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How to Make a Real Estate Website Development


A decent real estate website has already made many businesses successful. With the huge amount of investment that is emerging in the real estate market, building trust in the client is paramount.

The Alfee company is engaged in real estate website development from scratch and upgrades existing projects, which subsequently brings a complete change in the digital image of the company.

Characteristic Features of Websites in the Real Estate Industry

Alfee offers real estate website development for agencies. If you need a website for your real estate agency that will stand out from very similar websites in the industry, take advantage of our offer and our experience.

Characteristic features of the proposed sites dedicated to real estate agencies:

  • RWD technology, which ensures the availability of the website on phones, tablets, and computers, self-management of the website content through the CMS system;
  • independent management of real estate offers;
  • intuitive real estate search engine with basic or advanced search options;
  • the ability to synchronize the site with popular systems for exchanging offers, adding information about real estate to the clipboard (notebook), and highlighting selected offers;
  • adaptation of the presentation of the offer to the individual requirements of the real estate agency;
  • real estate website development by a professional graphic designer;
  • website optimization for good work with search engines;
  • the ability to integrate with the newsletter system, Facebook, Google Maps, with the site traffic analysis system - Google Analytics, as well as publishing a fee calculator.

Each real estate website can contain different types of functional programming key elements that are individually tailored to your company's needs, so if you need additional features on the site, our team of programmers and graphic designers can meet your expectations.

Reasons Why You Need Your Own Real Estate Website Design


Real estate offers are mostly posted on major real estate websites. However, in addition to the such promotion of offers, it is worth taking care of the image of the company and the people working in the real estate agency. Future buyers look for this broker information online. Therefore, building a brand image should take place in different places - it is the easiest on your website.

When searching for a real estate agency website on the Internet, customers are mainly looking to confirm the existence of the company. We like to check the identity of people on the Internet, as well as what they are doing, as well as whether they have references and proven competencies, and these are most easily placed on the official real estate website.

Before the potential clients make contact, they would like to check the office address, opening hours, and who they can contact directly. New clients visiting office websites are interested also in the whole range of the office's offerings.

Responsive Web Design in Creating Different Real Estate Websites

Web content size can be adjusted according to the layout of different devices. Statistics show that about 70% of the target audience on websites or social media comes from mobile devices.

Therefore, the website must be created in RWD technology. Its layout automatically adjusts to the size of the browser window on which it is displayed, for example, on a phone or tablet. And all this is to make it as easy as possible for the Internet user to find the information they are looking for.

Professional Real Estate Web Development Company

To build a real estate website you can approach from several sides, and there are several solutions. You can do it yourself if you have the appropriate knowledge but it takes some time.

The real estate website design experts at Alfee software development company make sure that the projects we prepare work regardless of the industry, the state of your website, or the goals you want to achieve with it. Check out what we can offer your company: visit our home page, submit the form and we will find the perfect solution for you.

Elements that Should be on the Page of a Real Estate Website


Regardless of what goal you are pursuing in creating a real estate agent website (traffic, conversions, brand awareness, or all together), there must be some elements on the pages. The list may change, but we feel it necessary to mention a few.

Communication with real estate agents

Perhaps this is one of the most important elements on the page since communication with customers passes through them. Here are the main communication channels that can be on a real estate website:

  1. 01
    Active phone call button. There is nothing more annoying than after deciding who I want to contact, I go to the contacts tab, I see a phone number and I have to copy and paste it into the place of choice of communication - call. If we want to be called, let's make sure our number is active.
  2. 02
    Messenger. If you use Facebook, you can connect a personal or business messenger to your site and if a client writes to you, you can read the message and reply to it from your phone or computer.
  3. 03
    Contact form. It should be short, easy to fill out, and ready-made request content is now used. It is critical that the customer can leave a phone number or information about what interests him.
  4. 04
    Live chat is an increasingly used solution that allows a client to establish a video conversation with a consultant.
  5. 05
    A chatbot is designed to streamline the support process by answering frequently asked questions, scheduling appointments, and fulfilling orders. Chatbots are associated with the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as natural language processing and generation mechanisms.

Blog content, contact details, and analytics

It is worth writing expert articles on your site because it makes people who are looking for such knowledge start reading it. In addition, the site is better viewed by the search engine, which reduces the cost of attracting customers and positioning the site.

On the home page, you should enter the contact details of your office, addresses of branches, headquarters, payment details, and company registration data to increase the level of trust of potential customers.

The homepage is also very important, particularly as a bounce rate, which you can check with a tool like Google Analytics. You can use it to check how long someone spends on your homepage before leaving it. Such data allows you to decide what to change and improve in communication with the client.

Search Engine Optimization

An intuitive real estate search engine with advanced options and properly configured search filters will attract truly qualified leads and, as a result, you will get more clients at a lower total cost.

It is also worth taking care of the ability to synchronize the site with popular offer exchange systems, the ability to highlight selected offers, as well as connect the multiple listing service.

Possibility of integration with the news distribution system

This feature allows you to collect the email addresses of property owners or home buyers who are interested in something on your site, want to learn more from your blog, or want to be notified about new offers that you have in your office.

Integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps

Each of your social media posts can be automatically displayed on your real estate platform using the appropriate plugins. On the other hand, every offer that is on your site can be exported to the shop tab on Facebook.

Integration with Google Maps is a very good solution, thanks to which a map will be visible on your site, where you can add the address of the office, and the customer will start navigation in two clicks.

Real estate business team


If you are a one-man office, it is worth providing information about why you should trust and cooperate. If you have a team, you should show the faces of the Agents, write how long they have been working, and what their specialization or professional success is. The brave also writes about their hobbies.

Privacy policy and cookies

The Privacy Policy document must contain all information on how to collect and process personal data. Instead of several disclosure obligations scattered throughout the website, everything will be in one place.

If cookies are collected on the website, the website owner must inform users about this in the relevant document.

Easy to Find Real Estate Professionals

In the past, the search for the dream of the four corners has taken place in many ways. From reading ads in the local press to walking around a particular location looking for a house or apartment for sale, finding the right apartment can be time-consuming.

In today's world, we love to take shortcuts, and the fastest way to our four corners is through the Internet. By creating a professional website for your real estate agency, you will allow potential buyers to view all the offers in one place. Alfee development team will help to build a real estate website and make your clients' dream of owning their own homes or apartment a reality.

Questions for Real Estate Website Development

Why do you need to create real estate websites?

Website development is the easiest way of lead generation and attracting clients. On real estate websites, you can easily see the options you are interested in buying or selling your property without leaving your home. To date, purchases and sales through the websites have the highest percentage.

What should be the site of a real estate agency?

The appearance of the site should be identical to the visual identity of the company. Fonts and colors must match and be consistent with the company's identity. Good to know, we buy online with our eyes, and we like beautiful “things”, so it’s worth choosing the right photos and images.

What functionality should a real estate agency website have?

The website of real estate agencies should have a tab with the offered property, divided into categories to facilitate the search. The site should have a contact form that will facilitate contact with the law firm.

How much does a website for a real estate agency cost?

Prices can range from $500 and up. Prices are set individually depending on the complexity of the project and the level of expertise of the specialist. The implementation period can vary from 7 days to several months.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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