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Hire Token Developers

The society has experienced a real boom in blockchain technology. Every day we read about new businesses that are planning to introduce this technology in near future. Recent years has shown incresed demand for blockchain developers by 650%. In the last couple of months, 40% vacancies turned out to be specified by software development. The presence of the term "blockchain" software engineers' CVs automatically raises their minimum salary to 20%.

Let's try to make out what blockchain technology & token development mean, what is the secret of popularity and what kind of employees business owners are looking for to introduce blockchain technology into their business.

What is meant by token & blockchain development?

Blockchain is a technology for encrypting and storing data (registry), which are distributed over many computers connected to a common network. Blockchain is a digital database of information that reflects all completed transactions.

A token (digital sign) is a digital financial instrument that certifies the rights of the owner. For example, the right to receive income on invested funds. Tokens come in many forms, but those currently floated operate as debt instruments, similar to a bond.

Check up just a few areas for which distributed ledger technology is tought to be needed and useful by the global community (list is almost endless):

  • Banking & stock market (blockchain network stores all data, allowing makeing financial transactions without intermediaries and shortening expenses and terms of operations);
  • Nanopayments (for instance, web resources that require subscriptions);
  • Logistics & supply (allows tracking entire path of a single product);
  • Insurance (smart contracts automatically trigger when an insured event occurs);
  • Copyright (blockchain network stores all the data about the product that will assist resolve disputes regarding rights ownership);
  • Energy (blockchain technology reduces reporting & infrastructure cost so much that even private owners of solar panels are able to micro-sell electricity directly).

What to think about when you need to hire blockchain developers

A Blockchain developer creates software solutions that will be executed by the nodes included in the blockchain. It also sets up the interaction of "classic" software, or DApp (Distributed application), with these solutions.

The main task of a Blockchain developer is the development of digital “agreements” (smart contracts). The conditions in them are described programmatically, and the resulting smart contract is located in the blockchain. This prevents interference with its operation or modification of its content. This means that the possibility of deviating from the rules laid down in the “agreement” is also rejected.

We have prepared a list of important qualities that a good blockchain developer should possess. Here are the main technical skills:

  • Programming in Solidity, Python, C++, SQL, Node.js, JavaScript;
  • Ethereum technology;
  • Hyperledger fabric & tools;
  • Smart contract development (special types of transaction protocol) such as Chaincode and Viper;
  • Principles of networking (HTTPS, RPC, gRPC, REST API);
  • Cryptography, i.e. blockchain protocols that prevent unwanted access to data;
  • Data structures;
  • Data management and computer networks;
  • UI/UX design concepts.

In addition to the ability to program, a blockchain developer and engineer needs basic knowledge of economics and such soft skills as:

  • advanced analytical skills;
  • ability to solve problems;
  • organizational skills;
  • attention to detail;
  • developed communication skills;
  • ability to cooperate and work in a team.

Development services by Alfee blockchain development team

We are a blockchain development company that carries out a full cycle of software development, from setting a task to putting a Blockchain project into operation and its further support. Discover the main development services our team renders.

NFT development

Hire token developers from Alfee to get one-stop NFT development services, which include NFT token creation, NFT marketplace development, NFT staking, etc.

Smart contract development

We are a smart contract development company that will help you create your smart contract on popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, TRON, EOS or audit the contract you have.

Altcoin creation services

Alfee is a cryptocurrency and altcoin development company creating ant type of popular cryptocurrency and altcoins with secure features.

Crypto tokens wallet development

We deliver cryptocurrency wallet development services with advanced security features, multilingual support and payment gateways so that users can perform cryptocurrency transactions easier and faster.

Cryptocurrency Advisory Services

We offer cryptocurrency and token consulting and development services for creating cryptocurrencies, wallets, payment gateways, smart contracts and more. Our token developers have years of experience and knowledge to understand your business needs and provide first-class solutions.

Development process with the blockchain technology

When you hire token developers from Alfee you can be sure that the result of our work will be beyond your expectations, because we adhere to a well developed plan.

  1. 01
    Identifying business requirements. At this stage, the client provides our company with all available information about the upcoming scope of work, if necessary, the conclusion of a confidentiality agreement for the provided data (NDA);
  2. 02
    Coordination of cost and working conditions. At this stage, the cost of work is agreed with the client in accordance with the terms of reference or specification and the composition of the development team involved in the project;
  3. 03
    Formation of the team and start of development stage. Blockchain projects are divided into stages (depending on the cooperation model) and tasks, which in turn can consist of subtasks. The project manager is given a leading role, he monitors the timeliness of tasks and balancing the load on programmers and other project participants;
  4. 04
    Tokens testing. Testing is carried out at all stages of project development and in the minimum ratio is at least 15% of the time spent on development. The better it is performed, the more reliable the token. This step cannot be neglected;
  5. 05
    Final stage. At this stage, additional project documentation is prepared. The token project is transferred to the client. There is a basic filling with content, the formation of presentations, promotional videos;
  6. 06
    Support. If clients want to continue the development of the token project, and they don't have their own staff of token developers, we are ready to provide further support to the project. These can be both one-time tasks and a dedicated team with a monthly payment. Conditions are always very individual.

Benefits of working with Alfee skilled developers

If you are in search of best blockchain developers, Alfee blockchain development company is the right decision. Our team has vast experience in delivering top notch blockchain solutions with maximum profitability. All our blockchain projects rank high and bring enourmous profit to our clients.

At Alfee we believe that each customer is unique, therefore, we will consider your business requirements in detail and select the best blockchain developer in accordance with your current needs.

Our blockchain developers work remotely but this doesn't mean that they are out of reach. You can contact them whenever you need, ask questions, make changes to the project, etc.

Upon completion of the work, we provide clients with a guarantee for the work performed. Warranty conditions for each project are individual. In case of finding any shortcomings, we eliminate them completely free of charge. Working with our blockchain developers you will get maximum convenience and quality.

Hire blockchain developers from Alfee expert team and enjoy fantastic token solutions.

Questions for Hiring of Token Developers

How much does a crypto developer cost?

The prices for crypto tokens development may vary a lot based on a few criteria, such as the location, project's difficulty level, project management tools applied, blockchain developers' experience, etc. On average, blockchain developers typically charge $40-100 per hour. Should you aspire to find the most reasonable ratio of quality & price, you'd better cooperate with Alfee professional team.

Where can I hire NFT developers?

When you are about to hire blockchain developers, you have two options to choose from. The first one is to work with freelancers. This will help you save money, since freelance token developers don't charge much. However, you risk losing the quality of your token project, since freelancers give no guarantee for their work. Therefore, if you are seeking experienced blockchain developers, you'd better cooperate with Alfee professional team.

Is it expensive to hire a smart contract developer?

Prices for smart contract development vary a lot regarding a large number of cruteria, such as the location, specification & complexity of work to be done, developer's expertise, etc. On average, if you don't need to build a super-complicated project, you need at least 6,500 USD. However, bear in mind that complicated projects may cost up to 40-50, 000 USD. If you don't want to overpay and still save the quality, we would advise you to hire developers from Alfee blockchain development company.

What are Benefits of Hiring Token Developers?

Hiring token developers from a credible blockchain development team can bring numerous pluses to your deal. We are convinced that the major 3 of them are security, speed, transparency. Alfee talented team is glad to propose you best token developers for any project, no matter how complicated and difficult it may seem.

How much does it cost to hire a Token developer?

In general, prices for creating tokens vary a lot, based on the location, project requirements, its complexity, the type of token developed, etc. On average, be ready to pay between $4,500 to $12,000. When in search of reasonable prices for blockchain development & token creation, feel free to turn to Alfee team. We will come up with the best token developer for your project.

Why is Alfee the greatest choice for hiring Token experts?

Nowhere else can you find token experts with such in depth knowledge of blockchain architecture and cryptographic hash functions. We master multiple programming languages and implement various technologies in delivering decentralized applications for our clients. Our primary focus is delivering best in class products within the budget and adhering to the timeline specified.

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