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It may be extremely difficult for some companies to retain a dedicated TypeScript programmer. However, not for us. The Alfee team has a strict recruitment procedure to properly select our TypeScript developers.

At Alfee, we are convinced that the success of our business largely depends on how happy our employees are, no matter what we develop, invent or sell.

We fully trust our technical talents and their growth in our organization, at least because we cannot go forward and grow without our teams.

Hire the best TypeScript developers

Many companies, both large and small, faced difficulties in finding talented developers, in particular regarding the qualifications of candidates, team dynamics and financial results. Our advanced solutions to attract the best resources are the solution to these problems.

The demand for highly qualified talents is growing rapidly and, accordingly, leads to an acute shortage in the world market of modernity. This has already affected the quality of application development. The mission of Alfee group is simple. Find, hire and retain the most talented. Thus, our clients remain focused on the short- and long-term objectives of the projects and are ahead of the competition.

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Almost 80 per cent companies and startups choose Alfee developers to implement software development projects that are important to their mission.

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript is not an independent programming language, but a superset of JavaScript, that means something similar to javascript code and javascript libraries, which expands the possibilities of developing web applications and web apps by supporting static typing.

This is the same JavaScript in which it is easier to catch errors, refactor, and therefore to scale complex systems with it.

The technology was developed by Microsoft and made it publicly available. The popularity of TypeScript is constantly growing — in the first quarter of 2020, the technology took the 7th place in the GitHub rating in terms of the number of pull requests, overtaking PHP and C.

Key Advantages of TypeScript

In languages with static typing, such as TS, the compiler and IDE will immediately tell you what arguments the functional code takes, what values it gives, how it manipulates external data, and much more.

Helps to create the right workflow. Similar to the TDD approach, in which the developer first creates tests to test the system and only then implements the functionality, TS encouragestop typescript developersyou to think about the interface of your code before moving on to its internal implementation.

Helps to prevent bugs. If the code is compiled, there is a high percentage of probability that it works. One study showed that TS is able to catch up to 15% of all JS errors.

With TS, it's not scary to make changes to the code base — the development environment will help you find all the options for using the reorganized parts of the code, point to the changed classes, functions and objects, warn about a compilation error, in case of a type mismatch after refactoring.

TypeScript developer can fairly be called scalable JavaScript developer, as the slogan says.

Meet our leading typescript 2 developers

We know that building specialized development teams may not be simple and that the wrong fitting can impact them negatively. Upstack makes evaluating and screening the processes easier. The best Typescript 2 programmers have been through demanding types and assessment tasks. We have worked for many leading companies and their experience has proved invaluable.

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Full stack web developer

The full set of developer services includes:

  • Writing Website design code: HTML, CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 are among the popular programming languages used by full-stack web developers.
  • Management server. The database is hosted on the server by the full stack developer. As long as your site is hosted on a server, anyone can access your site online.

Full stack developer

A full stack developer knows the language for external and internal programming. They have extensive experience using CSS, HTML, JavaScript (such as Node js development, Views development, Reactjs development and AngularJS development).

Typescript developer talent

We have a simple five-step process. You contact us with your needs, we agree on our cooperation, then you send us your job descriptions, we help you find talent, we send you resumes of potential candidates. If you decide to move on with a specific candidate, you will make an offer, if the offer is accepted, we have achieved our goal.

The development process in typescript

TypeScript's powerful type system is based on a type inference mechanism; static typing is also supported here. However, annotations to static types are optional if the return type or parameter type can be inferred from the context.

Typescript development services

You can order a study of the statute of limitations of a typewritten text from the specialists of the Research Center "Stolichny Expert". In carrying out examinations, we use the most effective methods and the latest equipment, we use complex methods of analysis, for example, chromatographic, spectrographic, computer.

It is easy to contact our laboratory: call by phone at any time of the day convenient for you or leave a request for a free consultation on the website. Our specialist will contact you and advise you in detail about the methods used.

Typescript developer

Developers use TypeScript to facilitate the writing, refactoring, and maintenance of the codebase. This is an add-on to JavaScript that adds strong typing. It is strict because it warns the developer about the error immediately, even at the compilation stage — while with dynamic typing, the instruction will be executed and the programmer will most likely miss the error.

Simply put, if you work with strings, Typescript developer won't let you suddenly switch to numbers or objects. Adding strict typing is like a signed contract, according to which everyone undertakes to use only the specified type. When a project is large, overwriting data types and incorrect work with them is the cause of 20% of bugs in the code.

Typescript developer profiles

Development of highly loaded web systems on .net (framework > 4.7 / > core 3.1).The latest technological development stack is used.The client part: modern Typescript + React+ approach Redux.Backend part: .NET + ASP.NET (/Core).Participated in the development of large high-load web systems for a foreign customer (Britain / Finland / Switzerland), so the quality of development is at a high level.

Software engineer

The main activities of software engineer:

  1. are production and technological (software implementation in industry);
  2. design (design of information systems of enterprises);
  3. organizational and managerial (management of information resources of institutions);
  4. research (participation in computational experiments to test the mathematical models used);
  5. innovative activity (development of information technologies for the purpose of strategic development of enterprises).

Top typescript developers

A whole bunch of problems also appear when a developer connects TypeScript without a special purpose, "so that it is". For example, it is easy to translate a project from JavaScript to TypeScript, but to do the opposite, you will either have to manually delete the TS keywords, or use already generated files in frontend development.

TypeScript also won't save you from writing type checks if you're writing a JS module for use outside of a TypeScript environment. As you remember, the generated TypeScript files do not contain its syntax, and therefore will not protect the end user of your library from typing errors.

And the explicit indication of types creates a temptation not to document the code. This is a conditional minus, the main thing to remember is that you still need to document the code: describe the interface properties and function parameters, especially if your naming is not up to par.

Questions for Hire TypeScript Developers

Hire the best TypeScript developers

All our senior frontend developers have long appreciated the advantages of TS, and now this is a strict requirement for all new specialists we hire. Possession of this technology has become a mandatory part of the training program. You won't regret it.

Customer Reviews of our TypeScript developers

For simplified development process and in general web development. If you are looking for responsible, thoughtful, competent specialists to work on your project, the option of working with the Alfee definitely deserves to be in the top.

They will be attentive to your wishes, they will look for the best options for solving your problems, they have excellent code, which is very important if several programmers are working on a project, they have a wonderful pool of specialists for tasks of any complexity. If you want to get the result in the optimal time and budget, contact the Alfee group boldly.

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