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School Management Software Development Company

A rapid process of computerization is ongoing in all spheres of modern society, and education is no exception. Educational institutions are looking for effective means to sufficiently automate school processes, including maintaining documentation and reporting.

Today, databases comprise the basis of computer support for information processes. They are included in almost all spheres of human activity as a reliable and efficient means of representing data structures, allowing you to manipulate data. School management system is responsible for the physical placement of data, its description, fast search according to specified conditions, secure data management, protecting data, etc.

School management system allows servicing data requests from several users simultaneously. This means that these software solutions can be used not only by teachers and school staff, but also by parents and students.

Alfee is an innovative school management software development company with rich experience and revolutionary approach to software development. We deliver robust solutions for educational institutes all over the world to ensure effective communication and better results.

What is school management system?

Information today has become no less important management resource than raw materials, equipment or personnel. The efficiency of the entire management system depends on the information organisational level.

School management system is a perfect means of collection, accumulation, storage, search, transmission of information, providing best methods of its processing. It is not a simple software, but an efficient administration tool which helps school administration automate certain tasks and improve daily routine.

There exist various types of school management software solutions, and they all differ depending on the size of the educational institute and its main activities.

It is known that the sooner you get the necessary information, the more opportunities and time to make the right management decision. So if you own an educational institution and you want to be ahead of the competitors, find a reliable school management software development company like Alfee to deliver a best-in-class solution for your business.

Features of school management software solutions

Features of a school management software system largely are predetermined by the size of the academic institutes and their activities. However, we have identified the main ones, which you can find below:

  • Class scheduling. This is a core feature, which helps tructure curriculum, arrange courses, group classes, etc. It may also include options for online/offline class meetings;
  • Student management. Another basic feature, which displays admission process and record. It's handy when it comes to assessing the long-term progress;
  • Finance management. Comprises data on payments per student /per teacher, pending and outstanding payments, additional fees, etc.;
  • Inventory management. With this feature you always have access to the information about institution's equipment and its condition. It may also be possible to check the person in charge of a specific item;
  • Assessments. School management software provides access to such important information as grades, academic performance, attendance, etc.;
  • Academic coordination. With school management system software you can manage the roles of all assistance staff and supervise academic processes;
  • Classes & lectures. School management software makes it possible to record lectures, hold live classes, and provide other necessary educational resources;
  • Push notifications. This is a great instrument which helps to improve communication among all the participants of educational process. We mean not only alert notifications, but also notifying parents about student's performance, upcoming changes, etc.;
  • Library management. This feature allows a person to reserve a book, check its availability, returning deadlines for particular literature resources, etc.

Some school management software solutions may include transportation management, which allows to build routes for school buses and track them, and even hostel management data.

Why do you need school management software system?

Let's see why having a high quality school management software has become a necessaty. Actually, if educational institutes have a well-developed school management app, they significantly save time and money. It reduces paperflow and helps to provide on demand informmation.

Secondly, school management software ensures higher productivity, since you can hold all meetings online, saving time and effort. What's more, with online school management software you can arrange more effective communication among students - parents - teachers - administration.

School management system is necessary to improve the work of educational institutions management, personnel services, and, more recently, class teachers, and it plays an important role in increasing their productivity. Automated systems save employees from routine operations when working with orders, reporting and, accordingly, increase the pace of work and productivity in the institution.

School management software allows to collect, store and process data. It's primarily developed for users who do not have high qualifications in the field of computer technology and, as a rule, has a simple and convenient, easy-to-read interface that provides the user with everything necessary for work.

School management software development process

Alfee is a professional school management software development company, which has already delivered hundreds of successful projects. Our team is ready to work on any challenging task. We have a well-thought process for school management software development:

  • analysis of your business needs;
  • developing a plan for the creation of your school management system software;
  • integration of fee payments technologies;
  • delivering school management software development in accordance with your business requirements and personal preferences;
  • testing the developed school software to eliminate issues if any;
  • maintenance of school system.

Module functionality of school management system software

When using online school management software in an educational institution, education activities are effectively organized and the whole variety of organizational forms of learning is supported in classroom and extracurricular activities, project activities.

The principle of student-centered learning is implemented, the level of information culture of both students and teachers is increased, communicative, social, informational and ICT competencies are formed, corresponding to the current level of information technology development.

At Alfee we offer scalable solutions for school management with a great variety of modules.

School administration

Ensures maintenance of all school records, details, password protection and security of confidential data. Here you can easily find any school data thanks to custom search, details on parents profiles, etc.

Fee collection & payroll management

With school management software development collecting fee payments has become so easy. It will hardly take a few seconds to transfer all fees to the school account. Deposit directly with a few clicks.

Employee management

Our school management software development company delivers cost effective solutions with easy account management. Users can track all the data and find employees details, as well as carry out work analyses.

Student management

Our school management software offers are perfect for supervising students' records, performance and storing their personal data.

Time tables management

Our designers develope workable solutions for arranging time tables & schedules. You can have separate timetables for students and teachers, set up alerts for occupancy, etc.

Parents portal

With school software parents can easily get access to their children's records and kid's performance. They can view academic & attendance reports.

Library management

A module which can be handy for students who search for a particular book or reference literature. Library management makes it possible to check the availability of books and see who and when has taken this or that book. You can also set up push notifications for deadlines.

Where to find school management software developer?

When seraching for ways to get a credible online school management software, you can eather come across freelance developers or cooperate with a trustworthy school management software development company.

The first option is applicable to projects with limited budget, when you have to get a simple school erp software with minimal functionality. This is the case when you can significantly save money, but the quality may suffer.

Therefore, we recommend you to choose Alfee dedicated team. Our expert developers would be glad to analyse your strenghts & weaknesses and offer the most suitable solutions.

Why choose Alfee for school management app development?

Alfee school management software development company is a leader in the market of IT solutions. Why do businesses choose Alfee expert team?

  1. 01
    Experience & profound knowledge of the niche. We have already delivered hundreds of successful projects in the sphere of school management app development;
  2. 02
    Customers oriented approach. We develop solutions for our customers only after a detailed research and consultation. Your opinion is important for getting the best result;
  3. 03
    Affordable costs. Alfee offers best platform at a reasonable price, you don't have to sacrifice the quality.
Questions for School Management Software Development

What are benefits of our School Management Software?

School management software by Alfee has a number of benefits which can advance your business. Our solutions allow to conduct ready-made lessons in the school curriculum subjects. You will receives the latest tools for creating author lessons, quizzes and tests. This, in turn, allows to effectively use interactive whiteboards, computers, laptops, multimedia equipment and, if necessary, use access to the Internet.

Where to find School Management Software Development Services?

If you are looking for credible software development services, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee school management software development company. Our expert team has been delivering robust solutions thoughout decades and is eager to implement all their knowledge and skills for the realisation of your project.

How to pick up School Management Software Development Company?

Choosing the right school management software development company is a tricky task. If you don't know where to find good developers of school management system software, turn to Alfee team. Our dedicated team will help carry out the implementation of the most incredible ideas and apply the latest technologies for the best result.

Why do I need School Management System App Development Solutions?

School management software system provides network interaction for all participants in the pedagogical process, expanding subject, interdisciplinary and integration links in the learning process. At Alfee we create management software for education system with maximum performance. Our school erp software is user friendly, with intuitive navigation and peasant design.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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