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Alfee is a Logo Design service company known for the quality of the products provided. The goal of trade mark development is to ensure that our clients' business takes its rightful place in its field, is memorable and recognizable.


Anyone who wants to stand out from the competition and increase the number of potential customers should think about corporate identity. This is exactly what is possible thanks to our creative Logo Designs.

To be the first in everything, a business needs the help of Logo Design agency specialists. But how to choose the one that best understands the company's values and implements it? Use our best Logo Design services and see that the result is on your face!

Benefits of Alfee Custom Logo Design Services

The result of custom Logo Design services accurately personifies your organization in the image, they not only increase the flow of customers, but also become memorable so that people tend to tell their friends about what they saw. Especially if the first impression is confirmed by the quality of the services provided. Our skilled designers develop logotypes whose beauty and intricacy surprises. Every detail carries meaning, everything is extremely concise, designed individually for you, in other words - exactly what you wanted from the best Logo Design Agency.

The main advantages of our professional Logo Design services:

  • Full transfer of copyright to the client.
  • Fast order fulfillment - up to three days.
  • Affordable and reasonable price.
  • Refund if the result does not satisfy you.

How is Our Logo Design Process going?

The logotype is the first thing the client sees. The first impression is the most important: a person instantly makes an impression about what services will be provided to him, their quality, and the company, and even about how he is treated and served. Our company will help you create the right Logo Design solution.

Each work begins with the fact that our specialists study your company inside and out in order to correctly illustrate the very essence, then logo placement, logo size and no less essential - logo style.

Market analysis and your wishes contribute to the fact that our Logo designers will create a successful brand for the business to enter the online space and not only.

Which industries will benefit from logo design services?

Our Logo Design team uses innovative solutions for businesses from various fields. This helps to attract potential customers who will stay with you for many years. Our clients are a variety of organizations: tour operators, hotel and restaurant owners, tenants and realtors, online schools, healthcare representatives

Restaurant and Catering Facilities

Experienced chefs, delicious food, high-quality service - all this attracts customers who come to you and will definitely want again. But why should the client initially come to you? There are plenty of places on the streets where they feed you deliciously and a person will have a good time. A bright logotype is one of the best solutions.

Alfee, as one of the best Logo Design companies for startups, develop a creative solution for a restaurant trade mark that will not only draw everyone's attention to itself, but also intrigue.

Construction Business

Brand and individual trade mark design are a good success factor in the construction business. The competition is high and it is necessary to stand out. The gallery of our works introduce you to the use of tools such as colors, fonts and icons and their importance for visualization.

Experts of our company use the latest trends in their work and offer a non-standard design for your construction business.

Healthcare and Medical Services

There are countless hospitals and clinics on the market now, and in each of them there are dozens of specialists: dentists, surgeons, psychologists, neurologists and many others. Being competitive is a matter of earning money and success. Even if you have high qualifications and many years of experience, you may simply not be recognized.

You must be unique, and the name or company name must be a brand. And it all starts with an individual trade mark design.

eCommerce and Online Sales

You can be a clothing brand or sell electronic goods, but corporate identity and trade mark means more to you than to any offline business. You cannot impress the customer with the selection and consultation on the product, as soon as he crosses the threshold of the store, he will not see the beautifully placed goods on the shelves. But the website and the trade mark will make his first impression.

Laundry and additional Ironing and Drying Services

Laundry industry is gaining popularity in large regions. And in order to provide such services and stand out among competitors, you need a good trade mark. Our specialists understand the specifics of this industry and can best implement your wishes in the trade mark, and in comparison with other providers of such services, it is also affordable.

Real Estate and Commercial Premises

The real estate sector is extremely ambiguous, sometimes unpredictable, and even more so extremely competitive. And a good developer of an individual trade mark design is able to help attract customers to your business. In-depth knowledge of real estate helps to develop a unique design and make your wishes come true.

Alfee Result-oriented Logo Design Services


Logotype development is a laborious process. But we must remember that the types of trade marks and how and where they are implemented are different. We provide a number of services and provide exactly what you need. Here you can choose among the options presented.

Custom Logo Design Development

Our expert Logo designers develop a product that puts the whole essence of your brand into the trade mark in the best way, and most importantly works in such a way as to meet your business requirements and expectations.

Development of Iconic Logo

Sometimes a business needs something that symbolizes the brand and creates a positive impression on the target audience. To do this, you need a high-quality development of iconic logos, which we are happy to provide.

Logo Typography

The most advanced technologies and tools are used by us to create high-quality typographic logotypes, which helps to attract an active audience. Our creative typography Logo Design services helps to increase the profit stream of the business cooperating with us.

Illustrative Logo

Illustrative logotypes distinguish the company from competitors, and latest tools and technologies help to make them colorful, refined and memorable.

Monogram Logo Development

A unique corporate identity is impossible without the latest technology in creating trade marks with monograms. It is they who captivate customers and become unforgettable.

Creating a Wordmark logo

An important difference of our products and services are the inscriptions. Memorable phrases, texts are etched into people's memory. The more sophisticated and concise they are, the more firmly they will be established in your memory and make you come back to you both out of curiosity and out of habit. Our creative Logo designers attract the attention of the audience and convey the message of your brand.

Logo Design Cost and the justification for this


Alfee is an excellent team of web developers. Everyone understands the importance of providing quality services. With each client, our experience only grows, and developers are immersed in businesses and the market. The trade mark is only part of the high-performance website development, but it is the first step.

Our products are of high quality, bring profit and audience to our customers. In case of disappointment with the result, we will finalize the logotype, but if you wish, we will refund the money. Speaking of Logo Design cost, any applicant company compares prices by market. No matter how important quality is, price is paramount. You are glad to know that the best Logo Design company is also the most budget-friendly. We don't want to make money on you, we want to give you such a result that you will be pleased to come back to us again.

Web designers, developers, digital marketer of Alfee work primarily on quality. Logos created by us become recognizable. It is immodest to say that among our clients are companies that you didn't know about yourself not so long ago, but you probably noticed when you saw the logotype. Do you want to be one of them? Web development services, white label Logo Design services and digital marketing services will prove their effectiveness to you, you just have to try. 

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