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Dealing with digital development, people often dive into the unknowing ocean, reassembling skills, allocating duties, somehow delivering powerful brainstorming. This process is deeply connected with certain risks, especially money loss. But Alfee has the most powerful sprint solution making everything possible, in short terms resulting in a reasonable price.


We’re talking about progressive product design sprint applied exclusively during trial model tests as soon as possible. This revolutionary technology was created by Google Ventures developers simplifying the programming patterns. This model allows rapid prototyping, interdisciplinary coding, usability testing, etc.

During development sprint performance, our product design experts need only 5 days, one stage per each. Basically, any project is done in such terms, not less, not more. It is especially important for supporting discipline, correcting mechanisms which evolved through time.

Let’s talk about those five sprint stages in more details:

  1. Understand. The process begins with research, answering why people need this. Our team sets up possible audience, functionality, design for product, exploring possible marketing assets considering success metrics, which is more famous as key performance indicator (KPI). Receiving a first day summary, developers concentrate on simple basics.
  2. Diverge. When experts define an exact target, problems usually arise. Most questions may be solved at pre-composition time, right here, right now, just as preparation part. Our initiative team consults on solving issues inventing creative ways, shooting ideas as fireworks. This brainstorming takes another one day ending up with well-done tactics applied during next stages.
  3. Converge. Having many rather pretty ideas, sprint developers need to separate them, finding which ones fulfil the project. Our product design services company applies a storyboard method which amplifies team efforts in abstract thinking usage helping an entire plan correction. Finally, we’ve got a perfect easy deal algorithm, following in next two days.
  4. Prototype. At this stage specialists design a simplified product model which includes basic necessary functions estimating further transforming it into full enterprise edition possibilities. Received model perfectly interacts with a human, so evaluation can be done from a customer’s position. Successful result starts the final but not least important stage.
  5. Test. At this point a small group of 5-6 future users representatives helps, conducting one on one tests which demonstrate how your product will be accepted during release days.

Five development stages give us precisely clear imagination on task performance satisfying client's needs, saving his cost as much as possible.

How we use Design Sprints for Product Development


Knowing the five days - five stages rule, let’s deepen your knowledge including basic rapid production techniques. Alfee has a huge experience in design sprint product development based on many cases successfully completed. Combining super fresh patterns, extremely educated professionals guarantee a quick simple solution making from your idea a working prototype allowing audience testing right before actual programming starts.

So, how do experts achieve it? During each product development process an experienced designer uses special tools, such as:

  • UX personalisation. A thorough research connected with user’s comfort maximizing delivering exclusive experience from digital product design services.
  • User Centered Design Canvas. Our professional team creates beautiful easy-going user-friendly designs helping for sprint application adoption without any complications.
  • Information Architecture (IA). It is very important how the application presents data. Not only customer orientated design, but also correct data categorizing which structures an informational tree receiving needed data in no time. Only experienced Project Managers are involved.
  • User Flow Diagram. As a leading product design studio Alfee always ensures your product popularity by conducting attentive research, finding consistent patterns. Building a clear graphic, experts analyse the current situation which indicates solution ways. World-class analytics make decisions based on research conducted.
  • Paper Prototype, Clickable Prototype. In fact, programmers during the product design sprint process build an MVP – a minimum test-ready viable version after finishing theoretical research. Here you explore final changes in your product model before actual development commencement. It is a critical stage where fundamental mistakes may be easily eliminated.
  • Test scripts and report. Providing our product design sprint solutions, developers execute some testing programs involving critical product parts for detecting minor bugs with following problems fixing. Especially fine involving real users who conduct a thorough expertise recording its results on paper, what becomes later a detailed well-done report. Such real people assistance increases tests authenticity.
  • High-fidelity prototype. This technology kind shows product design and development success right before actual programming. You can call it half-staff, because experts use this basement while further sprint coding. Our reliable team conducts thorough research with highly precise test results. When everything is prepared, top coders stack new lines upon basement enhancing functionality achieving serious enterprise level.

Not all leading product design companies may offer you the same benefits as Alfee does, because proficient specialists are chosen by really difficult exams fully positioning their knowledge level. The HR department makes big efforts improving candidates' hiring process, gaining possible outcomes. Enterprise customers are satisfied with diligent services performing rapid tasks.

Possible Questions about Product Design Sprint Solutions


During the development process different problems may arise. Customers ask how programmers deal with them. Top specialists propose exceptionally checked product design solution supporting your business, nevertheless what its scale is. Most questions concern possible profits which may occur during rapid programming. So, let’s touch on several issues, answering them before you even think about it.

What benefits does product design and product development sprint give?

Your real outcome is time. During consultation sessions conducted by interviewing specialists define certain reachable goals, starting moving towards this direction, correcting a model each day, making it suitable enough. With our best Q & A specialists you’ll get an in-depth possibilities environment, deeply widened by your own ideas adapted carefully.

Why do you recommend conducting a UX audit?

Looking at a working sprint prototype you never know if it is good enough until product design experts conduct a thorough research. All in all, a user experience is an utmost important question because they are final customers defining your project's future. Developers fight a system vulnerability with full-scope marketing analysis revealing weak links which may be fixed simply. Our main target is leaving no mistake untouched until getting a perfect sprint software just as you want. So, focusing on an accurate expertise, professionals discover key points which must be fixed as soon as possible. That’s why auditions are so important.

In what term do you usually develop a product?

Time spent programming depends on circumstances. It can last several days or even months. Everything depends on your requests regulating final work difficulty. But with our product design sprint you receive a fully working prototype in less than a week which surely shortens development resources. While developers are constructing rapid frameworks, a marketing team already arranges a promo campaign not wasting time. With Alfee services you get an imminent support raising your business up conspicuously.

Does this technology enhance my enterprise field?

Surely, our product design team promises development sprint solutions are universal supporting small to large businesses. Little raising companies may use this technology to speed up their growth, and old corporations may create new software based on old applications without starting from zero. Definitely, development sprint helps everyone.

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