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The number of businesses which seek to hire Yii developers is constantly growing. But why is actually Yii framework becoming so popular and what makes it such a demanded service?


In our article you can learn everything about Yii software development process and discover useful advice on how to hire Yii developer easily and with no troubles at Alfee company.

What is Yii development?

Let's start denoting the notion of Yii itself. The letters Yii stand for Yes it is - a popular framework for PHP-development, based on MVC paradigm.

Yii framework can boast a very high working speed and an increased performace rate. At the same time, it is rather easy to master and to apply. Thanks to its simplicity, Yii framework contributes to fast project development. It's perfect for technically complicated projects development, such as business applications, web services and websites with complex business logics, etc. So it's not a surprise that businesses today strive to hire Yii developers with vast experience in the field.

Alfee company is eager to provide you with an experienced Yii developer, fluent in all advanced Yii technologies. Just turn to our excellent team and we will do our utmost to render top-notch web development service.

What do dedicated Yii programmers do?

The market of Yii developers is constantly replenished with new specialists seeking a proper job. Let's make out what actually Yii programmers do:

  • work in PHP frameworks, MySQL, JavaScript, JQery;
  • create Yii websites;
  • convert PSD into pixel responsive Yii and custom Yii;
  • resolve compatibility points;
  • write clear well-structured code;
  • integrate data with Wordpress, Sage, QuickBooks and APIs in stock management systems;
  • work with LAMP development environment.

Particular traits of Yii development services

As it has already been mentioned above, Yii framework implemets the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm. Let's take a look at the distinctive features of the framework and development process based on it.

MVC architecture

Frameworks are oriented at a particular application architecture, i.e. module building model and interaction between them. Yii is based on MVC architecture, which is poplar in web development process. MVC stands for three main elements of the architecture:

  1. M - MODEL. This is data which the program works with. When working with a website, its database and page information are reagrded as a model.
  2. V - VIEW. This is external data display. Website development view implies graphical user interface.
  3. C - CONTROLLER. This is the managing part. It receives requests and changes the model and view according to them. It is in charge of communication between the user and the application.

Object-oriented approach

Object-oriented programming implies displaying data structures in the form of objects. This makes it possible to write a large code quickly. Yii is designed for working in the object-oriented programming paradigm.

Basic and Apvanced templates

Yii has two templates for a project start. They help developers seperate tasks one from another:

  • Basic template - a template for creating small-scale projects;
  • Advanced template - a template for building websites with an increased complexity.

What fields do dedicated Yii developers work in

Yii web application development is popular among today's customers. It is suitable for creation of web resources of any format.

The platform is optimal in cases where it is required to give the finished product a non-standard set of tools and ensure high-speed work under high loads and, as a result, get a clean program code.

You can hire Yii developer for any project you need - complex ERP or CRM platforms, eCommerce, networks, complex web applications, etc. At Alfee we offer excellent Yii CMS development services which will significantly increase your platform performance.

Advantages of working with professional Yii development company


At Alfee company you can find a full stack developer specializing in Yii. This will help you leverage great results and significantly shorten the development time of the project.

We carefully select project management tools to ensure proper security of the final software, using rigid filters and clear algorythms of validation. Our experts have a well established algorythm for information exchange with databases.

Alfee can boast of automation testing of the final resource for bugs and their successful elimination. We have the necessary experience and skills to deliver productive development and upgrading existing web applications.

Steps to hire dedicated Yii developers

It may seem hard to find a skillful Yii developer but the hiring process can be significantly simplified when following a few logical steps.

Evaluate the scope of work

It is essential to realistically evaluate the scope of work, as well as the job requirements and your expectations. Make out whether you need a dedicated team on a time-limited project or for a long-term cooperation.

Identify technical expertise

State clearly your technical requirements from the developers taking into account your project needs. Specify the working frameworks, programmig languages, level of proficiency, etc. We recommend paying special attention to flexible hiring models.

Don't forget about soft skills

It's important that the candidate can integrate with the entire team. Consider leadership, communication and teamwork skills. Talented developers should combine hard technical skills with soft ones. However, be flexible with your expectations.

At Alfee development company you can hire an expert programmer corresponding to your project requirement. Just get in touch with our team and we will help you choose the right developer at an affordable cost.

Mistakes to avoid when hiring Yii developers

When you seek an expert team in Yii framework development to provide cost effective services to your business, it's essential to avoid typical mistakes:

  • don't hire with speed;
  • provide an onboardig process;
  • remember about a trial period;
  • consider international candidates.

We also recommend to refine your interviewing techniques by adding behavioral and competency based questions.

Where to find reliable Yii development services

If you want your development project to be No. 1 at the market, hire Yii programmers from Alfee team. We deliver high quality app development services and technical support throughout the whole development process. No matter how strick your project requirement is, our experts will make it to the top.

If you don't want to work with freelancers, cooperation with our Yii developers who have extensive experience is the best option. Client satisfaction and complete control over the development process is our priority. Develop your dream Yii application with us.

Difference between Yii app development and Yii web development

Alfee team works both on app development and web development. The main difference between this two notions is that web developers concentrate on building websites ad app developers create applications which run on mobile devices.

Generally speaking, web development is easier than Android development, but in most cases it depends on the project peculiarities and development needs.

Traits and skills a dedicated Yii developer should have

Choosing Yii developersfor your project is a complicated task. We decided to simplify the hiring process for you and have listed the skill set of a real expert:

  • Profound understanding of backend and frontend code;
  • Expertise in other platforms, especially Wordpress;
  • Expert knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, and Bootstrap;
  • Ability to code the designes supplied by the team;
  • Experience in pertinent extensions;
  • Ability to convert PSD to Yii;
  • Experience in custom coding;
  • Soft skills, i.e. communication skills, attentiveness to details, multitask approach, organizational skills, positive attitude, a good team player.

Why hire dedicated developers from Alfee

Alfee is a trustworthy Yii development company with a team of experienced Yii developers, who have built many successful solutions using dynamic capabilities of Yii MVC framework. To increase the productivity of your business and reduce the overall development cost, hire dedicated Yii developers who are well-trained in custom business applications.

Our company is specializing in building robust and trustworthy web apps ensuring maximum profitability. We are aware of all the new trends in app development, and our developers are eager to implement them for the success of your project.

 Expert Yii developers for your project

When your project, be it a start-up or large-scale business, needs a Yii developer, but you can't find a suitable candidate on the open market, turn to our database of expert developers. At Alfee you can easily hire Yii developers with mid or senior proficiency level working full-time or flexible hours.

Many companies prefer to grow specialists, but startups don't have that option due to time and budget constraints. Alfee can help solve this dilemma: we vouch for business and professional qualities of each specialist. Here you can find a trustworthy Yii developer with an in-depth knowledge and vast experience both in web development and mobile app development.

Questions for Hiring Yii Developers

What Is Yii Framework Used For?

Yii is an efficient open source PHP framework, applied to develop a large-scale web application repidly. It is secure, flexible and rather pragmatic, which makes it perfect for web application with increased traffic flow, such as eCommerce websites and social forums.

How to Hire Certified Yii Developer?

Want to hire dedicated Yii developers? Turn to Alfee professional Yii development company. Our app develoment team will eagerly deliver customized solutions for your business. We will analyze the current situation and your project requirements and provide you with a totally tailored solution.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Yii Developers

When you work with dedicated Yii programmers, you immediately feel the difference. There are lots of pluses of cooperation with certified specialists, such as Alfee developers. You can be sure of proper quality assuarance process, as well as timely and cost effective app development.

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