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Restaurant Website Development

You run a restaurant business and want to attract new customers who will keep coming back, but there are still too few to reach your full potential. The reason for this may be an outdated page without proper web and logo design, relevant information, special offers, or the absence of a site at all.

Alfee's team has prepared an article about restaurant website development, what are the benefits of it, how much it costs to create websites, and how to create a project that will improve the image of your establishment, attract potential customers and take your business to the next level.

Clients Trust Alfee as Restaurant Web Design Agency

The best solution to creating a restaurant website is to trust this business to professionals involved not only in web development but also in site positioning. Alfee has a rich portfolio, verified clients, letters of recommendation, and everything that confirms our professionalism in website development.

An individual contractor is not always able to develop a website that complies with Google's guidelines. Using the digital marketing services of a freelancer, you do not always get a guarantee that the website or site manual will function correctly. You are also not sure that in six months your freelancer will want to continue cooperation because he can do something completely different.

Alfee team carries out projects for both large and small businesses, and the know-how is passed on to the next members of the team, so you can be sure that in a few years we will not refuse to help you with further changes to the website.

Types of Websites for the Restaurant Business

For restaurant businesses to clearly understand what kind of website they need, they need to decide on the purpose and type. A great example is whether you will change the data on the web page yourself (update loyalty program or social media information, supplement restaurant menu) or still decide to delegate.

Static restaurant websites

You cannot manage them on your own. If you have the appropriate knowledge in the field of programming, such a site can be edited, but it is much more difficult than in a CMS. Currently, the main arguments in favor of creating such pages are loading speed and security.

Restaurant websites based on CMS

In the content management system on your website, you have access to the administration panel. After logging in, you can easily manage your website using a text editor and user-friendly, very intuitive page builders. Creating a website is best done on an open-source CMS.

Responsive websites based on a content management system tend to be more expensive than static websites. There is a reason - then we have a much wider range of options and functionality, which often reaches the level of an advanced web application, that is, a project focused on user interaction (for example, booking or sales mobile apps).

The CMS itself is also required when we plan to collect facts on the website such as data submitted from a form, order information, or when a user login system is required.

When choosing the CMS itself you should not trust proprietary solutions that are like a time bomb. Eventually, something will go wrong. Here are some reasons why we think so:

  • you can not make changes to the source code, which limits the ability to edit the site;
  • the authors of such solutions do not grant you property copyrights to the project, but only grant you a license to use the site;
  • there is a high risk of overpricing by the developer of such an original solution because only they can make changes to the code;
  • a proprietary system is usually developed by a group of programmers who do not have the experience of the thousands of programming enthusiasts who maintain and develop open-source solutions.

Alfee Creates the Best Restaurant Websites

If you decide to select a professional web design company, Alfee is ideal, as it has vast experience, a sufficient number of completed projects, and excellent customer reviews. Hiring a specialist from us in just a few clicks, you are waiting for:

  1. 01
    a team of specialists of various profiles - a graphic designer, website developers, a project manager, and also an SEO specialist or copywriter;
  2. 02
    individual graphic and timely design, and guaranteeing the proper functioning of the website;
  3. 03
    SEO-optimization for search engines and after-sales service, online advertising consultations to attract the target audience;
  4. 04
    website user manual and a guarantee of cooperation at the next stages of site development.

As you can see, the creation of a restaurant website with the help of the Alfee team entails a number of additional services and opportunities.

It is reasonable to compare at least a few offers and select the one that will cause you the most confidence, and the cost of the website itself will be reasonable in your opinion. If you find that the price is clearly different from the average, be sure to ask what it follows from - quality is worth investing in.

How to Attract Website Visitors

It is important that your restaurant website is informative. But content is not enough, you need a complete package to promote your site. The URL should be easy to remember, the design should make a good impression, the site should be intuitive navigation, and the title on the homepage should be short but memorable.

It would be nice to write more details on your restaurant website: what dishes are served for breakfast/lunch/dinner, up-to-date information and info about the availability of catering, reservations, the number of guests that fit at the table, whether accepted online ordering, the name of the head chef, etc.

Link bait is also a good restaurant website promotion strategy from a technical point of view. You link to other websites so that online visitors are more likely to visit yours. This is an easy way to improve your rankings on popular search engines.

The importance of your website content cannot be ignored. This is what keeps people coming back and coming to you regularly.

Difficulties Restaurant Owners Can Face while Designing Restaurant Websites

At almost every stage of restaurant website design, many mistakes are made. Very often they are the result of neglect or inattention to the stages of planning, layout, graphic design, and testing. Without testing for usability and intuitiveness for the user, the site or store may be a failure. Therefore, the search for errors on the site and their correction should take place before it is transferred to users.

Best restaurant website for mobile phones

The percentage of mobile devices in Internet traffic is increasing, so mobile first is not only a future trend but also a duty. The user, having seen the cut-off and incorrectly displayed content, will leave the site as quickly as he entered. Sometimes it pays to forego some features adapted to the design of websites on desktop and focus on optimizing the experience of the website on mobile devices.

It is important that a user who is browsing the website from their smartphone has access to all functions and can easily reach the intended goal, such as buying a product or filling out a contact form.

Qualitative own restaurant website design

The color scheme is one of the first things that a user notices immediately after entering the site. The colors of a website are just as critical as its content. Colors that are too light or too dark will scare off your website visitors.

The most common mistake at the design stage is using too many colors and not combining them well. It is worth focusing on a maximum of three colors that work together.

Other shortcomings found on the sites of the restaurant business

Other common mistakes are related to content. Often used non-unique content or irrelevant to the subject (concerns pictures).

Sometimes there is so much information on websites that the form takes precedence over the content. The user reads the following sections and even if he is initially interested, after a while he feels overwhelmed.

The user who visits the site should understand at a glance what you expect from him. This can be done in different ways. The easiest and most common way is to graphically highlight the button responsible for the conversion or transition to the key section. Therefore, the absence of a call to action will also reduce the conversion of your site.

Inspiration from restaurant website design examples

When creating a website, vision and inspiration are important. No one forbids you to peep and be inspired by ideas in order to identify trends. After reviewing dozens of pages, you will definitely develop your own vision of the site, and you can easily decide on the style and design.

Restaurant Web App Development Company

The mobile app is another way to bring more customers to your restaurant and increase cart value. This is a very successful conversion method for your business and very convenient for customers since the phone is always at hand. The Alfee company provides not only restaurant website development services but the engineering of a mobile application for your restaurant.

Questions for Restaurant Website Development

What thing is the most important while creating a great restaurant website design?

There is no single answer because when creating a restaurant website design, every step is significant from creating a project to images per page. It is important that the site complies not only technically, but also with the laws of digital marketing.

How to create a perfect restaurant website design?

The most convenient way to create a restaurant website design is to contact a company that provides website development services. Alfee's talented team has a first-class experience in this industry that you can use to achieve your business goals.

Who should I order a website from: restaurant web design companies or freelancers?

Remember that you will always have feedback from a trusted company that has been around for many years and has a lot of experience in the field of development, in case of any problems, since the activity remains the same. A freelancer, on the other hand, can develop projects in one area today, and tomorrow in a completely different one.

How should a restaurant website designs look like?

The most important thing in restaurant website design is customer experience. Intuitive site navigation should be simple and clear. The content should be relevant to the topic, and the text moderately short. The site should be built in such a way that customers want to come back to you again and again.


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