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When Do You Need PPC Specialists?

The profession of a PPC specialist is getting more and more popular. But do you actually know who it is and what he does? This article was prepared by our team to tell you a bit more about PPC advertising and the work of PPC specialists. We hope that after reading it, you will make up your mind whether you really need this type of service.


Who is a PPC specialist?

PPC specialist is a person who plans and manages contextual advertising (usually though Google AdWords or Bing Ads). PPC stands for Pay per click advertising and refers to paid search advertising on the Internet. This person works to launch paid search campaigns, so that advertising of your products / services is shown in search engines and in networks when they are searched for. Thus, PPC experts help to increase website traffic and improve conversion rate optimization.

What do PPC experts do?

  1. 01
    Website audit. PPC experts analyze the running advertising campaigns, what can be improved in them, which campaigns need to be stopped. They pay special attention to landing pages and website structure.
  2. 02
    Composing audience targeting strategies. PPC experts select advertising systems, types of ad campaigns to launch, advertising budget, and what will be advertised. They also plan account structure and select PPC campaign strategies.
  3. 03
    Setting up PPC campaigns. For each campaign, a PPC expert defines the goal, selects a promotion region, makes adjustments and targeting. PPC specialists perform ongoing keyword research as well.
  4. 04
    Drafting PPC ads and creating banners. PPC ads have restrictions on the number of characters and text. A PPC expert takes all of these into account when creating a PPC campaign.
  5. 05
    Setting up analytics systems: GTM, Metrica, Google Analytics and analyzing ad performance. This makes it possible to carefully evaluate the effectiveness of various paid social channels.
  6. 06
    Campaign ad management. Based on the performance analysis, PPC experts make adjustments.

Hire PPC experts from Alfee team to implement digital marketing campaigns successfully. We are ready to provide you with Google Adwords PPC experts fluent in search engine marketing and social media marketing.

When do you need PPC marketing and PPC advertisements?


PPC campaigns are good solutions for absolutely any companies that have their own Internet resource. Surely, the specifics of the advertising campaign in each case will be different.

PPC advertising is especially handy, if you have just started up your own business, since it helps to deliver your offer to as many potential consumers as possible. With the help of PPC ads, you can easily tell users about new products or services, quickly creating announcements for them.

If you need to raise brand recognition after rebranding, launching a PPC campaign is an excellent idea. So the new visual design of your brand strategy will be remembered by potential customers faster.

Where to hire PPC experts?

When it comes to hiring a digital marketing specialist, you should consider several options. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The work of PPC experts is now highly valued, and business owners cannot always afford to hire PPC experts on the staff. In such conditions, it becomes tempting to turn to PPC freelancers. This is a good option if you are limited in the budget. But you can come across a “jack of all trades”, then you should not expect flawless work.

There is one more option - working with a consulting and creative agency like Alfee with a full-fledged contextual advertising department. It's cheaper than hiring an employee, and more reliable than a freelancer. And it will be a narrow specialist, and not a person who does everything at once, but little by little. Our experts have profound knowledge of Google Ads technologies and Bing ads, and they are ready to implement their skills for your development.

How to hire Google Ads expert?


A Google ads expert should have a certain set of skills. We have listed the main requirements to take into account when hiring a search marketing specialist:

  • knowing principles of working with advertising accounts and web analytics systems;
  • mastering tools for building reporting and visualization, knowledge of formulas, principles of data upload — Google Data Studio, Google Spreadsheets, Excel, etc.;
  • basic knowledge of design — there are companies where a PPC specialist independently develops creatives;
  • understanding of search engine marketing principles;
  • knowing principles of working with media advertising;
  • mastering paid search methods;
  • written communication skills;
  • readiness to carry out detailed keyword research;
  • ability to apply digital marketing practices and create working ad copy.

A good digital advertising specialist should also have an excellent soft skill set. Find this skills below:

  1. 01
    perseverance, ability not to be afraid of monotonous work;
  2. 02
    attention to details;
  3. 03
    immersion in the project;
  4. 04
    willingness to control.

Alfee specialists are ready to work with your social media accounts promoting your business and raising awareness of your brand. We have already helped thousands of start-ups to gain popularity and take their niche among the most influential brands. Our team not only participates in generating ad creative, but also develop optimization strategies taking into account Google Analytics performance data.

Why is Alfee a leading digital marketing agency you should work with?

The industry of companies rendering PPC services is constantly growing. So why should you choose Alfee among all the other agencies?

Our team consists of highly responsible specialists experienced in launching paid social campaigns and special ad hoc projects. We develop a digital marketing strategy totally tailored to your business needs and create paid ads taking into account the specifics of your business.

We timely manage campaign performance, monitor campaign pacing, and make adjustments depending on the results. Our digital optimization specialist analyzes how paid media works and provides you with the best solutions be it a large scale paid social ad campaign or just a series of youtube ads. We know for sure what will work better for your company.

Questions for PPC Specialists

How much does it cost to do PPC?

The cost of PPC campaigns largely depends on marketing programs and Adwords PPC expert experience. If your search for PPC specialist jobs, you'll see that salaries differ from country to country as well. On average, a PPC agency will charge you about 8,000-10,000 USD monthly for a campaign. However, the numbers may vary taking into account the applied marketing strategies.

How do I hire a PPC consultant?

If you need to hire PPC experts for creative marketing and social media ads, you can cooperate with a freelancer or with PPC agencies like Alfee. We have experts in social media advertising and internet marketing ready to implement even the most incredible ideas into reality. Alfee professionals ensure campaign performance and manage monthly invoicing process.

Why hire a PPC Expert?

 When you work with a PPC expert from Alfee, you can count on high quality and great results. Our marketing professionals choose a SEO strategy suitable for your business and work hard on reaching the campaign's goals. We guarantee only high quality PPC advertising with wide coverage and focus on your target audience.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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