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At the development present stage of the "buyer-seller" relationship web and mobileapplications are in demand in almost all sectors of the consumer market. And the point here is not only the notorious desire to move all transactions to the Internet, to make them available not just online, but only online (this thesis is not true). With the help of mobile app offline business owners can easily:

  • increase revenues;
  • increase the number of transactions (purchases);
  • achieve an increase in the average check;
  • acquire a new permanent clientele;
  • increase the loyalty of existing customers;
  • simplify the mechanism for running promotions, accruing points and bonuses, which in turn also leads to both increased loyalty and revenue growth.

But that's not all. The introduction of mobile app improves consumption dispatching and helps to reduce the cost of the business process. Very promising! As a result, the services of any mobile app development company for retailers and their partners have become extremely popular.

A retail app development company can increase the efficiency of your retail business

Developing your own mobile app is beneficial because it increases the profitability of the retail business. But how exactly? It is worth analyzing this thesis separately in its two business goals:

  1. Increase of incomes.
  2. Cost reduction to make your enterprise cost effective business.

What are the specific reasons for the increase in additional income received by the company?

  • over the past 5 years, the number of online shoppers has doubled;
  • for example, in 2019, every third clothing order was placed from a smartphone;
  • conversion using the mobile app is 3 times higher than using the website;
  • when working from a smartphone through mobile apps in 2019, 53% of retail purchases were made (the rest - through a browser, that is, through mobile websites);
  • at the beginning of 2020, 31% of potential buyers searched for the product they needed through a smartphone.

Conclusion: people are increasingly using smartphones for retail purchases, and using them, they try to work with specific applications - not through browsers. It is necessary to provide consumers with what they want - a convenient mobile app. Then there will be more sales.

With revenue it's clear. But how can mobile app reduce costs? In short, relatively:

  1. the bonus program can be detached from plastic cards and connected to a mobile app (this will provide significant savings both on cards and on receiving equipment and software);
  2. almost free incentives for repeat purchases (no need to place expensive advertising - just send a message to everyone who has the application installed with the promise of a discount on repeat purchases);
  3. simplified collection of valuable information about your customers, their structure and preferences (if earlier you had to pay a lot of money for such research, now users themselves will enter information about themselves into your application in order, for example, to simply get a status in your loyalty program. Efficient, isn't it?).

Services of a mobile application development company

The value of mobile app is undeniable. But how to organize app development process? If your retail enterprise already has a website then most likely you also have a team of IT specialists who serve it (1-3 people). Why not let them create a mobile app for retail?

Not a very realistic proposition. The fact is that app development requires special knowledge and skills from the web developers involved in this process. For example:

  • Ability to develop projects in such programming languages as: PHP, Python, Java, .NET (server-side) and Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, Java (Android), JavaScript (client-side).
  • Ability to work with databases: MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Framework skills: Bitrix, Django, Yii, Angular JS, Angular 2+, React, Vue.js, ReactNative.

Does your development team has all these competencies? If these are not reliable, high-level specialists in developing apps, in digital marketing, if they are not experts in ecommerce solutions, who have devoted their lives to retail industry and regularly improving of their skills in this matter then most likely not.

It is much more reasonable to use the services of a specialized software development company (correctly to say an "app development company"). Their app developers will come to your office during the formation of the logical flow diagram of the future app in order to be able to directly contact your logistics and marketing specialists (as well as with your IT team). The developer company guarantees you that the ios and android app will be released as soon as possible and it will be executed at the highest level of quality.

Retail app developers guarantees

  • Operational excellence through automation of web development processes.
  • Subsequent customer-oriented service.
  • Compliance with the terms of development (deadlines).
  • Well-coordinated (synergistic) team work of qualified specialists.

Before attracting any of web development services, you can always familiarize yourself with the portfolio and experience of its app developers on its website. You should always pay special attention to the exact team of employees who will work on your app development project.

What sections should a well-written application for a retail enterprise consist of

From the moment when web and mobile apps began to be widely used in our everyday life, certain standards for their structure have already been formed. Yes, this is not a dogma, however, if the application is less detailed, this can significantly reduce user interest and will not lead to a long-awaited increase in sales. A classic retail app should have the following minimal structure:

Mobile apps loading screen and promo

The promo block demonstrates the benefits of making a purchase through a mobile app, for example, a discount on the first purchase, the terms of the loyalty program and delivery, a gift for an order. Benefits that the customer sees are easy to configure in the control panel.

Registration and authorization

Quick registration and login by phone number. The buyer enters the number, receives SMS and enters the application. No more guessing passwords or leaving the app to check your email. If you registered buyers by e-mail on the store’s website, then you should ask the user to enter it later.

Main screen

On the main screen, we promote the loyalty program, show banners of promotions and special offers, product selections and stories. The latter give high engagement in push sms, especially with spontaneous and impulsive purchases. You can personalize the home screen based on the products the customer has viewed. If in the current session he viewed the pages of baby food, returning to the main page, he will see products for children in the selection.


We take all the content for the application from the customer's website or from the accounting software client. There is no need to separately fill the mobile app, and this significantly reduces costs. If the cost and availability of goods on the site have changed, the data in the application will be updated automatically. You can integrate the application with most commercial CMS systems: 1C-Bitrix, Shop-Script, OpenCart and others.

Find your nearest store

Your customers will see the nearest store on the map and will be able to get directions to it. The mobile app will have the function of generating a list of favorite stores that will be displayed first.

Barcode Scanner

Customers will be able to find out the cost of goods by barcode. This is useful if, for example, there is no price tag on the product in the hall. This opportunity increases sales: many buyers are afraid to “put the product in the cart” if they do not know its price. Barcode search can also be used by employees in the hall to find out the availability of goods of the right size or the amount of a discount on a promotion.

Sorting and filters

All filters and sorting data will be transferred from your website to the mobile app. It will be possible to sort goods by price, reviews, popularity, rating and even discounts. Product popularity data, reviews, and ratings from cards will be aggregated and classified. Filtering and search history is saved for each customer - it will be more convenient to make purchases.

Search for goods

Thanks to the hint system, it is easier to enter words and phrases in the search bar. By entering a query, the user sees the most frequent queries on the topic and direct links to product categories which meet customized preferences. Search data is stored for each user, so it will be more convenient for him to search for products in the future.

Card Product

The product screen contains all the information from the card on the site. This is a slider with a photo, name, available sizes, regular price and discounted price, video, text description, features, reviews, similar and previously viewed products. Developers usually optimize the design of the card screen in a mobile app depending on the type of product.


Some users are not ready to buy a product right away, but may do so in the future. You need to give them the opportunity to save the product they like or put it away (to the cart). This can be done by clicking on the "heart" from the search results page and in the product card.

Personal Area

The data of the user's personal account on the site with the mobile app must be synchronized. Usually, a personal account is a block with the user's personal data and his photo, sections with orders, returns, delivery, selected products, and notification settings.

You can motivate users to fill in more information about themselves. So the marketing department learns more about the buyer, and the person can buy the right product cheaper. Everyone is happy.


We use automatic notification mechanisms. For example:

  • welcome push with a discount on the first purchase;
  • special discount for inactive users;
  • a reminder of the "abandoned" basket;
  • notification of a sale or promotion;
  • notification of a product that is out of stock.

It should be possible to segment the user base by various parameters: gender, geography, purchase history, and others. You can also send personalized push notifications to different groups of customers, notify them of price reductions, promotions of the day and preferential shipping, use cross-sells and geotargeting.

Ordering and delivery

The building blocks at the checkout stage are the order content, customer data, discount or promo code, delivery, and purchase amount. It is necessary to save the data that the buyer entered so that in the future he can place orders in one click. It is also necessary to provide for flexible delivery conditions: courier, pickup, Russian Post, CDEK, Boxberry and other services.

Order payment

Of course, various payment options should be provided: by card, cash on delivery, Apple Pay and Google Pay; popular payment gateways: Sberbank Online, Yandex.Kassu, Robokassa, UniPay and others. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of saving the user's card data for the convenience of payment in the future.

It will be enough for him to enter his CVV code and confirm the payment with the code from SMS. The possibility of paying with Face ID and a fingerprint should also be connected - it is necessary that the user part with money easily and quickly (without any barriers).

Loyalty system

Accumulated customer points must be reflected both on the site and in the mobile app. Your loyalty program accounting system must be completely transferred (copied with a bunch) to the application so that you can refuse plastic and transfer everything online.

Customers will be able to activate the virtual card directly in the application. It is necessary to ensure omnichannel: the client should be able to simply show the card to the cashier in the application. This will increase the number of spontaneous purchases and, as a result, overall sales.

Retail apps feedback

You need to be able to learn about the problems that users are facing. You should set up an option such as asking you to rate the level of service in a particular store. Then you will have effective tools for conducting surveys and will be able to measure the level of satisfaction of your customers (NPS).

Peculiarities of mobile app development services for retail businesses

Assess the scope of work and the knowledge and skills required for its implementation. Try to guess if your IT professionals can create such (or the best) mobile app for your business in a reasonable time. If you are simply hesitant to answer this question, then the correct answer is "no!".

Then you do not need to take on something that cannot be put into practice on your own - contact a mobile app development agency whose specialization is creating web apps (any: android apps or ios apps). You will get high-quality results in the shortest possible time.

Questions for Retail Mobile App Development

How to make Retail App Development Services for Your Business?

The main thing here is not to take on mobile development in which you are clearly not experts. Contact a specialized software development company that issues mobile apps. Even if you think that you need a unique app which provides wonderful customer service, you can make app improve by your own. But it is better to entrust the app development of the initial software product to professional project managers.

Top Retail Mobile App Developers – where to find retail app development companies?

If you don't want to start cooperation with a new company you can invite a team of software developers from Alfee company, e.g. This firm is not just digital product agency - you can hire there real engineering team to realise any digital products you need. Any app developer of this company is high-level IT expert. Нou will definitely be able to implement your app in the shortest possible time цith such developers.

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