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Business professional development requires special marketing approach. Email marketing is currently popular way to attract large audience. Despite the fact that many people ignore email marketing techniques, statistics show that audience coverage grows significantly after using this digital marketing method.


Alfee - status company that provides hiring digital marketing expert team for complex marketing works implementation. Extensive experience allows us to inspire confidence in our clients that goals will be achieved within specified time frame. We provide services of professional marketers who have completed more than 1000 orders successfully.

Do you want to develop and expand the impact of your business? Organized Mailchimp marketers team is ready to take charge of promoting your business. Modern marketing tools use makes work more efficient and allows achieving results faster. Contact Alfee via messengers / contact form.

Alfee`s Provided Mailchimp Services

Alfee provides high-quality Mailchimp marketing services aimed at customer satisfaction. Significant work experience of each employee allows us to give customers a guarantee of obtaining required result and all processes completion within agreed time frame. Alfee`s services can be useful for businesses and enterprises in following cases:

  • Competent Mailchimp account setup is required;
  • Website management is not carried out properly and does not bring concrete results;
  • Personal marketing strategy includes work with Mailchimp;
  • Business needs constant contact with new customers.

In today's competitive business universe, expansion and development are endless. Using innovative technologies, such as well-designed email marketing campaign will always be great way. Alfee provides opportunity to hire professional marketing team to accelerate promotion and increase your business sales.

In Alfee, you can order highly high-level specialist complex services for any needs. Our teams include qualified employees from all industries, it can be: graphic designer, web developer, content manager, internet marketer, etc. Contact us right now and get free consultation from professional. Leave application online.

Why Hire Freelance Mailchimp Expert?


Company`s reputation and customers` opinion are extremely important to Alfee. We treat each individual project with particular scrupulousness and complete all work to final result. Our task - creating effective lead generation system for your business with further expansion of influence and high positions strengthening.

Each member of the team has extensive knowledge of mailchimp and Internet marketing in particular. Alfee takes responsibility for unique html email development, account settings and results tracking with analytics reporting. The transparent progress of mailchimp work allows clients to track each process and be sure that the work does not stand still.

Alfee - leading freelance mailchimp provider. Since Alfee teams have following advantages over competitors:

  1. 01
    Over a thousand satisfied business owners;
  2. 02
    Guaranteed unique email templates development;
  3. 03
    Responsible approach to completing tasks, even for small influential business;
  4. 04
    Deep modern marketing tools & SMM knowledge of each employee.

Above benefits inspire confidence, which we promise not to lose. Alfee values each client and guarantees the implementation of all ideas at a high level. Do you have any questions or are you interested in any of our services? Contact us via messenger / leave contact details in the online form. A Mailchimp expert will contact you and answer your questions / help you decide on the services you need to order and draw up an approximate work plan.

Questions for Hiring of Mailchimp Freelancers

How to hire the best Mailchimp specialists?

Alfee provides the opportunity to hire the best Mailchimp specialists around the world. We work online, which allows us to fulfill orders for customers from anywhere in the world. Each client receives a guarantee of a reliable result aimed at the prosperity of the business.

Where to hire Freelance Mailchimp Experts?

If you are representative or owner of a business that needs development and promotion - hire freelance Mailchimp experts. For hiring, you will need to contact consultant in convenient way: in messenger / leaving request by website form. Consultant will answer in detail all inquiries and report on services cost & timing.

What's the aim of Mailchimp Experts For Hire?

In Alfee you will find qualified Mailchimp experts for hire. Promotion of business in this way significantly boosts all indicators and increases sales. Contact our team in an acceptable way and get a customized email marketing strategy to grow your business. We guarantee high results and the completion of all tasks within the specified deadlines.

How to Hire Top Mailchimp Specialists?

Hire top Mailchimp specialists requires you to follow two simple steps. First contact or leave your contact details in the online form. After that, wait for feedback from a qualified consultant who will find out in detail everything about your order and transfer the data to the manager. The manager will form a unique marketing strategy that will boost your business.

How much does it cost to hire a Mailchimp specialist?

Hiring Mailchimp specialist cost may vary depending on required work complexity. Usually the price for the services of a qualified expert is 100-800 dollars per hour. For a more detailed answer to your question - contact us in a convenient way and specify what exactly you need. The consultant will be happy to announce the cost of your work and transfer the data to the manager.

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