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Social Networks Website Development


Social networks are getting more and more popular today. They've become social media platforms for communication, exchange of opinions, acquaintances, business negotiations and many other things.

Using the potential of a social network, businesses attract the attention of potential clients, advertise their products or services, and keep in touch with the target audience. Creating a social networking site requires the work of a whole team of specialists who have experience in implementing complex multi-tasking projects.

Alfee social network development company has vast experience in this field and is ready to implement its expertise and skills for your business prosperity. Our team is aware of all the pitfalls you may come across when developing a social media website.

What does the notion social network mean and why do businesses need it?

When we say 'social network' we mean a web resource gathering people who are united by common interests, place of residence, study at schools or universities, or any other criteria. Users create content, share it, leave comments, etc. We believe, you immediately recolled Facebook, Instagram, and other large social networks.

So you may think 'What's the point in having your own social network website, when there are already such platforms with multi-million audience?' Find the answers below:

  • thematic social media website allows you to gather the target audience, among whom you can directly or covertly do advertising of your own products or services;
  • social networks are used as platforms for making money on advertising;
  • a social network is handy for supporting the main website;
  • a social media website can become an alternative communiaction channel, replacing traditional forms of communication with a more active and convenient option;
  • social media websites can be used by huge business to establish communications between branches and regional divisions.

Types of social network website


There exists several classifications of social media networks. For instance, they all can be devided by the platform into web-based social networking sites, mobile apps and hybrid networks. Web networks can be accessed only via a browser. Mobile applications are designed for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Hybrid resources are the most valuable solutions, since they have both versions, a mobile and a web one.

From the point of target users we can classify social networking sites as general ones (like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.) and niche networks. The latter may include hobby networks, professional associations, networks for teenagers and children, gender websites, etc.

We can also define various social media website solutions depending on the purpose of use, i.e. dating social media, educational and commerce networks, gaming gatherings, entertaining networks, and other social media platforms.

No matter what type of social media website you need to develop, Alfee team is always glad to help you achieve great results. Just entrust our expert development team with the creation of your dream social network website and enjoy great payoffs.

Social networks are highly loaded sites, this requires attention to things that are not always relevant for other resources. Alfee specialists aspire to create a social networking platform that will be able to withstand the simultaneous presence of several tens, hundreds of thousands of users.

Social networking website development stages

Social media website development process is a complex notion which includes several stages. We've listed the main steps our professionals follow when working with you:

  1. 01
    Discussion. We start with consulting and performing an expert project assessment. At this stage Alfee team determines the marketing strategy of the social network in order to assess the potential of the idea and its viability;
  2. 02
    Preparation. This stage includes development of preliminary technical task, its finalization and approval;
  3. 03
    Prototyping & Design concept. Prototypes are being created together with the design of individual blocks. We work on the future social networking website usability and wait for the approval of the finished model;
  4. 04
    Visualization. The stage includes UI/UX design development, i.e. drafting of technical texts and reports and visualization of individual blocks and elements;
  5. 05
    Layout & Programming. We carry out responsive layout in HTML5 and CSS3, final visualization of individual blocks and elements. Then we pass to building the social media project and programming services;
  6. 06
    Final stage. Alfee dedicated team performs thorough testing of the final version, fixing if necessary, and delivers the project to the client.

Creating a social media network site is a multi-stage process, so our QA team pay great attention to quality control of each action, as well as reporting and interaction with Customers.

Functionality of social networking sites


The more advanced functionality your social networking website has, the more users it will attract. However, there is a basic set of functions that should be necessarily present in such a solution. Our software engineershave prepared a list for you:

  • Personal profiles. Profile creation is one of the basic features of any social media network. People indicate specific data about themselves, mark statuses, etc.;
  • Privacy settings. This is one of the most important features enabling users to protect their personal data;
  • Commenting. Internet users like to leave comments to post, videos, photos, etc. Commenting is necessary to increase sails;
  • Photo posting. Visual content publishing option is crucial for social media website development;
  • Audio recordinging. In todays fast worls active users don't always have enough time to type text, therefore audio recording function is always a good idea;
  • Video recordings. This feature can be found among additional features, it offer users the opportunity to record and send video messages, increasing user engagement;
  • Online communities. Social network features include the opportunity to create communities, where users can gather by similar interests or other purposes;
  • Friends. This means that you can add other users to your friend list, as well as block users;
  • Private messages. You will hardly find a social media platform without the feature of sending private messages, they are actually the main communication channel;
  • Group chat. In addition to private messages, social networking web design offers creating group chats with a limited or unlimited number of users;
  • Video calls. Besides the traditional online calls, some social media websites have the possibility to make video calls;
  • Internal currency. Some paid features may include internal currency, this option is handy from the point of view of monetization strategies.

There are many other social network features which can have positive impact on the commercial success of your project. As a rile,unique features help create a social media website with ideal concept and integrate all advanced technologies in a single solution.

Alfee company is eager to develop a network website from scratch for your business. Our web developers would be glad to apply our knowledge and skills for the prosperity of your social media website.

Social network website development cost

Development costs of a social network website depend on the difficulties that may be associated with idea implementation. The cost of social network web development may include follow-up marketing and other promotional activities.

Approximate cost for start ups is about 18,000 USD. This will include monetization with advertising banners, checking the key idea or target audience group, common CMS as a base engine with original developments, etc. If you want to form a core of regular users and a basic functionality set, prices may reach up to 40,000 USD. Sometimes when social network development includes creation of a mobile application for Android and iOS and own API for third-party applications, development cost may be about 60,000-80,000 USD.

Why select Alfee as your social networking website development company?


If you want to monetize a social media platform, introduction of an intranet currency is an excellent idea. Users spend real money to pay for various gifts, services, priority placement of profiles, posts, etc. This type of work requires in depth understanding of programming languages, and vast experience, otherwise the system may fail and be vulnerable to threats. Alfee company guarantees high-quality work and reliability of the internal currency system.

It should be mentioned that closed social networks are almost impossible to promote with the help of SEO, that's why we suggest using Alfee services of traditional and hidden promotional methods. we know how to attract clients' attention and provide solid traffic from the very first days of the social media website existence.

Creating a social media website is a rather complex and time-consuming process that requires the efforts of several specialists. As a rule, Alfee attracts not only full-time employees, but also remote employees to work on such projects. This allows you to move in several directions at the same time, which reduces the development time.

If you need to develop a social network from scratch, order networking service from Alfee. Our software developers will help you decide on the functionality of the corporate resource and the appearance of the site, and will tell you step by step about all the features of creating a new project.

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