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Logistics and Transportation Website Development

Creation and development of webites for logistics and transportation business is becoming more and more in demand. The development industry is full of new players offering their services. What team to choose for delivering the best logistics website?


Alfee is a professional company specializing in creating a modern logistics website for transport companies engaged in cargo transportation, bus rental and other transport services, ensuring comprehensive business growth. We work on any platform, applying innovative and latest technologies for better results.

What is logistics and transportation business?

When we speak about logistics business, we mean complex of arrangements aimed at organizing goods delivery to a pre-arranged location withing an agreed time period, choosing the best routes and minimizing financial costs.

Cargo transportation is a responsible task. That's why when a person selects a logistics company to cooperate with, he or she studies carefully websites of several logistics companies. Users find out more about the services they render, compare cases and reviews.

Thus, it's not surprising that logistics company's success largely is predetermined by a well-developped selling website where users can get acquainted with company's services, place an order, and become your regular customers.

Alfee company is eager to construct a website for your logistics company, advancing business on the Internet, bringing new customers, and increasing profits. We will help you leave behind competitors, empower your brand, and enlarge your company's strong online presence.

What to start with when launching logistics business website?


If you have made up your mind to have a logistics company website developed, we recommend you to focus on the steps below:

  1. 01
    analyze the niche - industry features, target audience, competitors;
  2. 02
    think over the concept of your corporate website;
  3. 03
    create a brief and draw up a technical task for the developers;
  4. 04
    decide on the most important points to be included in the website design;
  5. 05
    search for the development team ready to implement your ideas.

Alfee dedicated team develops new age websites for logistics companies, passenger transportation, car rental, delivery, etc. We create bright visual web and mobile solutions with a thoughtful arsenal of services.

Why do logistics and transportation companies need website development?

Logistics company success largely depends on a well-thought logistics website design. Smart architecture, checkout systems, search engine optimization and the right presentation of information make the site a successful marketing tool that increases brand awareness and conversions.

Competent visualization and correct positioning of the virtual model of a commercial structure on the Internet is projected onto a real business. It stimulates business development and positive dynamics.

Thanks to precise design and clever promotion, logistics company websites developed by Alfee team rank high in searching and are correctly displayed on any device. They help to attract more loyal customers and increase sales.

Types of logistics website


The type of a logistics website for a company is chosen depending on business size, its features, budget, etc. We have listed the main website types below. Study them to find out which option suits you best.

Corporate website

This is an image informational and advertising project created to expand the target audience and indirect sales. It is preferable for a large enterprise that proposes a range of logistics services directly and has several affiliates. Such a project is characterized by complex functionality, it contains more a separate landing page for particular services.

Business card website

This is a bright 1-3 page website that contains the most important and necessary information about the company. It is aplicable for start-up or small businesses with small budget. Such a page is a good idea for a brief presentation of the organization: services, advantages, staff, communication channels, etc.

Landing web page

This is a thematic and targeted selling one-page website constructed to generate leads directly. Its main task is to sell a particular service or product. As an separate website, this variant is advisable for small enterprises with a narrow specialization. A landing page can also be an element of a company's website for offering a particular service.

Peculiarities of logistics company websites


Logistics and transportation of cargo over far distances causes a lot of stress for customers. They are anxious about the safety of cargo, timely delivery, coppersspondance to security rules, etc. In order for users to pick up your logistics and transport company, the website must look expert, be handy, and encourage confidence. How to reach this:

  • tell more about your company, its history, experience, business operations, etc.;
  • demonstrate licenses for continuous transportation, registration certificate, contract templates and other important documents;
  • share customer testimonials confirming organization's professionalism;
  • add an online calculator and ensure secure online payments;
  • apply cargo tracking system and real time order tracking;
  • propose multiple payment options with a secure payment gateway;
  • having a live support chat is always a plus.

At Alfee we are well aware of all the pitfalls of creating logistics and transportation websites, and our experts are eager to put into practice all their skills and knowledge to make you number one in the logistics industry.

Logistics website design

Logistics website design should reflect the company's corporate style: the visual design of affiliates, social networks, and printed materials. That's why, we strongly recommend you to avoid using templates and ready-made landing pages. Otherwise, the page will contradict the integral image of the company, it will impede with the construction of a strong brand. This will have a negative impact on customer confidence.

An outdated website design will scare away visitors. Therefore, Alfee designers take care of relevance, attractiveness of each page design. A logical structure with intuitive and understandable navigation will lead to the fact that the visitor will browse the content and take the targeted action. If necessary, we are eager to deliver logistics apps of any complexity.

Logistic website structure and functionality


A logical layout and carefully pre-planned functionality are a must for the logistics and transportation site to be selling, handy, and engaging. We divide services by geography, type of cargo, modes of transport. So the user can immediately find the answer to his/her question. Let's speak a bit more bout the mandatory sections of the logistics website.

Company information

Add brief information about logistics company. Tell your potential customers how long you have been in the market, who your team members are, what your business is striving for, how it can help. Place photos of people in charge, certificates, licenses, awards. This will instill more user confidence.


Cargo transportation is strictly regulated by law. Place contract forms, samples of shipping documents, regulations on transportation rules, cargo requirements, information on fines for non-compliance with transportation rules. This will inform potential clients, show your level of expertise.


Create a page with a list of services, describe each of them in detail: what it includs, terms of provision, terms of payment, scheme for organizing transportation. Add a questionnaire for placing an order, a link to a cost calculator.


Successfully presented benefits increase the conversion rate of the site. It is important to study the market and emphasize the benefits of cooperation with you, and not with competitors. For example, your own fleet of vehicles, a license for a customs carrier, development of individual routes.

Customer testimonials & reviews

Don't forget about case studies of completed projects. Describe the client's problem and your proposed solution. Add photos, videos if necessary. Post real testimonials, including services rendered, full name, place of work, posting date.

Contact information

Company website should have as many ways to contact the team as possible so that users can quickly choose the right one. In addition to the email address and phone number, provide links to instant messengers. Considering that cargo transportation is carried out all over the world, the client is not always located in the same city as the transport company.

Why logistics companies entrust Alfee with logistics services website development?


Alfee team has already gained the reputation of a trustworthy and credible development company. We deliver best solutions for logistics and transportation companies.

Why should you work with Alfee:

  • vast experience;
  • profound knowledge;
  • versatile skill set;
  • revolutionary approach;
  • caring support team;
  • customer-oriented concept;
  • advanced technologies.

These are only some of core points we provide. Our experts are ready to create your company website with a large margin of safety and good opportunities for further optimization and promotion.

Questions for Logistics and Transportation Website Development

How do I build a transport website?

Building a logistics company website is an important step in creating a business. Therefore, we recommend you cooperate with a reliable development company. Alfee team is ready to construct an efficient company website, taking into account all peculiarities of logistics web development.

What are the 4 types of transportation in logistics?

Logistics industry is based on the following four types of transportation: air, sea, road, and rail. Each of them has its own pluses and minuses, which should ba taken into account when developing a logistics website for business.

What is transportation and logistics?

By transportation and logistics we mean movement of goods and management of their transport from the manufacturer to the end users. Efficient logistics and transportation services help to increase operational efficiency and achieve significant business growth.

What are some examples of transportation and logistics?

When speaking about logistics network, we can name a few examples, such as intake from suppliers, warehousing, order delivery, etc. Logistics smoothens management and when applying innovative technologies helps attract more customers. If you need to build a reliable and trustworthy logistics company website, address to Alfee expert team.

Logistics & Transportation Web Development Company

Finding a crdible logistics and transportation web development company can be a tricky task. The industry is full of new players offering their services. If you want to achieve a crucial breakthrough and increase sales, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee team. Our specialists will develop distinct engagement models taking into account all peculiarities of your business.

Logistic & Transportation Software Solutions

If you own a logistics company or a transportation business, we strictly recommend you to build a logistic website. As a result, you will get an efficient and easy-to-use business tool that can be developed, advertised or promoted in search engines.

Logistic & Transportation App Development Solutions To Improve Productivity

If you are looking for ways to improve productivity and increase sales, logistics apps and sites are just what you need. Alfee team is eager to provide you with a wide spectrum of services aimed at icreasing your business growth and ensuring better productivity.

What are the services of a logistics and transportation company?

Logistics and transportation services include a wide range of points, such as transportation of goods, receiving/unloading, storage, managing. Quite often this notion inludes warehousing, cataloging, handling. If you want your potential clients to be aware of all your logistics services, you'd better order website development from Alfee.

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