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What is SaaS (Software as a Service)?

SaaS - Software as a Service, a type of software distribution with online access. Such models include cloud services provided on the principle of transmission over the Internet. Today advanced PC users are using Cloud and SaaS services as a convenient, high-quality, optimized tool.

These services include popular online entertainment services like Spotify. In addition, Cloud-based solutions in particular cases are used as indispensable tool that can significantly improve performance for the development / establishment of a working business system.

How does software as a service work? Key principles:

When using high-tech & multi-functional applications, users often face installation, regular updates problems. Using cloud services simplifies the process of working with the necessary tools and eliminates the need for updates and installations (especially useful for entire office software providing).

Alfee – leading SaaS application development provides professional services worldwide. We have more than 1000 successfully completed design orders behind us. Clients who contact us always get the result that they require and expect. We guarantee a high-quality result based on the terms of reference, activity field. Development individual approach allows implementing unique effective solutions even for similar cases.

On SaaS basis, Independent Software Vendor (ISV) provides customers with online access to a single version of an application, generated specifically for distribution. The source code of the program is identical for each client. This allows you to receive updates & maintenance. All customer data is recorded in the cloud/local storage.

Qualified well-organized team has impressive implemented solutions number. Alfee`s team provides professional SaaS development services. Work of professionals allows getting expected result in short time period. Alfee is happy providing clients with unique creative development solutions. You can order our development services in less than 1 minute. Contact us via convenient way / leave request by filling out website form right now.

SaaS key principles

SaaS/Cloud applications have multi-user operation mode; due to this, it is sufficient to place one version of the software on the server and then grant access to the client. Thus, the client gets access to services immediately after subscribing to the product.

SaaS customer & provider benefits

Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminates the need to install software on a hard drive, which contributes to several benefits for the customer & provider. Firstly, the client does not have concerns about the spread of any infections on his personal computer. The provider, in turn, receives software protection from hacking & illegal use.

SaaS custom building

Hybrid cloud services are adaptive to any kind of changes and fully customizable. This contributes to a convenient expansion of functionality, collaborations with other companies. Benefits like these are especially beneficial for businesses that provide shared services.

Why Alfee is leading in SaaS Services providing?

SaaS solutions – great option to expand and improve various type business / enterprise. High-quality project implementation requires special skills of project developers, including professionalism, work experience, ingroup work ability. We use innovative working technologies and latest development tools at order fulfilling process. That practice gives guarantees of producing unique effective result-oriented web solution.

We take full responsibility for the final product of developing a fully functional and optimized software development platforms producing. We also provide end-to-end testing, created projects maintenance with subsequent updates, new modules introduction or extended functionality addition. Our team includes top Ionic developers and we are ready to organize any complexity projects. You can hire a team of Ionic developers right now! Just contact us.

Work Process Steps

We offer full-cycle app development services for any purpose. Relevant frameworks allows reducing time of providing structure plan & project design & development services. Optimized development speeds up all processes, allows getting quite economical cost.

Work process contains of following stages:

  • Sphere Discover. Trained specialists conduct detailed business area analysis. Determine competitors, effective promotion & development methods. We generate exclusive SaaS application ideas; draw up a neat implementation plan for each project individually.
  • Project Design. High-quality styling of application elements & arranging them into one coherent, concise layout. This procedure will be carried out according to customer's technical requirements, each UI visual designer is prepared and trained to effectively implement the complex design.
  • Application Build. We create reliable and customizable business software development platforms solutions. The use of the latest technology allows the development of adaptive complex applications. A special approach focused on the effective obtaining of results makes the development process more optimized & productive.
  • Product release. After the implementation of the project and its release into production, the company also provides services for promotion, expansion of functionality, and maintenance. It is important for us that every client is satisfied with the work with us.

Private Cloud Key Benefits

Private cloud allows you to absolutely safely create a field for working and storing the necessary digital information. This type clouds provide following benefits:

  1. Enhanced privacy
  2. Acceptable price
  3. Increased security.

Guaranteed performance and increased privacy for SaaS application. Professional development team by hiring is ready to update your system without data loss in short time period. If you are interested in one or more of the listed services - you can contact us in a convenient way. SaaS products Developers are experienced and highly qualified. The company gives guarantees for obtaining a quality product with full compliance with technical requirements

Provided SaaS App Development Services

A well-coordinated development team will fulfill your order. Each team member has professional experience of working in an organized team. Our company will quickly implement your business IT infrastructure. Just contact us through the form on the site / using a convenient messenger.

SaaS App Design & Development – modern application development approach with simultaneous support for PC & Smartphones. Multifunctionality, user-friendly interface and end application that is pleasant to use are far from all the dominant aspects of native development. Cloud apps greatly simplify app development, which greatly speeds up the development process and reduces the cost.

Multidimensional Architecture

Multidimensional model, comfortable extensive management methods, adaptation to each company individually. These advantages will reduce the time to track the necessary processes.

Third-Party Integration

Each client gets opportunity to connect the finished application to any third-party solution through cloud data transfer, or using special data transfer gateways.

SaaS Development Experts Consulting

Trained specialists are always ready to answer any question. You will receive advice from a qualified professional in the field of SaaS development.

Migration Adaptability

The released product will always be adaptable to migration to any platform without losing the original data, with the preservation of all databases.

Support and Maintenance

We provide further service especially for our customers. Release of updates, expansion of functionality, making adjustments in a short time.

The Benefits of Public Cloud

The main advantage of the public cloud is flexible, extensive choice. You will be able to conveniently choose the necessary supplier for the implementation of the project according to your requirements, operating system support, hardware and server capacity, etc.

It is easy to manage your application, analyze statistics, control users & employees. The public cloud is adaptive to management through special API connections. This makes it possible to automate most processes, which can significantly reduce costs:

  • Wide choice of preferred cloud.
  • Customizability, ease of tracking statistics.
  • Adaptability for any purpose.

A professional SaaS development team is ready to lead the development process of your project to the final product. As a result, you get a high-quality efficient web application. Qualified full-stack developers have up-to-date skills in using modern frameworks and libraries. A well-coordinated team, staffed by professional employees, is responsible for the future result. Each dedicated Full Stack developer of the company is a professional expert.

Comfortable Use: Cloud Application Development and Management

Well-coordinated development team will fulfill your order. Each team member has professional experience of working in an organized team. Our company will quickly implement business Cloud application development. You can contact us for professional personal advice from a qualified staff member – fill out a form on the website / use a convenient messenger.

Streamlined development delivers following benefits:

Optimized Development

Using an effective approach to SaaS development allows you to productively direct all the forces of the team to speed up the work process. Each trained high-level specialist will make every effort to achieve a high-quality result within the specified time frame.

Adaptability to migration

The company has extensive experience in developing professional software with a client-oriented approach. This allows the team to develop relocation-friendly SaaS solutions without sacrificing productivity or other metrics.

Easy Feature Expansion and Updates

Cloud functions can be easily updated, supplemented and improved. We create favorable conditions for the further maintenance of a quality application, which greatly facilitates the task of releasing updates or making adjustments to current services.

Using Modern Libraries and Frameworks

The use of modern IT tools, libraries allows you to achieve maximum optimization of the application, significantly increase productivity. Speeding up development is also an important benefit of using additional libraries. The accelerated development process reduces the cost of our services.

Alfee company provides an opportunity to hire IT professionals. We guarantee the effective implementation of the solution in accordance with the technical requirements of the customer. Leading company will implement your IT environment. You can contact us for professional personal advice from a qualified staff member.

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