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Test automation is an essential and integral part of continuous integration and allows you to stabilize the performance of your product, saving time and costs for quality assurance. It is the most effective solution for identifying bugs at all stages of the software life cycle and organizing regression testing.

Alfee company uses CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) on all projects. Autotests created by us are integrated into the CI/CD processes from the very beginning and immediately bring benefits, justifying your investment in autotesting. We provide a high level of functional test automation authoring by means of professional management, and guarantee the use of the best autotest management practices and product quality.

If you want to hire Test Automation Engineer from Alfee, you will get a specialist who knows all available tools and effective test plans related to automation.

The competencies of our QA test automation engineer

The main task of our QA specialist is not to let the product fail to meet the requirements and try to bring as few bugs as possible to the testing stage (although they will remain anyway).

He participates in all stages of development - from planning to release - and recommends to the business and developers what needs to be done to improve the quality of the product.

To do this, QA specialists set quality standards, select tools and techniques to prevent bugs, and decide how to produce and improve the process. In addition, they must have certain skills in order to excel at tasks of any complexity.

Automated tests scripts

Theory of testing software products and applications, as well as in the principles of quality control.

An AQA employee should understand how software development takes place, what testing procedures exist, how everything is done, production documentation systems etc.

Bug-tracking systems

Those are special software products represented by a database with shared access to it. The tester logs all the found bugs and inconsistencies into it, prioritizes them, describes how exactly the interface test scenarios occurs, how to reproduce it. This information is transferred to the developers who are engaged in software quality assurance. The most popular Bug-tracking systems are Remine or Jira.

SQL (databases)

Our experts have to work with them on a regular basis, especially in the field of automated test frameworks. That is why knowledge of key SQL-queries is a must, because they are used almost everywhere.

Specific test automation tools

Here it all depends on what specific complex business rules. If this is a web and database applications, then there are specialists with a knowledge of HTML, CSS, HTTP and so on.

English Language Skills

Often communication in IT top companies is conducted in this language: correspondence, negotiations, and so on.

Alfee's QA automation engineer

Also, our AQA must have an analytical mindset because he has to work with large amounts of data. If you want to hire Test Automation Engineer, you should contact Alfee. It deals with IT staff recruitment and meets all business requirements on favorable terms.

Questions for hiring of Test Automation Engineer

What is the average salary for a test automation Engineer?

The average test specialist in Los Angeles makes $72K per year ($6K per month). The maximum top cities average is $96K. Of course, much also depends on the capabilities of the companies themselves. For example, you can find offers on the site and fork up to 190K dollars a year. However, there are not many such job alert on the market.

What does test automation engineer do?

The duties of the test automation engineer include:

  • Functional testing of the automatic decision-making system for loan applications on POS products.
  • Search results of the solution in production in case of bugs.
  • Testing of integration with related modules and unit testing.
  • Development and support of automated test schedules.
  • Review code for automation scripts.
  • Analyzing automation testing results, automated and manual reporting of results.
  • Analyzing and correcting errors in automated test scripts.
  • Executes interface test scenarios.
  • Preparing data for running autotests, improve automated test frameworks, parsing and analyzing results.

Is automation tester in demand?

To a certain point, test automation engineer jobs are easier than other technical specialties and is available to many who are interested in the IT sphere. Whether to cross the line to the interval where the work becomes as difficult as possible is everyone's decision. If you go no further, you will not be kicked out of testing, you will still be in demand.

The need for writing automated tests will not disappear as long as there is information technology, communications, the Internet, robots, autopilots, etc.

How to hire the best Test Automation Engineers?

Hiring staff is the most difficult task any company can face, whether it is a large enterprise or a new startup. While there is a lot of experience in hiring test automation engineers, not all companies have the right test automation best practices to ensure they hire the best talent.

Small and medium-sized businesses, agencies, and startups choose Alfee to hire local and offshore test automation resources. Our test automation experts are ready to start working with you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to hire a Test Automation Engineer?

Up to $1,410 per month paid for basic bug-tracking skills, web/mobile app skills, test analysis, and layout/adaptivity.

Up to $1,560 per month are integration and database testing skills, mastery of version control and logging systems.

Up to $1660 per month are paid skills to manage test case repositories, ownership of traffic monitoring tools and the fundamental skill of localizing and fixing bugs.

Well, if you like the $1,770 figure, then, as mentioned earlier, welcome to the league of autotesters, loaders and continuous integrators.

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