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Best Ride Sharing App Development

Driving your own car is increasingly seen as an expensive and unsustainable excess. Fortunately, carpooling applications have been invented, which is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to commute to work or travel abroad.

Alfee company is engaged in Ride Sharing App Development. In this article, we will tell you in detail about what ride-sharing is, what functions it performs, and what you need to build a rideshare app according to your business model.

Definition of Ridesharing Apps

Ridesharing is a transportation business about bringing together people traveling on the same route to make a trip in the same passenger car. Traditionally, it was developed in places where it was unprofitable to create public transport. These can be cyclic trips along the same route to work or university or they can be completely episodic to another city or even abroad.

In order to fully and comfortably use the service, it is reasonable to use an application for this purpose, which has collected many advanced features in one place, for example, simple registration through a Google mail or Facebook login, the ability to use google maps navigation immediately in the application, filtering pending ride requests, having multiple payment options, push requests, the ability to download the ride-sharing app for iOS and android users, etc.

History of Ride Sharing Business

Ride sharing is not a new concept, but in recent years, mainly due to the development of mobile apps, the service offers have become more popular than ever. In the past, the offer of ride sharing for work was made possible through announcements at the information booth at the place of work.

Currently, prospective drivers and passengers are getting to know each other through online social networking sites, as well as specialized ridesharing apps, through which they organize trips to other cities, as well as joint trips abroad.

Usage Ride Sharing Taxi App

Young people are increasingly abandoning their own cars, and in many environments, the fashion for fast and economical sports cars has completely disappeared.

And this is where the ridesharing app development fits in perfectly. The most common ride-sharing users are:

  1. 01
    Students. The cost factor for them is often decisive. The price of gasoline is quite high, motorways ostensibly reduce travel time but drain the fuel tank of a car surprisingly quickly, while splitting the fuel costs makes the cost of such a trip bearable even for less well-off travelers.
  2. 02
    Colleagues. Less traffic jams, less travel time, fewer transportation costs, and the ability to integrate with other employees.
  3. 03
    Fellow travelers abroad. Ridesharing app users can arrange joint trips abroad, which also take place at a lower cost and with the knowledge that we care about the environment.

Create a Ride-Sharing App - a Modern Auto-Stop

Ridesharing can be compared to the idea of ​​hitchhiking, once very popular among young people. Carpooling app has many benefits:

  • The lack of anonymity and fewer accidental travel companions.
  • Customer feedback. Users of the carpooling app are verified and give themselves ratings after their journeys.
  • To some extent, you can also choose your interests or even talkativeness - hence the name of one of the most popular ridesharing apps - BlaBlaCar.
  • An undoubted advantage of carpooling app over hitchhiking is also the well-known, pre-determined travel time as well as the meeting point and destination.

The carpooling app with unique features is more reliable, more comfortable, and certainly safer than hitchhiking and will probably contribute to the complete marginalization of this way of travel.

Own Rideshare App Like Uber

Uber currently operates in 65 countries and over 600 cities. Of course, creating this type of ride sharing app can be costly and long-lasting, and the final success - as in the case of any business - depends on many factors.

The global ridesharing market is very prospective, and Uber is still developing, although not everyone liked the principle of the app. It was criticized in many cities, and still causes a lot of controversy and protests from taxi drivers.

It is also not the only app of this type on the market. There are several similar app solutions in London alone, and equivalents for scooters, buses, and trucks have been created in Asia.

Theoretically, to repeat its success, it is enough to make a similar app today, slightly improve it and eliminate controversies. And the Alfee ride-sharing app development company can help you with this question.

The first thing to pay attention to is the design of the app itself and its main features. The basis of Uber is geolocation, which allows mutual identification of passengers and drivers as well as push notifications about the status of the order, time, vehicle ID, etc.

Of course, like all ride sharing apps where we have cashless transactions, it requires registration from users and drivers, containing payment details (payment methods, fare, etc.).

Other important elements are the booking interface, the message box, the dynamic price calculator, which ensures transparency of all calculations, and the passenger rating and review bar, which allows you to give feedback on the driver and the quality of the service. Here are the minimum requirements needed to create an MVP product.

The Reason to Build on-Demand Rideshare App

The ridesharing app connects drivers who have available seats in vehicles with other people who want to ride in the same direction.

Thanks to carpooling app, it is possible to organize joint trips, which consist of the fact that several passengers travel together by car and share travel expenses. Employees who commute to work by car and public transport can save on travel costs.

Also in ride-sharing application, you can organize long trips, non-commercial rides, and vacation voyages. In this app, anyone can suggest a trip by providing information about the number of seats, cost per passenger, and route details.

Alfee is Ridesharing App Development Company

Our developers create ridesharing mobile apps tailored to your business plan and development strategy to effectively achieve your company's goals.

We help at every stage of mobile application development — from user interface design, app features and functionality creation and publishing on Google Play and App Store. Whether you have an idea for a mobile app, want to expand an existing project or grow your development team, we always use the custom approach.

Stages of the Ride Sharing Mobile App Development Process

Alfee company starts the development of mobile applications with a face-to-face or online meeting with the client, during which we discuss the product vision, end-user needs, the concept and business model of the project.

We define the functionality and target audience of ride sharing app to develop a project according to the budget. When we are sure that the requirements of all parties are met and the documentation is complete, we start designing the UX and UI.

Rideshare app developers for hire and UX/UI designers

First, Alfee developers create a design based on their competencies and experience, and create a “skeleton” of the UX design of a mobile app, in which all elements of the interface and interaction are presented.

Then, taking into account the latest trends and visual values of your company's brand, we develop a UI project - target user interface. This is a clickable prototype.

Rideshare app development process

This process consists of front-end and back-end development. The back-end is the programming of mobile apps, including databases and methods, resulting from design assumptions invisible to the end users.

The front-end is the part of the mobile app that the users see and interacts with. Using the API, it displays and manages data from the back end.

Testing of rideshare app

For each functionality, test scenarios are created, which are then tested at each stage of ride sharing app development. The goal is to convince you that the functionality works correctly on dedicated devices.

Problems that arise during testing are solved on an ongoing basis. At this stage, the app is launched in a staging environment that is accessible only to the development team.

In the passenger app, we test such functions as push notification, dynamic fare calculation system, check the functionality of the admin panel and everything about ride details. After the final review, the exchange application is in production.

Implementation and maintenance

A dedicated team of Alfee company is responsible for the process of deploying the rideshare app to the Google Play Store and the App Store and resolving any issues that may arise during the publishing process.

While monitoring the rideshare app, we make all necessary corrections and changes to ensure the app works effectively. We are at the client's disposal through a dedicated technical support panel.

Who Make Apps for a Ride Sharing Company

Alfee company offers highly expert ride-sharing app development services. We professionally approach each app solution and implement it aesthetically, intuitively, and transparently.

We matches proven technology solutions to your project's needs. We create software that meets the task. Alfee's specialists are product designers, managers, business analysts, and programmers who successfully support your business.

Questions for Ride Sharing App Development

How much does it cost ridesharing app development?

Determining how much budget it will take to Ridesharing app development is very difficult. The price includes specification, graphic design, application prototype, internal tests, and app implementation. The final cost can be found by writing to Alfee's project manager.

Is it difficult to implement the ride-sharing app development process?

Developing a ride-share application is not an easy process, but it is similar to building any other app. After discussing the idea, design, and approval of the development plan with the customer, the Alfee team proceeds to create a carsharing app, then tests it and releases the application to the world.

What are the benefits of custom ride-sharing app development?

The benefits of integrating the ride-sharing app into your on-demand business are transparent pricing, live tracking, accessibility, the ability to choose between vehicles, and cashless payment options.

What to pay attention to when looking for a team to create a ride-sharing app?

When looking for a team to develop a ridesharing app, you should pay attention to the experience of the team and the company's reputation in the market. Alfee has been specializing in app creation, programming, and digital marketing for many years and has experts for all stages of application development.


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