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Slack Clone App Development

Slack is a messenger that has appeared at IT market relatively recently. It's applied for corporate communication & integration, and it has adopted several popular Skype features and tjose of other messengers. Businesses increasingly seek to develop a Slack clone solution because of its popularity and wide application. Let's see what's hidden behind its popularity.

What is Slack messaging app?

Slack is a messenger used for corporate communication which has already conquered millions of hears around the globe. It's popularity inspires developers to build Slack clone apps and deliver solutions for communication within a company.

Apps like Slack help to establish better internal communication, improving workload. A messaging app like this is a must for companies hiring remote staff, since it becomes possible to monitor all the processes within the company, make updates, manage deadlines and important ptojects.

In fact, Slack is not only a messaging app, this is a whole platform, where you are able to create channels touching upon certain topics, make group conversations, hold audio and video calls, share files, and even send customized emojis.

Why do people choose to build a Slack clone?

It's not a surprise that businesses want to create Slack clone apps and repeat its success. The application has numerous components that turn it into number one solution for corporate communication. For example, we can distinguish a channel component, a SidebarOption component - a reusable component solely functions as a navigational tool. A user component behaves equally to the first one, it helps to search individuals and send direct messages to them.

Slack started as an internal communication app for a team of developers involved in the creation of a video game. Their initial idea wasn't a success, just because the game didn't gather the expected number players, but further development made them number one in their niche.

Slack significantly simplifies workload and improves workflow. Every step is transparent and easily manageable. What is hidden behind its success? Brilliant frontend and API development, and other tech stack issues making it a member of the most responsive web applications community.

What features should a Slack like app have?

Slack app has a perfect set of features making it stand out among any other messaging apps for business. We've listed the most essential and more advanced features below.

Core features

You can depict the most essential features that are important for proper communication and their existence is a must. Check the list below:

  • Channel component features. You are free to pick up the most suitable method of communication for your team, i.e. channels, group conversations, direct messages. Create private channels or open public user's channel to share opinions on urgent issues;
  • Text chats. In addition to channel messages, you can use text chats or groups to communicate, so you can select between getchannel and getdirectmessages methods;
  • Message Component Lastly. The message component elegantly populates the overview with a provided list of messages for private and group chats.
  • Video chatting. Slack app enables performing audio and video calls, arranging chats. This function is extremely important for modern society where individuals prefer to work remotely;
  • Mentionings & reactions. You can tag a person, and he or she will get a notification. Users also have the opportunity react with emojis;
  • File sharing. This is one of the most essential features for a company staff. You can send and receive files, reports, videos, images, and even contacts;
  • Vital integrations. Slack app provides integrations with a thousand+ important applications necessary for corporate workload;
  • Login component features. This includes sign in function and sign up options.

Additional features

We've carried out market research and are ready to tell you a few words about the most advanced features that are handy to build a Slack clone with react native:

  1. 01
    Google authentication service provider. This is a very convenient sign in method with Google account. It's closely related to firebase configurations variable file;
  2. 02
    Customizable profiles. Create a unique users tab, give options for selecting colors, fonts, shapes, etc.;
  3. 03
    Expiring messages. Great way to add more confidentiality to your Slack clone app. These messages vanish after they are read;
  4. 04
    Pre-schedule messages. Make it possible to send messages at a particular momnet via pre-scheduling option;
  5. 05
    Status tracking. The feature helps to track also the online presence of collaborators, partners & employees.

Options to build a Slack clone

When you are looking for ways to create a Slack clone, you have two options at hand - working with a freelancer or hiring a dedicated team. Read on to discover more about each option.

Working with a Freelancer

If you hire a freelancer to build a team messenger site with react specifications, you are likely to save funds, but you risk losing the quality at the same time. Freelancers carry less responsibility for the products they develop.

You may sacrifice an important app component, and instead of an efficient internal tool, you risk getting a mess product.

Hiring a dedicated team to build a Slack chat app

When cooperating with a professional dedicated team like in Alfee company, you can count on quality and respect front-end development. All project components will be included and carefully checked. We will provide a proper password authentication service, taking into account the login component and app dependencies.

Undoubtedly, hiring a whole company costs more, but bear in mind what is cheap isn't always good. If you choose to enjoy a top-notch product with all the above components, we recommend you to contact Alfee professionals. Our expert developers will provide detailed information on the project structure and components employing.

Slack alternative development process

In general, Slack Clone App Development process depends on the project structure, but we still can distinguish certain stages as in any progressive web applications development. Here they are:

  • Selecting the platform. We select the platform taking into account your business needs. We can create react app, native app, cross-platform, desktop versions, etc.;
  • Feature set. Functionality is a key point when you create a new application. Our solutions are feature rich, because we add channel component, message sub component, firebase project head, database services, and many others;
  • Financing. Creating a Slack clone application tailored to a specific budget is a prerogative. We include maintenance costs, and expenses for improving progressive web applications, so there will be no hidden costs;
  • Support. Once the new app is released, we go on to provide appropriate support and maintenance. Providing security and adding multiple mini components help us keep updated and outstand competitors.

If you need to enhance the company's working process, a Slack clone app can significantly help you. Alfee team do their utmost to deliver the best solution for your company. We implement a great arsenal of tools and methods, i.e. the sidebar component observe the code, the header component observe the fascinating amount of CSS beautification, the password authentication method, auth key tab and many others.

How much to pay to make a Slack clone?

The cost of creating a Slack clone application depends on several factors, such as the country, the proficiency of the development team, feature set, bigger components and sub components implemented, etc.

Taking into consideration specifications, the prices vary from 80,000 USD to 100,000 USD, sometimes even higher. When you cooperate with Alfee team you can be sure that everything is transparent and with no hidden costs. We add maintenance costs, which comprise timely updates, bug fixing, third-party library changes, additional functionality.

Why hire Alfee experts to build a messaging app like Slack?

Alfee team has a vast experience in delivering a Slack clone apps. We are skilled in all the stages of building Slack app clones, including installing cometchat SDK head, configuring cometchat SDK inside the project structure. Our experts have basic understanding of essential dependencies for your project.

We provide the best technology stack and the most advanced methodology for your business.

Questions for Slack Clone App Development

How do I make an app like Slack?

If you want to build a messaging app like Slack, we recommend you to cooperate with a professional development team like Alfee. We will carry out research and deliver a best-in-class solution for your business. We will also provide maintenance and support of the newly added app. With Alfee you'll get a software solution with maximum messaging abilities and high performance.

How much does it cost to build an app like Slack?

The costs for building a Slack clone application vary depending on the feature set and app complexity. At Alfee we offer the best ratio of price and quality. The minimum cost is about 70,000-80,000 USD. If you want to have a more complicated team messenger site, the prices will start at 100,000 USD. In any case, don't hesitate to contact Alfee experts to get a detailed consultation on the cometchat functionalities and navigational agent.

How can I create my own chatting app?

Creating your own chatting app like the world-famous Slack app isn't an easy task. You should carry out market research and pay special attention to both user component and channel component while developing the application. If you are new to this sphere and have no idea about what to start with, we recommend you to entrust the work to Alfee experts. We will add channel component and other important components to your Slack like app, and will ensure 100% security providing access to only authenticated users.


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