup website implementation with high performance in set timeframes.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur/operating business owner looking to launch your startup? Use the services of a leading web development company. Our clients receive personal qualified developers team which fulfills every technical requirement in short time. Leave callback request on our website, or write us in convenient way. Alfee`s consultant will contact you soon, answering all questions, drawing up personal development plan.

Provided Startup Website Development Services


Alfee has been providing well-organized web development team services for more than five years. During this time we have satisfied more than a thousand customers' needs around the world. Significant team experience with large successful cases number allows us effectively organise workflow, completing tasks efficiently & quickly. Each development team member - senior developer in their field, with deep, relevant complex projects implementing skills.

Startup resenting to create effective result-oriented solutions requires innovative approach. Web development business industry has special features that not every full-time typical web studio employee knows. Alfee - leading web development agency among top web development companies worldwide. We guarantee detailed each development process implementation with following benefits:

  • Oprimized implementation manner;
  • Full responsibility;
  • Expert senior web developers;
  • 24/7 clients support.

Attracting investors` attention - main promising startup`s task. Attracting customers with digital marketing services also recommends having competent user-friendly website that will create desire among visitors to use your product. Start developing your startup together with Alfee right now, using modern audience generation way.

Do you need comprehensive digital solution focused on your startup growth? Alfee`s web development services are what you need. Competing in modern digital world is really relevant right now. Especially important to provide your startup with pleasant, eye-catching innovative website. Contact us in convenient way / leave callback request. Trained consultant will connect with you short time, providing deep answers to every question.

Web Development Agency Workflow


Alfee's organized team provides full integrated services range. We engaged in full-cycle complex solutions development, which allows us implementing large startup websites, bearing full responsibility for the result. Experts team has relevant frameworks skills, which significantly speed up work progress, saving client's funds. Full-cycle development - convenient tasks managing way. Full-cycle startup website development includes following steps:

  1. 01
    Unique design layout creation;
  2. 02
    Development plan drawing up;
  3. 03
    Implementation according to technical requirements;
  4. 04
    Maintenance & Promotion.

Each individual project requires special implementation approach. We treat all customers with particular care, which creates excellent company`s statusa. Despite difference in customer requirements, development process usually goes through following similar stages:

Project manager work

Qualified project manager collects materials & requirements. This employee`s task - building effective implementation plan with each development process optimization. Upon completion, plan is transferred at development department for subsequent execution.

Web design creation

Experienced web designers team, according to client`s requirements, creates unique concepts & design layouts. After agreeing this layout with customer, we transfer it to front-end development team.

Front-End development

Front-End or client-side development - codding design layout visualization into working client-side solution. Front-end processes include several stages from structure drawing up based design project, to full interface implementation.

Back-End development

Qualified back-end developers using latest technologies & relevant frameworks implement all web resource`s logic and functionality according to customer`s technical requirements needed. Finally they provide testing due to exclude errors & bugs from solution code.

Professional startup websites programmers team is ready discussing all project requirements, creating unique result-oriented web solution in organized manner. Each team member`s high-skill level guarantees getting desired result. Order our professional services by contacting us in convenient messenger / filling out website callback form.

Hire startup websites developers


Alfee IT company cooperates with enterprises and top businesses worldwide. Leading company from best web development agencies includes well-organized specialists team. We provide high-level startup web development services, performing them in short time period with accordiance to reference terms. Effective teamwork allows making websites building process fast and result-oriented.

Company`s main task - being sure that each customer's requirement realized. Our professional team takes full responsibility for performed work. We use the latest web development technologies that are relevant and optimized. This gives our developers the opportunity to generate high performance web solutions to meet all customer needs.

Company has been engaged in web development for over 5 years. During this time, Alfee`s team have satisfied more than thousand customers' needs. We oversee each development process from inception to the final product. You can hire web designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, marketers etc. for any needs. Just contact us via convenient messenger / leave callback request on website.

Questions for Startup Website Development

How do I create a startup website?

Creating a competent client-oriented website requires the work of highly trained web developers. The problem of creating a website for the presentation of a startup will completely go away from you in the case of cooperation with Alfee. A professional web development company is pleased to provide the services of trained professionals who will fulfill every technical requirement, providing an impeccable result in a short time.

Is web development a startup?

It is extremely difficult to call basic freelancer web development as "startup" that has future perspective. Despite this, complex web solutions that include competent functionality and a wide range of tasks to be solved are often a startup. Such decisions can often turn out to be extremely successful with a competent approach to promotion & development. Alfee provides services of qualified web development experts.

Which type of website is best for startup?

Depending on the purpose of your startup, the types of related websites may vary. For example, for the presentation of a finished web application, the use of a landing page is suitable. If you need a landing page or complex development of a website / application - cooperate with Alfee. We provide professional start-up web development services, providing customers with a guarantee of reliability.

Startup Website Development Company

Alfee creates unique conceptual web solutions for clients around the world. It is important for us to satisfy the needs of each client, so we guarantee an individual, thorough approach when working. You can hire a full stack of developers to implement your ideas and launch your startup in the near future. Contact us in a convenient way and we will make your startup according to modern quality standards.

Startup Website Development Services

Choosing a startup website development company requires an extremely careful approach. It is important to take into account such details as: the experience of the company, the guarantees provided, the number of specialists in the team, the speed of execution, etc. Alfee is an excellent option for every indicator, contact our trained consultant and cooperate with us!


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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