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Alfee is a professional Ionic app development company. Using the Ionic framework, we can get a mobile app designed for your business that works on the latest Android. We specialize in the development of cross-platform modern, multifunctional high complexity mobile applications with. Our experienced professional Ionic programmers team includes hundreds custom-made projects in portfolios.

ionic development company

During our activity, we have satisfied every need for more than 1000 customers who needed an individual approach to Ionic app development services. We are ready implementing and developing any complexity solutions. Our development specificity includes innovative technologies that we integrate during development. Ionic applications are higher functionality and performance, ionic framework functionality allows producing Ionic mobile app development projects most effective for business in various fields.

We take full responsibility for the final product of developing a fully functional and optimized application. We also provide end-to-end testing, created projects maintenance with subsequent updates, new modules introduction or extended functionality addition. Our team includes top Ionic developers and we are ready to organize any complexity projects. You can hire a team of Ionic developers right now! Just contact us.

Ionic App Development Services Provided by Our Company

Do you need an order for an application development with special functionality and user-friendly interface? Ionic app development allows you to make all processes significantly more efficient and optimized.

Cross-platform applications Development

Application development with simultaneous support for IOS & Android is quite popular solution today. Cross-platform is a way to increase user number and significantly speed up updates developing processes together with introducing functional enhancements.

Full-cycle development using Ionic framework

Alfee Company offers full-cycle application development services for any purpose. Ionic app development offers app developers to produce efficient optimized work. Ionic Framework is an open source mobile app development framework (SDK), used for developing hybrid mobile apps with JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 and Angular. This will significantly speed up the development process getting quite economical cost.

ionic app development

We guide all projects through each of the following stages:

  1. Structuring a unique project design concept
  2. Every detail conceptualization
  3. Drawing up a development plan, responsibilities distribution for developers team
  4. Final produced app End-to-end testing
  5. Further maintenance of your application, updates release, functionality expansion.

Transferring an application into Ionic

If you have a need to migrate your existing application to an Ionic development environment - our team is also ready to help you. We provide application migration into the current framework in a short time.

Alfee today is one of the best leading Ionic app development company around the world. Our development team is ready to take on projects of any complexity. In order to use provided services - contact us in any convenient way posted on our website.

Why you should really choose Ionic App Development

Developing applications using this framework gives development team an opportunity to work economically and highly efficiently. Building Ionic apps with high performance makes your project more user-friendly in its own way.

Using the additional JavaScript framework - AngularJS in Ionic gives you features such as extending basic HTML syntax, also integrating modules with components for your application. This allows developing of unique, reliable optimized mobile application with high performance.

Thanks to Ionic framework, our Ionic application development company offers the creation of an ideal, memorable comfortable user interface. Ionic makes it possible using advanced features in terms of user interface and offers a huge number of possibilities for implementing an interactive user interface. This practice is popular and modern today, as most users are attracted to pleasant user-friendly applications.

Some of the best features of Ionic application Development are:

  1. One codebase for both android and ios platform
  2. Comes with highly customizable themes and components
  3. Development cost is less compared to native application development
  4. Supports latest mobile devices
  5. Great community support.

Main strengths & benefits of hiring Ionic App Developers

Multifunctional mobile applications development using the Ionic framework has many advantages, both for developers or clients. Efficient resource management, cross-platform optimized applications development is main factor that make Ionic better choice.

  • Efficient development of solutions and requirements – This approach is one of the most effective approaches for project management. Frequent application of this method is usually in software and application development processes. When working this way, requirements and solutions evolve as the work progresses.
  • Economic analysis – Our specialists’ team performs a detailed analysis of all business requirements in order to create the most effective plan for applicable solution development, making it cost-effective. We provide technological services with a specialists’ team of in the required field in accordance with the customer requirements. We consider it extremely important to find better solution at better price. You can hire Ionic developers from our company right now. Leave a request on our website or contact us in any convenient way.
  • Transparent work progress – We openly share the work process with customers in details. It is important for us that customers trust us so we have nothing to hide from them. Running code are always located in a GIT directory that is accessible by client. We also share information about the distribution of all funds with applied clients.

It is here, in our company, you can order outsourcing Ionic app Development services or discuss other services. Contact us right now! 

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