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MVP Development Services

The enhance in the quantity of IT new companies has entail to the emergence of such a term as MVP ‒ minimum viable product. In our days MVP elaboration is applied in all industries to assess the prospects for new projects and services.

This review can help to learn a bit more about minimum viable product and peculiarities of MVP creation, and offer you the decision to the problem: How can you simply find a suitable MVP elaboration firm?

What does MVP mean?

MVP stands for minimum viable product and denotes a product which has the simplest functionality to meet any need of the target audience and allows you to get feedback for further development. The main goal of an MVP is to attract the first customers, get feedback and think over a further product development strategy.

In order to create an excellent product, you need to know a lot of information about your target audience's characteristics and preferences. Those who are just working on the launch of a new product or service do not have such data, there are only assumptions and guesses. Therefore, in order to test your hypothesis and understand what properties the product should ideally have, they use MVP.

What do MVP developers do?

It doesn't matter whether you need to build a one-page website or a web app with a complex developed structure and functionality. In any case, ordering MVP development services means exactly getting a competitive software solution as a result.

MVP developers help check the commercial potential of the chosen idea and study the real demand for software without significant investments in development.

Alfee experts are ready to professionally, quickly and inexpensively create an MVP project, which will become the basic version of the new software with the minimum required set of features, concise design and reliance on the basic project infrastructure.

Advantages of MVP product development

Professional MVP development services help to solve a number of tasks that are important for the future success of the project. We have summarized the main benefits below:

  • Quick test of an idea for success. MVP development services help to evaluate how fully and efficiently software actually copes with user tasks. Thanks to this, a company or an entrepreneur can change and refine the strategy in time if the pilot release turns out to be unsuccessful.
  • Faster software release to the market. To create an MVP project, a team of specialists doesn't need much time. Therefore, a business can start promoting the idea, expanding the user audience from the very first days of working on the project.
  • Cost optimization. You can significantly save money on software development by creating an MVP project. You can fully focus on investments in marketing, promotion, and audience expansion.
  • Minimization of market threats. MVP software development is a proven tool for reducing major market risks.
  • Checking ideas functionality. MVP development services quickly make it clear how realistic the implementation of the customer's idea is from a technical point of view.
  • Researching the market situation and collecting feedback. Launching an MVP specific product to the market is a way to quickly get users the product they need and start gathering feedback right away to improve future versions of the software.
  • Search for external investments. It is difficult for investors to evaluate something abstract, theoretical. With a fully functional interactive MVP product it becomes possible to show potential investors the vision and the possibilities of future software.

Alfee professional team is ready to deliver top-notch MVP development services tailored to your business goals. We carefully analyse your case and provide the best solutions as a leading MVP development company. Our aim is to keep you aware of the development process, that's why company's project managers are constantly providing updates on the progress.

Why do you need MVP development process?

MVP development services test working business hypothesis and help to get customer feedback.

Businesses spend years working to make sure they are on the wrong path. A well-designed product, that took plenty of time and money to be developed, turns out to be useless. Lots of startup failures are caused by a lack of market demand. MVP development helps to make sure that the product is in demand and that the business idea is really worth implementing and scaling.

The key idea of successful MVP is that you create a real product that you can offer to customers. Then you observe the reaction to it and finalize the solution, taking into account consumer preferences.

The main task of MVP product development is to reduce the time and effort for idea validation before developing a full fledged product.

Businesses that use minimum viable products methodology reduce the possibility of financial loss when launching an unsuccessful digital product.

How to create MVP project?

The process of creating an MVD product varies depending on the type of product, project scope, market environment, team capabilities and some other factors. However, we've defined the main MVP development stages:

  1. 01
    Market research and discovery phase. This is used both by mobile app developers and web developers to finalize business requirements, identify pitfalls, and craft essential assets for a development team that'll help you cut costs. Market analysis is an essential part of this stage.
  2. 02
    Defining the future product objective and identifying the target audience. For a product to be in demand, it must solve a specific consumer problem. Understand why potential customers need your product and why they should buy it.
  3. 03
    Explore the competitive market. Study the target market and find out what exactly competitors offer, what market share they occupy, how they attract customers. Third-party experience can be useful when adjusting your own solutions.
  4. 04
    Generate ideas for future software. This stage includes preparing a conceptual minimum viable product project and planning a list of product performance criteria for a prototype.
  5. 05
    Drawing up a functionality roadmap and developing the product idea. This includes preparing a functional list for a final product, identifying priority options for the extended version of the product, and choosing minimum functionality options for MVP.
  6. 06
    Implementation and testing. Simultaneously with the development, testing is carried out so that the final product meets the requirements stated in the project documentation. The created software solution is prepared for use, deploying in a production environment.

Folowing the above mentioned process, Alfee developers find and safely fix the latest bugs before release. With our team you can get 100 percent sucessful product launch.

How to find experienced MVP development company?

Finding a credible MVP development company can become a tricky task if you know nothing about MVP development. What should you pay special attention to when choosing the right MVP development services?

Carry out market research and find companies that offer the best tech stack, applying advanced technologies and innovative approach. Check up portfolios, look for proactive collaboration practices. Make sure that the company is ready to visualize the core business logic of your app idea.

Alfee team is eager to ensure stable business growth for your enterprise. We will take care of your early customers and turn them into loyal clients.

Why choose MVP development service form Alfee?

The market is full of MVP development companies, so why should you select Alfee dedicated team among all the others? Find the answer to this question below:

  • Profficiency and expertise. Our team incorporates all the features of a reliable MVP devlopment team with enough profficiency and expertise in the field.
  • Business oriented approach. In our work we are always guided by your business needs, and we provide solutions according to a particular business model.
  • Varied skill set and profound knowledge. Any developed MVP by Alfee team is a vivid evidence of vast skill set and deep knowledge we applyin our work.
  • Positive reviews. Hundreds of cistomers have already got their results in business with robust and secure software solutions from Alfee. We've already built efficient MVP products based on customers' product vision and market demands.

Alfee experts procede to product creation only after thorough research and defining core features. We deliver credible mobile apps and MVP website solutions for any niche.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

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