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Maps Navigation Mobile App Development

Creating mobile navigation applications is currently a popular trend among developers. Mobile phones equipped with GPS have been on the market for over 15 years. In this relatively short time, they have become almost a standard, and no one can imagine a phone without this feature.

Alfee company provides solutions for navigation mobile app development, helps you set goals, and makes recommendations for further business.

The Role and Functions of GPS Navigation Apps

GPS (Global Positioning System), it's just navigation, and phone functionality that will show where we are and indicate this place on the map.

A maps navigation app must be installed on your mobile phone to use the GPS. Navigation apps can be equipped with different features:

  • allows the user to check the status and information of the GPS navigation;
  • can inform about stationary satellites and navigation accuracy in meters;
  • the mobile app allows you to check the position of individual satellites in orbit at a certain time;
  • provides accurate navigation data - latitude and longitude, as well as altitude, which can be very useful, for example, during any geocaching games;informing about the speed and direction of movement during movement;
  • many navigation applications do not have Pro versions and are shareware (except when there are ads in apps).

GPS can be also used in fitness web apps, online shopping applications, social media (for example, Facebook), and apps that display real-time traffic.

Work Principles GPS Tracking Web Apps

The navigation app is a mobile app that uses GPS technology. With it, you can quickly locate a car, a building, or someone in your family. The GPS module builds into the navigation app and uses the transmitter's signal, which reaches the receiver.

The GPS app in the phone also allows you to track the device itself in case it is lost or stolen. The signal emitted through the navigation app is picked up by the satellite and then transmitted to the receiver, which displays the exact location.

For Which Systems Successful GPS Navigation App Being Created

Currently, there are two of the most popular mobile systems on the market: Android which holds about 71% of the market, and iOS which is less than 28%. Apple mobile and web users are more generous and most often drawn to a virtual wallet. Therefore, you can earn most of all on paid navigation apps on iOS but on Android the mobile apps with ads or micropayments are more popular. Alfee mobile app development company has enough experience to create GPS apps for both systems.

The Work of Navigation App Development Company

The important step is to choose the language and tools with which we will create the web application of our dreams. Here the choice is very wide and everyone will find something for themselves. You can develop natively in Java for Android devices or Objective-C for iOS.

It may also be a good choice to bet on technology that allows navigation mobile app development for many platforms at the same time.

The Most Famous GPS Navigation Apps in the World

The most popular app of this type is Google Maps. If you have an Android phone, the mobile app is installed automatically, and if you have an iPhone, you need to download it on your phone.

For the best use of Google Maps, you must have an Internet connection (via Wi-Fi or data connection) and GPS on your device. To enable navigation, you need to launch the menu and select "teardrop" from it.

The app has the ability of social network integration, handy features, continuous support, an excellent reputation and many positive reviews. The most popular navigation features in Google Maps that you can use when GPS is on are:

  1. 01
    checking and Sharing your location (via email, messages, and social networks);
  2. 02
    see how to get to the selected address, where are the traffic conditions, road accidents, etc;
  3. 03
    find out how to get from point A to point B (car, public transport, bike, taxi);
  4. 04
    checking nearby service points, restaurants, venues, museums, etc;
  5. 05
    viewing the countries and cities with street view (3D City View).

Helper service for navigation web apps

The Google Maps API is a completely free, programmable mapping service provided by Google. It can be easily placed on your website and periodically mark your location so that customers can easily determine user location and find an office without any hassle.

The service itself is presented as a set of protocols, due to which programmers and web developers can assemble various apps like brick by brick. More recently, the API has been closely tied to the operating system and apps on the desktop.

Try Waze as a navigation app

The Waze app is a great little navigation app with big ambitions. It is available for both Android and iOS. Thanks to this, you will receive the latest traffic information. It is highly location data, informing users about current traffic hazards, traffic jams, speed cameras, and more.

You can integrate Waze successfully with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or FourSquare. You must have Internet access to use its key features and Waze maps. Many people praise it for its sleek and minimalistic interface. Waze mobile app does not distract the driver while driving. You can find this navigation app in the Google Play Store or App Store.

Mobile Apps and Marketing Effects

What is the purpose of the app and for whom it is intended should be considered when evaluating its effectiveness. Unfortunately, very often it is the number of downloads, which does not prove the success of the app, that is considered the leading factor.

Downloading an app is not the same as using it. There are situations when a user downloads a mobile application and deletes it very quickly from their phone. From the point of view of profit from the sale of applications, the number of downloads is important, but both developers and customers are concerned about user activity - they analyze their behavior within the application, actual location, and the choice of individual elements or content.

To measure marketing effects, it is necessary to define the purpose of the mobile app, i.e. sales, image, or entertainment. Each of these goals is governed by different laws and criteria. First briefly, then business.

A Set of Popular Apps Features Related to Navigation

These are the elements you need when developing an application. Be sure to write down what your app achieves and work on the app idea you want it to have based on that.

You should have a good understanding of the main components of your application, which should work on the main functionality. Another set of components you should focus on must be unique to your app and make it stand out. You can use them when marketing your product because you are the only one offering these features.

Also, look for details that improve existing solutions. You can check reviews of existing applications and see if there are features that users want to see in similar mobile apps. Enabling them allows you to reach out to a broader audience when developing your application.

Alfee is a Mobile App Development Company

By choosing to create a mobile application with the Alfee development team, customers gain confidence and a guarantee of reliable order fulfillment. Working on an application development very often requires technical advice, so signing a contract with us is the best way for a project to conquer the mobile market.

Design and aesthetics during navigation app development

The aesthetics of the product influences the decision to choose between one or another navigation app, so it is worth considering the issue of custom design.

Minimalism, simplicity, intriguing typography, and flatness are still the most popular trends to follow and implement. Moreover, designers should focus on animating JavaScript and CSS, as well as harnessing the potential of augmented reality, image recognition, or NFC communication that comes with native mobile phone features. The more perfect the design of the application, the higher the cost of its implementation.

The exact cost of mobile app development services

To correctly estimate the order budget, the technical specification of the application development should be taken into account, i.e. whether the purpose of the app is only local operation on devices, or whether communication with external servers or integration with other services is necessary.

It is important to note that the cost of navigation mobile app development can be twice as high due to the back-end and API libraries. Alfee's professional team will conduct a detailed consultation, review your terms of reference and calculate the cost of the project, taking into account all your wishes.

Questions for Navigation App Development

How to Develop a GPS Navigation App like Waze?

To create a GPS navigation app like Waze, you should study competitors, determine the target audience, add as many useful features as possible, add gamification features, think over UI/UX design, add voice instructions and video, and think over the basic tech stack needed to develop a GPS app.

How much do Navigation App Development Services cost?

Creating a map navigation app mostly depends on the features you need. We can calculate the exact cost of developing your map software based on your business goals and requirements. To do this, you need to provide accurate and detailed terms of reference.

Why Would You Hire Our Mobile Maps Navigation App Development Company?

Alfee team specializes in creating various kinds of applications, including navigation apps. We have extensive experience in software development, our programmers are versatile. Before being hired, each candidate undergoes individual testing, and existing employees regularly improve their skills.

What Will You Get From Alfee as a Top Maps Navigation App Development Company?

Alfee is a leading navigation app development company. We provide services with the best ideas and solutions for many clients from all over the world. Our team works with both large enterprises and small businesses.

How is Our Navigation Mobile App Development Process Going?

Before we start the Navigation App Development Process, we work out a strategy together with our clients and help, if necessary, to draw up a technical task. We carefully analyze the work of competitors, select the best development method and participate during the entire testing process.


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