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Navigation App Development Services

Use for navigation is becoming a big trend. Location services have been estimated to enhance in recent years and will continue growing. So if you'd like to develop and launch the GPS navigation system you should be on the right path. In terms of revenue, the BIS Research Institute forecasts that navigation app sales will reach $34 billion by 2022. So having gps apps will be profitable for organization owners. Google Maps api and Waze are one of the top application in the smartphone apps industry. They offer directions on turn-by-turn, lots of realtime information, just like other functions.

GPS apps are widely spread because of their practical apply. If you're are coming back from an unfamiliar country, you do not have any maps. There are various map apps that offer different options for the user's requirements. How does GPS work? In this overview, we will explore some navigation key features.

What is a successful GPS navigation app?

GPS navigation systems are a combination of an audio / video component (AV) and a GPS receiver elaborated for a special app such as a mobile operators. The position of receivers on Earth is defined via global positioning systems (GMPS). The US military developed GPS. Originally this technic was employed in military operations. Since 1980 when GPS technic was introduced to the general public the program is being used for many applications.

What makes Waze so popular?

Waze is a spread navigation app for smartphones due to being able to adapt itself to the requirements of the customer. A further option for them is to help to improving the product itself. Using a navigational interface, it is as intuitive and convenient as it can be. The new functions can be adapted as needed by the community. Such application will also help businesses grow their market influence. In addition all offers for the client have been made from info collected from integrations with social networks & websites.

How does Waze work?

The Waze application offers global applicants with real-time traffic info to improve their routes. Waze helps you notify the authorities of unauthorized traffic, accident conditions or road obstructions. This application instantly evaluates the data and helps others find the most optimal paths. Waze can be applied as a navigation tool in many taxi reservations apps involving Lyft. Unlike traditional GPS navigation application, Waze combines community and navigation data by collecting traffic and map data for its users. When apps run they collect information. It will use exact information for every close route to offer the shortest route.

GPS navigation Apps Market Overview

Navigation apps were affected by COVID, as was the industry in general. If the top sphere using geo-localized technologies in the world is tourism, logistics, then medical services and retail businesses will follow. According to experts estimates, the service market will grow substantially within five years if it is determined based on geographic locations. In 2021, the global economy would be around 17.8 billion and by 2025 the value would reach $31.9 billion. Besides these statistics, there're applications that utilize geolocation to enhance performance too.

How does a GPS app and Google Maps help?

GPS navigation application for mobile phones contributes the applicants greatly. The GPS app can give directions for travel between the points A and B. The apps are designed to track and analyze info on traffic congestion in realtime. A GPS application offers the ideal route for you in the current situation. You're able to get a map showing a route. GPS tracking apps are applied to track position and maps too. It's a rapidly evolving industry that is elaborating a navigation system market. Whether in defense or Uber, navigation technics are becoming increasingly widespread.

Waze app as an Example for Mobile App Development Company

Appling Waze, e-mail, and smartphones are compatible with both the iPhone and the Android operating system. The applicant may also access traffic statistics using GPSWaze. A 2009 Israeli company elaborated Waze. Application was downloaded more than 100 million times in apps stores. The Waze app offers drivers with info to improve the qualification and efficiency of road construction, traffic congestion, and road construction. It is widely applied around the world because it lets applicants send user messages about road problems and traffic jams.

Social networking

Since social networks may offer an authentication mechanism for a person's information, your application will need a social media integration to make it work. Social networks integrate client skills and reduce authenticated risks. The application lets a applicant log into an existing profile instantly instead of creating a new one. Alfee specialists understand how social integration can be incorporated into mobile apps today. For a mobile-friendly application, contact our team today.

Geopositioning and navigation

Architects and developers build navigational applications from mapping. Waze applies a GPS system to define the positions and view paths. You could use cellular identification in an app to reduce inaccurate information based on wireless info offered by the carrier. The application position amenity is accurate with an integration of cell ID and satellite navigation technology.


Waze lets drivers get unlimited refueling with Alfee amenities. You are able simply to see all the people who move in similar directions. The prices for gas for the trip can be split between drivers and passengers. Waze-like gps tracking applications' suggested charges are defined beforehand by the rider. The Application automatically debits a applicant's bank profile and credit card.

Synchronisation of Google Calendar

The application will sync the applicants' Google calendar so the traveling is easier. When you access an application that shows your schedule on Waze, the app shows the next scheduled appointment along with the destination you have chosen. This is a quick approach of searching for the previous input location.

Push notifications

The Waze application is a mobile app which will make the message more attractive for users. Messages are either directly pushed to the chatbox or sent through push notifications. Using an application that allows a user to navigate a particular region or place, such a system is possible.


If your GPS program detects an accident and reroutes it to another position, it is required to follow the instructions to continue driving. Your application is able easily to determine the correct route and the applicants can immediately follow the correct directions.

Services for payment

In commercialized ways, an app for GPS navigation could make payments using the app's payment system. You may be partnering with drivers to contribute them provide services that you can offer.

How does Waze work and make money?

Waze earns revenue through advertising and ads matching doesn't only happen around the country. Not just for the destinations. Thus users can be presented the most appropriate ads by prepared messages from local businesses. Waze actually gives you the option for navigation to be used to obtain a position. There're are many ways to interact with your waze user.

8 steps to developing a GPS navigation app like Waze

Waze has various functionalities and has a checklist of necessary parameters that are useful for navigation application. Let us take a look at action steps during development of these applications:

  1. 01
    Research to study competitors. Your competitor needs analysis in order to know its advantages and weaknesses. You should know how and where to attract clients and how to make it happen for them. Think about your planning even for testing;
  2. 02
    Listen to your target audience. The smarter the app, the more interest it generates for users. Added information regarding speed cameras or designated parking spaces will attract users;
  3. 03
    Decide on a technical partner. Discover companies who can develop navigation application development for their websites. It is advisable to hire an expert with a good knowledge in this area;
  4. 04
    Add video while publishing app. A videoguide can provide a simple and useful way to understand your application. This can make it even harder to publish an app on a website;
  5. 05
    As many convenient functions as available. The greater the tools and integrated tools the user will have, the more they will be likely to pick up your software from your competitors;
  6. 06
    Voice commands. It also provides a safe way of searching the web for applicants. Voice control can be a useful tool;
  7. 07
    Thoughtful UI / UX designing. It shouldn't clutter the user interface. Every button is intuitive.

Steps to follow to build a GPS navigation app like Waze successfully

This is a guide that can be applied for developing navigation applications like Waze:

  • Incorporate as a lot of useful tools as you're able to. To offer a seamless experience with your Waze application, give it the best functions available. In today’s competitive world an app should have unique tools to differentiate itself from the competition. Smart navigation applications display fuel stations near the location, display prices, speed cameras and nearby parking spots, as well as simple route navigation and info regarding traffic;
  • Involve voice directions. It makes navigation more efficient when applying voice commands because users will not have to look at their phones during the driving. Continue playing voice instructions. After that, the user is free to follow without being disturbed by something, like focusing on their phone. In the same way, it's advisable not to get alerts during navigation;
  • Conduct research. During the evaluation process it's important if a project has not yet been shortlisted. A competitive analysis contributes ensure the successful execution of a product. A quick and thorough identification is important for success in such projects. A checklist should be elaborated to guarantee a reliable timeline throughout the design process;
  • Meet the necessities of your target marketplace. Clients are increasingly seeking intelligent navigation. Specifically, the developer wants a tool that will alert people about speed traps along with traffic congestion. Modern smart applications should direct applicants to discover parking spots with ample room nearby and indicate fuel fees tool;
  • Pick your technical partner. For elaborating the app you must choose the right company which creates and maintains smartphone application elaboration program. The procedure starts with evaluating and choosing an organization to elaborate an application. The initial stages in the elaboration of the application are the signature of the NDA;
  • Include gamification features. It has features that encourage gamers to play your game. Consider a point system for example. The application allows users to earn credit for many actions, including posting road statistics and driving certain distances. These points are comparable;
  • Choose UI/UX design for your app. You should make it readable to the drivers by providing a large button on the app to locate the button immediately. Focus upon UI components in a single app. Learn about the importance of UX design in an application design.
Questions for Navigation App Development

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Navigation App?

Developer's hourly rates vary from city to city. The navigation app development of a U.S.-based company is about $200 to $100. So, a Waze application could be priced between $25k and $600,000. By working with an outsourcing provider, you have an idea of the cost even during a planning stage of your project. Minimum Availability products or MVCs have a lower price.


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