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Software Product Development Services

Welcome to the digitalised future, where online services matter more than offline ones. Users expect application software product to work smoothly and want to see data presented in a beautiful stylish product design, created by professional artists. Companies fight for positive customer feedback, allocating huge amounts of money to advertising software products with at least the same incomes expected.


One of the most obvious solutions is ordering a full-cycle outsourced software product development, which finds a compromise between clients’ demand and business goals. Extremely educated specialists handle your corporate tasks with care, endeavouring a new ideas search, which leads to never seen before results.

Alfee provides different business software development projects, aimed at getting maximum customer satisfaction, creating desired application software products with indescribable efforts, which certify your success in the market today.

Some of the software development services we render include:

  • Gamification product features. Turn on entertainment features via game development possibilities, including ordinary service production or special learning tools in form of games;
  • Immersive technologies (AR / VR). Augmented or Virtual reality brought new digital life advantages, conspicuously widening means of interacting with the world, which made them top requested technologies;
  • Image recognition. Another leading software product development methodologies milestone, significantly simplifying search;
  • Voice recognition and recording. Audible technology development as much powerful as visual ones, valid for voice synthesising, editing and reassembling;
  • Teleconferencing. No more lags while arranging group calls, more than one hundred participants support, smooth and fast connection;
  • Telecommuting. Basically, the same as previous, but in rendez-vous form;
  • Adaptive learning. Powerful educational tools making even difficult kids to become smart and disciplined;
  • Video streaming. Are you a gamer? Or do you have podcasts online? Any possibilities of successful product development helping to go live are here at your disposal;
  • Scheduling and booking services. Our software product development team helps you to stay in schedule, being on time everywhere;
  • Location tracking. Have you ever seen this beautiful city of Dublin / New York / Paris / London / Whateverville before? No chances to get lost with geolocation services;
  • Performance tracking. Monitor your activities to stay fit and strong. Personal programs, reasonable trainings, adaptive loads are guaranteed;
  • Chatbots. Your chance to propose services in a calm and comfortable way, attracting new customers with creative messages;
  • Internet of Things. Control your manufacturing equipment easily, allocating factory powers in a blink of an eye;
  • Blockchain. Use cryptocurrency wallet as if it was right in your pocket, but even more conveniently thanks to software product development methodologies;
  • AI. Artificial Intelligence is no more fantasy, but a reality instead. Machine learning, neural networks development - Alfee company implements all these in the software product development process.

What Software Development Company actually does


Satisfying customers, our specialists arrange initiative teams which provide high-quality software product development solutions, inevitable for the new digital era. Prioritising a cyber supremacy, genius developers create completely new patterns, responsible for software security & functionality testing. Any difficult tasks are up to our negotiated services due to truly dedicated developers we can afford.

Talking about digital serving mechanisms, Alfee needs to mention its basic responsibilities, critically important for clients.

A Minimum Viable Product constructing in the software development process

What differs diligent developers from careless ones? Of course, an ability to forecast and check possible service problems, solving them long before actual software projects release. For such purposes diligent professionals create a special software system development model, applying super simplified code development, which runs only basic software features, revealing a common understanding of what will be going on when the entire software development process is over.

This software product development demonstration is designed exclusively for finding some architectural discrepancies which might be left unnoticed on first development stages. For developers it is a real chance to make global changes easily, not spending too many resources. Finally, it brings certain benefits, helping clients a lot.

Adapting software product development process through Consultations

Being bothered with a new software product vision, you might be aware, what should happen when its release process is over. Use Alfee outsource software development services to receive a full-stack support and quality assurance which runs your idea through a complete creative software product development process, starting from concept up to marketing tricks.

In a short time you receive a professional totally clear imagination of the product development process, of how your software product will function and what benefits it will bring. Testers also have a chance to catch and eliminate bugs, clearing a code from occasional software development mistakes prior to actual development process commencement. You may expect a careful, thorough attitude resulting in perfectly sharpened software products.

User Interface / Experience Improvements and software development methodologies

Among software product development companies there is some UI / UX cult, whose existence is quite reasonable. Software products appearance plays a decisive role in user’s perception. Even having the most smooth and functional application, you never get much attention if it looks unpleasantly. Gathering a really creative development team, Alfee delivers colourful spectrums right to your application themes, making interface intuitively understandable and highly interactive with attractive outfitting, provided by true visioners.

Relying on our design services, you might be confident that the software product you receive will reach the top demand rate.

SaaS Services Online

As a leading software product development company, we understand that not each customer has powerful enough machines to run obtained software smoothly. Some companies have only simple office configurations, certifying casual employees usage without too great performance.

But with brand new Software as a Service technology this question is solved completely. Now full-scope data may be stored on our dedicated servers under Alfee secure management, which reduces enterprise sector development load dramatically. With a single central core we deliver special client programs to your machines, ensuring fast access, but technical maintenance matters remain on our side.

Thorough Tests and Answering FAQs throughout software product development lifecycle


Analysing future software efficiency, our offshore software product development team conducts professional unit tests, applying both manual and automated testing. We adapt existing checked frameworks for diligent thorough performance check service, fixing bugs and avoiding mistakes, which reduces significantly critical errors number down to zero.

For customers with questions Alfee arranged a 24/7 consultation service centre, giving complete answers which explain any complications in simple words. Maintenance is a no less important stage in the software development life cycle.

Apps Transfer & Updates

Sometimes customers need to migrate software products from the old platform to the new one, from previous technologies to contemporary. Our software product development services easily conduct such assistance. Top-notch professionals leave source code untouched, so basic patterns still use the same logic, but on brand new foundation, improving performance speed dramatically.

Same with this, Alfee ensures your products are updated in ample time, not influencing your working time at all. We reach this by background upgradation mode, so you may continue working.

Meeting Software Developers from Dedicated Team


Our company provides unique advantages with digital product development services. Mostly, they are connected with time and cost efficient character, but go deeper than you might think. Alfee chooses employees among candidates, taking difficult exams, specially designed for developers to show their knowledge and skills. All developers are confident experienced specialists with our personal guarantee.

Please, get yourself familiarised with our company's main principles:

  1. 01
    Quick market placing service. With adapting CI/CD pipeline, agile programming and other techniques we ensure the best software product development projects to be released regularly on 2-3 weeks basis and we find the best product market fit;
  2. 02
    Reasonable cost to develop a software product. Building highly flexible solutions, we ensure maximum energy efficiency, which results in reduced job prices. In such a way we care for customers;
  3. 03
    Transparent self-management. Being in possession of ISO 9001 certificate, we ensure a Quality Management System perfect functioning, which clarifies that all products and services our software product development outsourcing company builds are safe & sound;
  4. 04
    Secure cooperation service. We propose signing an NDA already at first acquaintance day for your confidence. Your data is protected with ISO 27001 certificate and with IDS/IPS, DLP, SIEM standards;
  5. 05
    Flexible outsourcing options. With our software product development team you might see how tasks are situationally allocated between regular staff or remotely augmented service, depending on your demand.
Questions for Software Product Development

Why can Software Product Development take different amounts of time for different projects and what factors does it depend on?

Software product development can take different amounts of time for different projects because the scope, complexity, and resources available for a project can vary. Factors that can affect the duration of a software development project include:

  • The complexity of the project: A more complex project with more features and functionality will take longer to develop than a simpler project. 
  • The size of the development team: A larger team can typically complete a project faster than a smaller team. 
  • The experience level of the team: An experienced team is typically able to develop a project faster than an inexperienced team. 
  • The development methodology used: Agile development methods, which prioritize flexibility and rapid iteration, can lead to faster development times than more traditional Waterfall methods. 
  • The availability of resources: Projects that require specialized resources, such as specialized hardware or software, may take longer to complete. 
  • The development budget: Projects with larger budgets can typically afford more resources, which can lead to faster development times. 
  • The quality of requirement gathering: The better the requirement gathering, the better the project outcome and faster the development will be. 
  • The availability and quality of third-party services and libraries: Using pre-built components can save a lot of time in development.

Ultimately, the duration of a software development project can be affected by a wide range of factors, and it is difficult to predict exactly how long a project will take without a detailed understanding of the project's scope and requirements.

What is the most illustrative example that reveals all the benefits of Software Product Development?

One example of a software product that demonstrates the many benefits of software product development is a mobile app that helps people manage their personal finances. This app can include features such as budgeting tools, expense tracking, and account management, which can help users better understand and control their financial situation. Additionally, the app can also include features such as alerts for upcoming bills, automatic categorization of expenses, and integration with other financial services, such as online banking and investment accounts.

The development of such an app can bring many benefits:

  • It can help users improve their financial literacy and make better financial decisions. 
  • It can make managing personal finances more convenient, accessible and efficient. 
  • It can also help businesses by providing them with insights, analytics, and market trends. 
  • The app can be monetized by adding in-app purchases, subscription-based services and targeted advertising.

Such an example can demonstrate the potential of software product development to create innovative and valuable solutions that can improve people's lives and help businesses.

How much does Software Product Development cost?

The cost of software product development can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the product, the size and experience of the development team, and the tools and technologies used. Additionally, the cost can also vary depending on whether the development is being done in-house or by an outside agency or contractor.

Generally, small or simple products can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars to develop. Medium-sized and complex products can range from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

It is also important to note that software development is an ongoing process, and the cost of maintaining, updating and improving the product will also need to be considered in the overall budget.

It's hard to provide a definitive cost without knowing more about the specific details of the product you have in mind. It would be best to consult with software development firms, who can provide an estimate based on the specific requirements of your project.

What are the pitfalls of Software Product Development?

Software product development can sometimes be unpredictable and complex. In some cases, the journey from concept to launch can be riddled with pitfalls that can cause costly delays and budget overruns. Missteps or misjudgments in the development process can have a negative impact on the success of any product or project. To counter these potential issues, software product developers should strive to strike a balance between the time and budget to ensure a successful launch. Additionally, they should consider the use of proven best practices and developing in an iterative fashion to avoid costly mistakes. Ultimately, understanding the potential pitfalls associated with software product development and taking the necessary steps to mitigate them can help ensure project success.

Why is Software Product Development profitable for businesses?

Software product development is a highly profitable undertaking for businesses, as it allows them to create customized solutions that meet their customers' unique needs. It also provides them with a competitive edge, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, it has the potential to generate revenue, as businesses can charge for their software product or offer it as an in-app or subscription-based purchase. All of these factors combined create the perfect opportunity for businesses to increase their profits, while simultaneously delivering an enhanced customer experience.

How do I start Developing a Software Product?

When you are about to launch a software product, you may face certain difficulties, not knowing what to start with. At Alfee we apply the most effective development tools and our agile methodology saves time. No metter whether you need to implemet technical improvements in the existing software product development process or create a data management software from scratch, we are ready to help.

Strategies to Build a Strong Software Product Development Process

If you want to build a strong software product development process corresponding to all system requirements, no metter how complicated the product idea may sound, you should work with real professionals like Alfee experts. Our team would be glad to implement all their knowledge and skills to provide you with the most advanced and technically improved software products.

Why does Software Product Development Matters?

Software product development helps to improve your business strategy and optimize business processes. At Alfee we carry out market research and deliver software solutions with minimized risk. Developing software is important for any business that aspires to go uphill to a new level.

What are the Benefits of Product Development Software?

Software product development has a number of benefits that cannot be discarded. Although it is a complex process, when implemented in the right way and with the right team, you can enjoy improved process efficiency and enhanced scalability. Contact Alfee team to get the best-in-class software products in accordance to your business needs.

Software System and Software Product Development Services

At Alfee we deliver the best services in software product development. Our experts will guide you through all the software development phases, carefully answering all your questions and providing detailed information on all the features of the project and system testing.

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