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It's no secret that each of us chooses things what are comfortable and simple-to-use. We always aim for save time and efforts. The same is the case for internet resource. Easy-to-use, comprehensible interface of websites or mobile apps will attract clients attention and make them return to this resource again and again, while the site with complicated, obtuse interface will be left and forgotten in seven minutes. 


If you run your own business you of course have some site or web application tasked with drawing of customers attention to your product. And you are interested in keeping the client, preventing him from escaping to your competitors. So you understand what role the comprehensive, user-friendly interface of your web resource plays for your business goals. 

And all of these will get you thinking about hiring a UX designer.

Who is User Experience Designer?

When we hear the termin "designer" we usually imagine anyone who draws beautiful pictures. But UX-designer's work is different.

UX and UI Designers: what is the difference?

Regardless of the fact that UX development is directly linked to the interface design creating the main task of UX specialist is not good effect or visual appeal of interface. There is another professional who solves such problems. It is a user interface designer (UI designer). UI designer renders a working prototype, draw buttons, icons, forms, and other components of it, and assemble them into a well-balanced, harmonious layout.

What about UX designer his task is not flavor but functionality of software. UX designer is a professional whose task is to make a product comfortable, comprehensive and logical for all users. UX designer studies users needs, creates logical interface operation schemes, tests prototypes on the target groups.

UI design is responsible for how the interface looks. But UX design is responsible for how the interface works. And one can't exist without another. Now we can hardly imagine that anyone could develop the user interface without regard for its figure. And vice versa, UI design can't be developed without UX design.

The UX designer main goal is to increase user satisfaction and loyalty due to the value, ease of use and pleasure that the user experiences in the process of interacting with a site, mobile application or other web recourse. The task of a UI designer is to visualize any UX designer idea, breathe life and emotions into them.

Nowadays we are hear about UX/UI design services increasingly frequently. This design kind sugests creatuing of any user interfaces in which operation comfort is as important as appearance.

A leading UX agency Alfee proposes UX/UI Design development


Many customers trust to carry out a UX design process to Alfee company that is one of top UX agencies. Alfee professionals team approaches each client individually and consider all customer preferences to elaborate the unique, very attractive, easy-to-use design.

If you need UX researcher or UX strategist, graphic design or copywriting for your web app you can find all of these in Alfee.

Wnat is the good User Experience Design

User experience design is a complicated concept. According to specialists of Alfee team, the good UX design includes following elements:

  1. User research. Before starting a project user experience design developers analyze user demand and apply user testing to check every designers creative idea for liveness. As a result we get some user-centred digital products that will be comfortable and useful for us.
  2. Visual design. Here we do deal with all visual elements of our design. Visual form of product must be adapted to user behavior. It must be attractive and user-friendly.
  3. Information architecture. It is the way to make information easy to find and understanding.
  4. Interaction design. It is the design of the interplay between users and the product. Its goal is to create software (site, mobile app, service) that will help users find the best of all possible ways to achieve their goals.
  5. Usability testing. It is important for UX developer to create easy-to-use, comprehensible, simple-to-operate interface.

Skilled UX Designers of Alfee propose UX services

The leading web design development company Alfee offers you services of both UX and UI designer. Alfee UX and UI designers invented their own house style. They will agree any your original brain and test its commercial and visual value. Alfee professionals develop an actually attractive ground-breaking UI/UX design and propose every customer following services.

Mobile UX Design development

Very attractive Alfee solutions will elevate any platform using onto new heights. Customers admire incredible UX design and magnificent visual appearance of new Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.

Website User Experience Development

Clients comfort is very important for Alfee team. So they create an intuitive software appearance. Interfaces of Alfee look perfect and moreover identify customer’s values, abilities and limitations, pressing for the best interaction level.

Compatible Web Apps outfitting

Creative specialists of Alfee team flash out unique ideas for every Web app. Website applications of Alfee are created separately. They are placed on special high-speed servers and appear on the user's screen as a graphic design with interactive elements.

Exclusive Visual Design and UI production

So, you know that in the first instance, Alfee is a user experience company. Alfee team elaborates tremendously attractive graphic solutions. But we go beyond, preparing a true perfection in aesthetic science, bringing to the light desperately outbreaking powerful interfaces, rebuilding customer’s imagination fully.

Knowledge and specific skills UX professionals need to have

UX designers need a range of skills to be successful. Usually we can define hard skills and soft skills of such specialist. Saying about hard skills UX designer must:

  • Know the basics of interfaces for web services and mobile apps developing: without such base all other knowledge and skills are useful.
  • Be good in working with fundamental web-programs and tools, such as: Figma, Sketch, Adobe xd, Tilda, Readymag, Webflow.
  • Know the digital marketing basics: you aren't able to create an effective and competitive website or app without audience targets research.
  • Be good in analytics: it is not enough just to study the audience and competitors target, you must also process and analyze this information correctly.
  • Know the visual language of design: not only functionality and usability of a product is important for UI/UX specialists, but also its aesthetics, design ergonomics, the color scheme of the site, that creates a mood and influences the customer's decision to purchase.

Prototype development, target audience analysis and other technical skills are actually important, but specialist in this sphere can't be successful without soft skills. UX/UI designer should:

  1. Be empathic: to solve a user's problem you must understand his (her) feelings.
  2. Aim for development and self-improvement. Web design sphere keeps changing, so it is important for a professional to keep track of trends and constantly expand their knowledge and skills.
  3. Be diligent and persistent. Designing a website or application is intended to a long term projects that requires a lot of effort.
  4. Be communicative. Working in the creative team you are connected with other people: developers, copywriters, project managers. It is important for a designer to set tasks correctly, discuss edits and suggestions, and also be a good listener.

Well-educated professionals of Alfee team are qualified for any detail of UX design creating to develop a successful project for your business.

Hiring UX Designers


So, it is clear that UX specialist is a major figure in business process. And business companies once have to think about hiring a UX designer. Pitifully now this is not a slam dunk case to hire real professionals. Plenty of those who consider themselves to be perfect web design developers offer their services in different online resources. But you can't know whether somebody or other of them is a right UX designer for your business tasks.

Hiring a freelance UX Designer

Usually you can hire a freelance UX designer through some freelancers platform. You can see UX portfolio of freelancer and read the real feedback there. Hiring freelance UX designer you are able to spare your funds because their services usually are of low cost. Moreover among freelance UX designers you can find some multi talented designer with his own skill set and creative ideas that will be very useful for your design project.

But it may well be that your freelancer is an irresponsible executive, delays meeting deadline or provides poor-quality materials.

Hire a UX Designer to work in-house

If you hire in-house UX designer you will get a designer who will work only with your product. So such designer will be down on to your branding, your style, your customers needs etc. Such product experience can be very useful for your project.

But in-house designer engagement can be not easy for you budget. And getting in-house employee is followed by a certain degree of responsibility.

So, you can refer to UX agency. Many of those whu had trusted designers of Alfee design agency to develop software or web app for their business say that it is the right fit.

Hire Designers of Alfee agency

When you can make a selection from so wide UX design agencies number, there is a strong need in quality distinguishing.

Hiring Alfee you can be sure that you find professional designers that are familiar with all the ins and outs of their work. Saying about quality and professionalism UI/UX specialists of Alfee team should not be left unmentioned. Their experience and creativity let them find unique solutions for any task.

Alfee team consist of the best UX designers. Their products are of high quality. Every their projects go through scrupulous quality check before it is delivered to customers. A dedicated project-manager will take care of your needs and all details related to your design. You will find in Alfee a variety of talented specialists who are able to execute all kinds of projects perfectly. They will offer you services of UX researchers, UX architects, interaction designer, UX or UI designer, graphic designer etc. 

It is true that compared to freelancers the cost of Alfee services is much higher. You will have to invest the better half of your fortune into your company success. But you can be sure that it is well worth the effort. If you are ready to pay for the quality and professionalism, choose Alfee. 

Questions for Hire UX Designers

Hire the best UX Designers

Hiring UX specialist you oten have to take risks. Use online designer communities where you can see portfolio and find some comments of those who know one or another designer.

Find the best site to hire UX Designers

Some customers prefer such online communities as Dribble and Behance. But majority advices well-educated designers of Alfee.

How do I hire a UX Designer?

There is much speculation that the best way for this is recommendation of your casual friends. If it is impossible you can post an advertisment on some online platform or UX job board.

How to hire Top UX Designers

You might want to refer to UX agency. Many customers recommend Alfee. You can find the right professionals in their team, all your propositions will be accepted and you will get the truly incredible competitive product.

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