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Smart Contract Audit Company

Alfee proudly presents a completely new way for ensuring your applications compliance and security. We help to develop Smart Contracts which stipulate agreements for decentralisation and automation, such as supply chain management, electoral voting, STOs (Security Token Offerings), ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), etc. Although allocated ledgers are protected enough, they are still liable to hackers attacks. Same with this, smart contracts need continuous bug fixing and problem solving. Such circumstances may influence smart contracts functionality, conspicuously reducing decentralised applications efficiency.

That’s why we advise you to arrange comprehensive Smart Contract audits, which prescribes complicated testing procedures aimed for code thorough checks provided by our top experts, ensuring there are no programming mistakes or Blockchain security breaches, which optimises applications a lot. At Alfee we do our best, bringing to you extremely initiative Smart Contract auditors, able to perform diligent job for compilation mistakes eliminating, debugging and Blockchain security improving, requiring a reasonable cost.

We offer you such exclusive features as listed below:

  • Extensive Audit Reports. Each audit breakthrough contains an ultimate data concerning the whole checks programme with all errors detected and definite ideas on how to fight them in the most effective way. Other Smart Contract auditing companies never propose so much at once.
  • Check for 100% Vulnerabilities. Different problems may occur, such as Gas limit issue, Re-entrancy, Front-running, etc. being repeated in smart contracts over & over, but we can help you to audit your Smart Contract, revealing all possible issues which types number is far more than one hundred.
  • Services for Major Blockchain Frameworks. Alfee provides assistance with all popular blockchain resources, e.g. BSC, Ethereum, PolkaDot, Tron, etc.
  • Free Re-audits. For upgraded codes there is a need for reassessing and new audit conduction. If you hire Smart Contract auditors from us, we will provide a free re-auditing exclusively.
  • Audits by Security Experts. Our company works with top-notch security specialists, protecting your code from any mistakes or defence failure
  • Quick Turnaround Time. Time is money, so we arrange security audits in short terms, using only minimal resources.

How we deliver Smart Contract Audit Services

Basically, to audit Smart Contracts, our professionals estimate a job scope, because projects scale usually differ from very small up to complicated multi-level enterprise sectors, which service requires full-stack operations, endeavoring a big staff number to work.

Alfee delivers such Smart Contract Auditing Services types:

  1. 01
    Preliminary Security Audit. Perfect option for those who want prompt checks without too much worries about security. We arrange cheap preliminary audits lasting 48 to 72 hours, not wasting your funds.
  2. 02
    Extensive Security Audit. This is the most valuable audit type of all comprehensive Smart Contract security audit services, involving many specialists for thorough checks in manual or automatic mode, including enhanced methods, e.g. bug bounty. Job terms start from week and may be extended depending on case complicity.
  3. 03
    Full project engagement Audit. At this point we provide large-scale full-scope support, committing deliberate checks, obtaining comprehensive results with tremendously outbreaking statistics, delivered throughout a long-term project’s lifecycle.

Smart Contract and Blockchain Security Services

Usually, excluding substandard conditions, our job consists of several stages, proven by years of practice. Technical plan includes manual and automatic checks, reports creation, Smart Contract code refactoring if needed, etc. Summoning all general routine schemes, we indicate exactly six basic algorithm stages:

  1. 01
    Requirements clarification. It all starts with certifying a code being checked works as it was meant to. We diligently collect each document fragment, passing through Technical Specifications, BRD, Source Code, Whitepaper, as well as Deployment Scripts, which in common indicate, whether your product functions as planned or not.
  2. 02
    Unit Testing. We organise tests in branch and linear structures, empowering perfect solutions which guarantee full-scope functionality checks on each level.
  3. 03
    Manual Analysis. Inviting top Smart Contract auditors to the project, Alfee checks all possible smart contract risks including Front Running Attacks, service attacks, external calls, etc.
  4. 04
    Initial Report. First checks results are compiled into a convenient PDF format, revealing all issues found, which we range by their severity exhibiting in a unified table, specially designed to simplify customers’ use.
  5. 05
    Code Refactoring. For a smooth Smart Contract code audit carriage, we take a special five to ten days period, editing an existing software according to Initial Report findings, thoroughly implementing full suggestions scope to get a perfect product.
  6. 06
    Final Audit Report. After refactoring is done, our highly skilled auditors team ensures the same steps are done as prior to the initial report to reassess software functionality with regards to Smart Contract Security. At the final stage you get a complete check breakthrough including dynamics analysis with positive changes highlighted.

As you can see, these smart steps taken during Smart Contract audit services are rendered to show exact weak points to be rectified, aspiring new solutions to come eventually to the right place, at the right time, forecasting each single trouble before it occurs.

Smart Contract Audit Companies Philosophy

Describing our services, we need to outline special points defining job style, as it informs customers on indoubtful advantages delivered together with ground-breaking security, empowered by thorough checks.

Usually business solutions, which Alfee provides, concern three simple steps, ensuring clients’ satisfaction during the whole Blockchain security audits process.

Firstly, our thrillingly educated specialists evaluate Ethereum smart contracts diligently, finding exact points liable to Smart Contract audit solutions. This initial approach already builds a massive scheme regarding further actions to be applied.

Secondly, we involve top engineers, checking your software or blockchain applications, finding possible loopholes, which may lead to security breaches, deactivating them and obtaining a perfectly protected software.

Thirdly, highlighting potential threats we indicate exact techniques on how to get rid of them in a simple and less traumatic way, collecting data into a Smart Contract audit report.

Speaking about Comprehensive Audits Methodology, let us outline these principles:

  • Manual Review. Our dedicated team of Smart Contract auditors reads and analyses your code line by line carefully writing down mistakes found, business logic faults, specification discrepancies, etc. Listing all features caught, we divide them by threat level, indicating low, average and high priority, which form a ranged nomenclature.
  • Manual Security Check. Alfee unwraps code in testnet, eliminating critical cases. Such problems may influence smart contracts badly: referrals, percentile miscalculation, funds locking, bonuses miscalculation. Our Smart Contract audit company guarantees prompt testing with further mistakes negotiation.
  • Static Analytical Tools. We categorise different vulnerabilities, assigning them low, average and high priority levels. Such problems may include: front running, transaction ordering dependence, repeated entrancy, etc. But everything might be fought with a devastatingly talented auditors team.
  • Dynamic Analytical Tools. Our Blockchain Security company is famous for its cost consciousness, providing time-saving solutions and fast automatic algorithms designed. Endeavouring thorough prompt tests, we use such technologies as Slyther, Echidna, MyThril and many others, which significantly simplify the working process.

In general, choosing the right audit vendors, you should bear in mind that only effective ones may help, conspicuously reducing Smart Contract audit cost to completely accepted values. One of the best options is Alfee, always at your disposal.

Questions for Smart Contract Audit Company

What are some well-known examples of the use of Smart Contract Audit?

Some well-known examples of the use of smart contract audits include:

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms: Many DeFi platforms, such as MakerDAO and Compound, use smart contracts to manage the lending and borrowing of assets on the blockchain. These contracts are audited to ensure that they function correctly and securely. 
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs): Many ICOs use smart contracts to manage the distribution and tracking of tokens. These contracts are audited to ensure that they are free from vulnerabilities and that they function as intended. 
  • Supply Chain Management: Companies like Walmart, Nestle and IBM, use smart contracts to manage the supply chain process which includes tracking the origin, movement and quality of goods across the supply chain network. 
  • Gaming: Some gaming platforms use smart contracts to manage the distribution of in-game assets and rewards. These contracts are audited to ensure that they are fair and that players can trust the platform. 
  • Real-estate: Companies like Ubitquity and Propy are using smart contracts to manage the buying, selling and renting of properties on the blockchain. These contracts are audited to ensure that they function correctly and securely.

These are just a few examples, but smart contracts are being used in a wide variety of industries and applications, and the use of smart contract audits is becoming increasingly common as the technology becomes more widely adopted.

How long does it take to create a Smart Contract Audit?

The time it takes to create a smart contract audit can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the contract and the skill and experience of the auditor. A simple contract with a few functions may take only a few hours to audit, while a more complex contract with many functions and interactions may take several days or even weeks to thoroughly review.

Additionally, the size of the audit team and their experience will also play a role in how long the audit will take. A larger and more experienced team can usually complete the audit faster than a smaller or less experienced team.

It's also worth noting that smart contract audits can be done in different levels, for example, a basic audit would take less time than a full one. And also, audit companies have different hourly rates, and that will also affect the time frame.

In general, a smart contract audit can take anywhere from a few hours to several weeks, depending on the complexity of the contract and the experience of the auditor.

How much does a Smart Contract Audit costs?

The cost of a smart contract audit can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as the complexity of the contract, the size of the team performing the audit, and the level of assurance required. Some auditing firms offer fixed pricing for their services, while others may charge an hourly rate. On average, the cost of a smart contract audit can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It's important to shop around and compare prices from different firms to ensure you are getting a fair price for the services provided.

It's complicated to provide an accurate estimate of the price of a smart contract audit as The difficulty of the auditing and the amount of smart contract rolled out can have a huge impact on the price. Generally, smart contract audits can vary from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands relying on the scope and audit trail. Moreover, it's essential to note that the price of smart contract auditing can be subject to change thanks to the market and various other factors.

How to choose a Smart Contract Auditor?

When choosing a smart contract auditor, consider their experience and expertise, reputation, methodology, communication, and cost. Look for an auditor who has a deep understanding of blockchain technology, uses a thorough and rigorous methodology, communicates effectively and has a good reputation. It's also good to get multiple audits from different auditors to increase the security and reliability of your smart contract.

Why is Smart Contract Audit important?

Smart contract audits are important because they help ensure the security and reliability of the contract by identifying and addressing any potential vulnerabilities or errors. Smart contracts are self-executing and once deployed on blockchain, they cannot be altered, so it's crucial to make sure that they are secure and working as intended before deployment. An Audit will give you the confidence that the contract will behave as expected and that the funds and assets it handles will be protected.

Who needs a Smart Contract Audit?

Anyone who is developing or using a smart contract, including blockchain projects, businesses, developers and investors, should consider getting it audited to ensure its security, reliability and compliance. Smart contract audit is important to all parties involved in the smart contract ecosystem as it helps to protect the assets and interests of all parties involved.

How to choose a Smart Contract Auditor?

When selecting a smart contract auditor, it's essential to consider the qualifications, skills and reputation of the auditing firm. It's essential to understand the specifications of the project too, its size and complexity, as this will determine the kind of audit that is best suited. Furthermore, individuals should carefully read the legal documents associated with the smart contract, so as to be aware of any potential risks and liabilities. Finally, one should always thoroughly research the firm in question and its past experience and reviews from other clients. Utilizing these considerations ensures that you make the best decision possible when selecting a smart contract auditor.

Why is Smart Contract Audit important?

Smart Contract Audits are very essential in the field of blockchain technique as they contribute to ensure the safety and robustness of intelligent contracts. Audits give a holistic view of the contract and its code to detect any weaknesses or flaws that can lead to financial loss or a breach of safety. Additionally, performing regular audits on a smart contract contributes to maintain trust and credibility in the system. Smart Contract Audits are thus essential for any organization using blockchain technique and smart contracts.

Who needs a Smart Contract Audit?

A smart contract audit is essential for any organization or individual who uses or interacts with a smart contract. By using a professional audit process, organizations can ensure that their contracts are secure, rely on industry best practices, and adhere to relevant legal and regulatory requirements. This can help ensure that all parties involved are protected and held accountable for the agreements listed in the smart contract. Furthermore, when done correctly, an audit can help organizations realize the benefits that smart contracts can bring, such as improved transaction speed and cost savings. As smart contracts become more important in today's digital economy, auditing services remain a critical component of the process.

How does the technology on which Smart Contract Audit is based work?

The technology on which Smart Contract Audit is based facilitates a secure and efficient transaction process. By using cryptography and distributed consensus protocols, contracts can be confirmed and enforced using a tamper-proof system and data stored on the blockchain network. This allows for automation and verification of contracts, reducing the need for manual review and ensuring contracts are executed as expected. In short, Smart Contract Audit is a promising technology that can provide secure and efficient contract agreements.

What are the purposes of Smart Contract Audit?

A smart contract audit is a comprehensive evaluation of the smart contract's code to confirm that it operates correctly, is free of errors, and adheres to industry-standard security and performance guidelines. The objective of the audit is to detect and address any potential risks before the contract is deployed on a blockchain network, in order to safeguard the assets and data stored on the contract and prevent financial losses. Smart contract audits also help to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and industry best practices.

What knowledge does a developer need to implement a Smart Contract Audit project?

To successfully implement a Smart Contract Audit project, a developer must have a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology, smart contract security best practices, cryptography, and programming languages such as Solidity. The creator should also have a deep knowledge of how decentralized apps (DApps) and smart contracts operate and how strategies such as formal verification are applied to identify potential attack vectors. Furthermore, he/she must be aware of existing tools for audit automation and be able to identify and implement smart contract security mitigations. Finally, the developer should commit to a continuous education process and be up-to-date with the recent changes in the blockchain ecosystem.

What does Smart Contract Audit include?

Smart Contract Audits offer a greater level of safety, transparency and trust in contracts by verifying their purpose, structure and performance. Smart Contract Audits include a thorough analysis and assessment of the program, security and cryptographic algorithms, as well as functional, performance, and economic evaluations. By utilizing smart contract audit services, organizations can avoid costly mistakes, errors, vulnerabilities and lost funds, while gaining greater assurance in the performance of their contracts.

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