What is Infrastructure as Code?

Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) named as programmable infrastructure is popular in automated IT infrastructure development aimed at high-level digital configuration. Such a development approach helps to avoid manual data management settings, automatic systems simplify the process, making development more optimized & efficient.


Alfee provides complex Infrastructure as Code services worldwide. We have been engaged in web apps development for over 10 years. During this time, Alfee`s team has satisfied more than 1000 customers' needs. Company includes a professionally organized expert developers team, which oversees Infrastructure as Code methodology development process from inception to final product. You can hire certified Full Stack developers right now. Just contact us via convenient messenger, or leave a request on the website form.

IaC is a key DevOps practice that allows you to make complex processes in the development and deployment of new software applications more streamlined. Well-selected professionals with high web development skills are ready to implement your project. Each developer has huge experience in working with any complexity projects. We guarantee a unique implementation of an effective Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution in a short time.

Expert team guarantees high-class result and achievement of all set requirements. Each team member has professional experience of working in organized team. Our company will provide Infrastructure as Code services for your business quickly and efficiently. Just contact us through website form / using convenient messenger.

Main Benefits. Why is IaC important?

Digital customization & data automation is a hugely popular trend in today's competitive business world. Properly configuring IT infrastructure allows you to create a convenient platform for tracking statistics, monitoring and processing incoming requests. This practice includes following features:

Difficulty managing IT infrastructure. Impact on Final Cost

Complex functionality implementation is usually a laborious & long process in practice. IT infrastructure management is particularly complex and sensitive to development processes. The complex development process is divided into following steps:

  • Structuring.
  • Configuration & Automation.
  • Functionality Expansion Adaptability.
  • Optimization & Future Maintenance.

Qualified specialists are ready to implement any complexity project with detailed progress reporting. Professionals have extensive experience in developing multi-level Infrastructure-as-Code solutions for various businesses. Effective work approach significantly reduces required work completing time, increases working team productivity.

Popular DevOps Challenges & Threats

Monitoring problem – potential threat in standard settings. Mismatches & software conflicts lead to misconfiguration problems when using the wrong parameter, which can lead to potentially serious consequences. Alfee`s team includes exceptionally experienced specialists who have encountered all popular mistakes and will not allow them during infrastructure configuration.

Custom development makes it possible to achieve high solution adaptability for future changes and innovations. Cloud easy to maintain, which allows easy functionality expansion, modern technologies introduction with fast, organized manner. Company`s focus on high-quality cloud solutions development focused on results. If you are interested in high DevOps experiences team services – contact us. You can do it using a convenient messenger / filling out a website form.

What are the Benefits of Infrastructure as Code for Your Business?


Infrastructure-as-Code – automated IT infrastructure development aimed at high-level digital configuration. Such a development approach helps to avoid manual data management settings, automatic systems simplify the process, making development more optimized & efficient. IaC provides following benefits:

Increased Development Speed

Modern configuration data management tools allow developers to implement projects more productively & efficiently. This approach speeds up development processes.

Better Reliable Consistency

An extremely important practice in the storage of digital information is its protection. IaC solves the problem of data vulnerability by making it securely encrypted with the right configuration.

Improved Tracking and Accountability System

Key advantage of automatic business functionality is providing administrators with comfortable management conditions. Deployment of infrastructure architectures helps to create convenient custom solutions for monitoring & controlling each process.

Optimal Efficiency Features

IaC allows easy performance and efficiency improving of software development lifecycle. Technology makes it possible to simplify implementing integrations of various levels, migration, and expanding functionality processes without performance loss.

Reduced Costs Guarantee

One of the most important IaC advantages – reduced costs & increased returns. By automating infrastructure configuration and deployment, organizations remove expenses associated with hardware, training and management.

If you need reliable, responsible employees to complete infrastructure works for your business – our team qualified specialists` team is what you need. We guarantee reliable cooperation with a transparent course of work, the fulfillment of all technical requirements. An integrated approach allows developing unique plan concepts that will be effective and economical.

How does IaC relate to DevOps technologies?

IaC uses similar versioning source code as DevOps uses. DevOps applies policies to every IaC change, which makes automated tracking and approvals of changes possible. IaC & DevOps toolchain make more admitting of coordinating effectively using consistent tools & practices, delivering applications and infrastructure quickly, with scaling ability meeting DevOps tasks demanding.

How does IaC fit into CI/CD processes?

In CI/CD process, infrastructure-as-code control is shifted from IT operations to developers. This allows DevOps teams treating every infrastructure change in any code place, apply DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) tools and products provide inadvertent through entire stream value.

Some More Benefits and IaC best practices

Using a modern efficient IaC strategy allows you to get a high-level optimized solution as a result. IaC & CI/CD approach allows:

Fully avoid documentation for specifications

One of popular data keeping mistakes is usually – data losing. Infrastructure specification documentation is inaccurate and easy to lose. Get rid of external documentation and instead write specifications in configuration files, where they can be easy accessed.

Identify code as single source of truth

Coding IaC configuration files is preferable via external documentation. When all specifications were programmed, configuration files can be called as truth source for al managementl features.

Test thoroughly details

Employing IaC testing tools makes it possible to ensure that configurations are correct and there`re no any inconsistencies before release into production.

Version control everything

IaC fits in well with CI/CD development approach, it can scale up really fast. In case that as new changes are deployed, older versions remain available through version control.

Alfee provides complex effective IaC solutions implementing – professional experts are ready to discuss project requirements and create unique result-oriented organized. High skill level of each team member guarantees getting expected results. You can hire professional DevOps teams optimized software testing solutions by contacting us using convenient messenger, or filling out website contact form.

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