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Hire Swift Developers

With Alfee, pay only for the time worked and do not waste time and money on recruiting. Hire a Swift developer, we take care of all the calculations. We will replace our specialist if he does not fit.

Each developer from our team has worked in the largest IT companies. The products in the development of which we participated, perhaps you use every day! All this has given us valuable experience in designing and creating services of any complexity.

Basic knowledge of iOS can help you attract new job seekers. Moreover, understanding the expectations and job requirements of candidates will help you hire the "right" developer.

The developers we recommend are able to work in a team, understand technical specifications and documentation, understand someone else's code, and can fix errors. They are ready to participate in all stages of the creation of your project, providing functionality and optimization. And if necessary, they will continue to support the application after the release.

Hiring a ready-made team of iOS developers is a way to save on the services of a recruitment agency and reduce the time from the start of development to the implementation of the project and change its status to "open access project".

Alfee has gathered a pool of specialists with the necessary programming skills and extensive experience in developing mobile applications for iOS.

Who is the Swift Developer?

A Swift developer is an IT specialist who creates software for iOS and macOS devices: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iWatch, etc. To explain it in simple words, he makes software and applications for iPhones, tablets, laptops and computers from Apple.

Until the moment when the Swift programming language appeared, all software for iOS/macOS was created in the Objective-C language.

Mobile app development

In most cases, it needs Internet access to work if it communicates with remote resources. If you hire swift developers in Alfee, you will definitely not regret it!

We increase market share, improve service, increase loyalty and sales, reduce costs by automating and optimizing business processes using mobile applications and web services

Our goal is to create a convenient mobile application that will work flawlessly, as well as be intuitive, useful and multifunctional for the end user, and, of course, profitable for the customer.

What should the best Swift Developers be able to know?

We offer you Swift development services at the best prices, developers have extensive experience and due professionalism.

Let's list what a Swift developer should know:

  1. 01
    The basic syntax of the Swift language.
  2. 02
    Principles of object-oriented programming.
  3. 03
    The XCode development environment.
  4. 04
    Cocoa framework.
  5. 05
    UIKit or SwiftAI for interface development.
  6. 06
    Architectural patterns of MVC, MVP, MVVM.
  7. 07
    The Git version control system and the GitHub service.

Freelance Swift Developers

Freelancing is possible, but remote employees are, as a rule, Swift Developers of the middle level and higher, and this is their advantage over others.

Our Swift developers are able to solve controversial issues, look for optimal solutions to meet customer requirements, accept criticism without offense, work for the result, and not for the sake of profit. They have knowledge of a foreign language, skills of working with Apple devices.

Senior Swift Developer

The knowledge, skills and responsibilities of a developer depend on their qualifications. Briefly about steps:

  1. 01
    Junior is a beginner with at least 6 months of experience, a graduate of a university or online courses who works under the guidance of a mentor and solves only simple or typical tasks.
  2. 02
    A middle specialist with at least two or three years of experience, who has several large projects in his portfolio, can independently create any application.
  3. 03
    Senior is a professional with more than 5 years of development experience, who is not only a senior technical specialist, but also a manager: distributes tasks between performers, makes the final code review and is responsible for the final result.

Qualities of top Swift Developers

The responsibilities of a Swift developer:

  • Comes up with the idea.
  • Designs architecture, navigation, and application scenarios.
  • Programs in Swift, creates and .
  • Sets up communication with the touch screen and the Touch button, for example, for entering by fingerprint or Face ID.
  • Tests the project at all stages of development, searches for and fixes bugs.
  • Provides software protection against viruses and data leaks.
  • Creates updates.
  • Engaged in the publication of the service in the App Store.
  • Writes technical documentation for other programmers and users.

Hire a Swift Developer

Swift's potential was appreciated by educational institutions around the world. They use Swift and Xcode on Mac to teach, providing their students with the best tools to create applications. And with Apple's free training program "Development in Swift", even beginners can easily move from the basics of programming to professional development.

Advantages of hiring Swift Developers in Alfee

Alfee will quickly provide experienced Swift developers for your project as well.

The user interface of mobile applications plays a very important role in the process of creating an application, because the interface is the connecting link between the hardware and software of the mobile device and the focus of user interaction.

You don't have to do it all yourself. Focus on what you do best and start improving your performance.

You will not have to regret the unsuccessful hiring. Read reviews from real people and know that you are getting the best.

Experienced Swift Developers for hire

Apple introduced this language in 2014 as a counterweight to Objective-C. The newcomer found several advantages at once.

For example, Swift does not require two files, language security is perfectly implemented, unique work with generics, a well-developed model of data types and method dispatch. This language can be safely called more readable due to its simplified and convenient syntax.

In the process of development on Swift, the presence of a special environment for experiments called Playground helps a lot, the benefits of which we will tell you about at the interviews below.

Finally, the new language is promising because the development speed is much higher than in Objective-C and C++. It makes it easier to fix bugs and, in general, development on Swift turns out to be cheaper, more efficient and more promising than on Objective-C.

Therefore, we are consciously looking for specialists who have experience of "communicating" in this language.

Remote Swift Developers are also possible

After comparing both languages, the answer is obvious, and Swift can be considered the best language if you compare it with Objective-C. Swift is a modern, powerful and very secure language, which makes the new language an excellent alternative, much more powerful than Objective-C, with the only drawback ‒ its complexity.

However, it should be noted that Swift is a completely new language, and it still has a long way to go and still needs to reach the final version.

Hire Swift Expert or the entire Swift Development Team

Mobile developers for iOS are well aware that there are different types of variables in the language. They are divided into two main types. Namely, some are passed by reference ‒ reference type (reference type), and others by value ‒ value type (type of values).

In an interview, we ask what is the difference between (struct) structure and (class) class. The structure is the value type, and the class is the reference type.

Alas, not everyone answers this question, and some of the candidates are even interested in "why such a strange question at the very beginning?". But if you think about it, the question is not at all strange, especially if you plan to develop on Swift.

Reference type instances, when initialized and assigned, begin to refer to the same area in memory and, as a result, share the same value among themselves, and in the case of value type, data is copied, and objects begin to refer to different memory areas, and they do not share values among themselves. Strictly speaking, in the case of value type, the copy-on-write principle works.

That is, until the attempt to change the value, instances of value type will refer to the same address, and at the first change, copying will occur. Obviously, understanding this is necessary for the developer. The code can behave completely differently for classes and structures. But just knowing the differences is not enough.

The second level of awareness is the difference in writing code. It turns out that it is not so easy to write in Playground and demonstrate the differences in working with reference type and value type if you have not had programming experience in Swift. We have only 1 out of 3 candidates who pass this test.

Senior Swift Developers

The higher the level of the developer, the higher the requirements for him in terms of soft-skills. Technical skills are usually easier for developers to develop than communication and teamwork skills, but it is the skills of working with people that become very important for middle- and, even more so, for senior developers.

I don't think it is possible for a team of developers to work successfully, who are excellent "techies", but are unwilling or unable to communicate with each other and work to achieve a common goal.

We usually expect juniors to be willing to learn and ready for a variety of development tasks in order to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Growth usually occurs within a year, during which time the employee receives the necessary skills to solve multifaceted tasks and minimal experience.

Middle developers usually already have some experience sufficient to solve typical tasks, they can argue and explain their decisions, these are team "players".

Senior developers, in turn, have the experience and skills that allow them to participate in the design of systems, justify and make decisions that affect the overall infrastructure. We also expect employees of this level to actively participate in the training of other team members.

Hire experienced Swift Developers for your project

iOS has its own system for working with memory, which uses reference counting. There are two approaches in Swift. These are Manual Reference Counting (MRC) and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). Manual Reference Counting is used when working directly with memory, but usually ARC is still used. In particular, it is important for the developer to understand how strong links differ from weak ones.

This is an important point for those languages where there is no garbage Collector. Here is an interesting letter on why Swift does not use Garbage Collector.

In fact, everything is not so difficult here ‒ you need to tell about the reference counter, that the object is deleted when the counter value reaches 0 (zero), and so on. But again, we need a person to show an example in the Playground. And then some of the applicants have a stupor.

Even if a couple of phrases about strong and weak links have been successfully learned, at this stage it becomes obvious if a person has not had a normal coding practice on Swift. Together with the Alfee team, you will not have any difficulties to hire swift developers.

Swift Development Services in our Company

Any developer should be able to launch a project. We give a simple task for this ‒ to develop an iOS application that simply shows the Acronis website. For a programmer who really did something on Swift, such a task will require 10-15 minutes, which mostly go to setting settings and checking.

Benefits of hiring Skilled Swift Developers

Safety. Thanks to advanced memory management, Swift is safer than Objective-C and eliminates unauthorized access to data.

It tracks programmer errors more accurately, so the risk of inconspicuous but critical bugs is reduced. Swift is predictable ‒ this is important when debugging or testing.

Open source code. Swift can be used free of charge by developers, teachers and students under a license to distribute Apache 2.0 open source software. Binaries for OS X and Linux allow you to compile code for iOS, OS X, watches, TV OS and Linux.

Questions for Hiring of Swift Developers

What is the main aspect in hirIng the best Swift developers?

Alfee Company is your reliable partner in the development of the future.

A sought ‒ after Swift developer is one who pays attention to details and is constantly looking for new, interesting, non-standard solutions.

The price of developing a mobile application depends on a detailed and correctly drawn up technical task, and its correctness directly depends on how qualified a person calculates it.

Hire Swift developers remotely within 5-7 days

Hire a specialist or a whole team at favorable hourly rates.

In order for the application to work on the full range of different mobile devices, we need to provide different ways of interacting with this application, as well as different ways of displaying information in this application.

Hire Swift developer in Alfee is as easy as ever, so what are you waiting for?

How to Hire Top Swift Developers in Alfee?

  • Quick selection and connection to the project. We take care of all payments and legal support.
  • Flexibility. Add the right specialists as your business grows.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do not require prepayment. We will replace the specialist if it did not fit.

The Hiring Process for Swift App Developers

Choose the stack that is used in your project and get a resume of IT specialists with proven strengths, or contact us and we will help with the selection of the stack and offer suitable specialists.

The development of a mobile application for business can quickly become a payback and profitable project if the business is built primarily in such areas as the automotive business, beauty industry, sports and fitness, medicine, tourism, catering establishments, delivery, online shopping, leisure and entertainment, services.

What is your experience with Swift development?

At Alfee, we have a team of experienced developers who are proficient in Swift development. Our team has worked on a variety of projects using Swift, including developing native iOS applications and integrating Swift into existing mobile applications. We have experience with Swift's syntax and features, such as Optionals, Closures, and Generics, and have used Swift to develop applications that range from simple prototypes to complex, enterprise-grade applications.

Our developers are constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in Swift, including the most recent version, Swift 5.5. We also have experience with related technologies such as SwiftUI and Combine, which allow us to create modern and efficient user interfaces and data flow.

Additionally, our team has experience working with clients from various industries, including healthcare, finance, and entertainment. This experience has given us a deep understanding of the unique requirements and challenges of developing applications for different industries. We use our experience to ensure that our clients receive the best possible solutions tailored to their specific needs.

In summary, our team has extensive experience with Swift development and is always staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the language. We have used Swift to develop a wide range of applications and have experience working with clients from various industries. If you need a reliable and experienced team for your Swift development needs, Alfee is the ideal option.

What is your development process?

At Alfee, our development process is designed to deliver high-quality software that meets our clients' needs on time and on budget. We follow a systematic approach that involves several stages and steps to ensure that each project is delivered successfully. Our process begins with a thorough analysis of our clients' requirements and objectives, followed by planning, designing, building, testing, and deployment. Here are some more details about each stage of our elaboration procedure:

  • Requirements Analysis: Our team works closely with consumers to identify and determine their demands, expectations, and aims for the product. We gather all necessary info about the product and elaborate a detailed product plan.
  • Planning: We elaborate a detailed plan that involves the scope of work, milestones, deliverables, timelines, and budget. This plan serves as a roadmap for the product, and we apply it to guide our work and measure progress.
  • Design: We create a design that meets the client's requirements and objectives. Our team of experienced designers elaborates wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to help the client visualize the final product.
  • Development: Our developers begin coding the application or software product, following best practices and industry standards to ensure quality and scalability.
  • Testing: Our team thoroughly tests the product to ensure that it meets all requirements, functions properly, and is free of bugs.
  • Deployment: Once the project is thoroughly tested and approved by the client, we deploy it to the production environment.

Can you provide references?

Yes, we are always happy to provide references to potential clients. We understand that it is important for you to have confidence in our services before committing to a partnership. We have a list of satisfied clients who have given us permission to share their company names and contact information with potential clients. These references will give you a better understanding of our customer satisfaction record and our ability to deliver results.

Our references come from a variety of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, across various industries. We believe that our diverse range of clients is a testament to the versatility of our services and our ability to tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

In addition to references, we also encourage potential clients to review our case studies and testimonials. Our case studies provide a detailed look at some of the projects we have worked on and the success stories from our past clients. Our testimonials showcase the positive feedback we have received from our clients, highlighting their satisfaction with our services and the solutions we provided.

Overall, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the best service on the market. We invite you to take a look at our references, case studies, and testimonials, and to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and help your business succeed.

What is the hourly rate or project-based cost for Swift development services?

At Alfee, we understand that cost is an important consideration for our clients when it comes to software development services. Our pricing model is designed to be competitive and transparent, tailored to our client's specific needs. The cost of Swift development services can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project, as well as the level of expertise required.

For hourly rate pricing, our rates typically range from $75 to $150 per hour, depending on the experience level and expertise of the developer assigned to the project. We work with our clients to determine the estimated number of hours required for the project and provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

For project-based pricing, we provide a fixed fee based on the scope of the project and the estimated number of hours required. This approach provides our clients with greater certainty and predictability when it comes to the cost of the project. We also offer flexible payment options to help our clients manage their cash flow and budget effectively.

In addition to the hourly rate or project-based cost, there may be additional services and support required for the project, such as legal and compliance assistance. We are committed to transparency and ensuring that our clients receive the best possible value for their investment. Our team of experienced Swift developers are dedicated to delivering high-quality software solutions that exceed our client's expectations.

Overall, our pricing model is designed to be competitive and transparent, tailored to our client's specific needs. We offer both hourly rate and project-based pricing options, with flexible payment options available. We are confident that we can provide the ideal service for your business needs, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Do you have experience with Swift development for mobile applications or web applications?

At Alfee, we have a team of experienced developers who have extensive knowledge and experience with Swift development for both mobile and web applications. We have worked on a wide range of projects, from simple iOS applications to complex web applications with Swift as the primary programming language.

Our developers are well-versed in the latest Swift features and best practices, and we are constantly staying up to date with the latest developments in the Swift community. We understand the unique challenges that come with developing applications in Swift, and we have the expertise to overcome these challenges and deliver high-quality results to our clients.

Whether you need a mobile application for iOS or a web application built with Swift, our team is ready to tackle your project. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that meet and exceed our clients' expectations, and we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. So, whether you are looking to build a mobile or web application in Swift, you can trust Alfee to deliver outstanding results.

Can you provide examples of Swift applications that you have developed?

Certainly, we have developed several Swift applications for our clients, which have been highly successful. Some of the applications we have developed in Swift include a task management app for a logistics company, a social networking application for a startup, and a news app for a media outlet. All these applications have been highly praised by our consumers and their applicants, who appreciate the speed, stability, and user-friendliness of our Swift-based apps.

Our team of skilled creators uses the latest Swift techniques and features to elaborate highly efficient and performant applications. We follow a rigorous elaboration procedure that includes careful planning, design, testing, and deployment of the applications. We apply agile methodologies to guarantee that our customers are included in every stage of the creation procedure, and we deliver the applications on time and within budget.

We take great pride in our Swift development services and are confident that we can provide you with a customized solution that will meet and exceed your organization requirements. Our applications are not only functional and reliable, but also visually appealing and intuitive to use. So, if you are looking for a Swift app development partner, look no further than Alfee. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project requirements and get a free quote!

What are your communication and project management processes?

At Alfee, we believe that effective communication and project management are key to delivering successful software solutions to our clients. Our team of experienced developers and project managers use a combination of agile methodologies and DevOps tools to ensure the highest level of quality and efficiency in our development process.

Firstly, we prioritize open and honest communication with our clients. We understand the importance of keeping our clients informed throughout the entire development process. To achieve this, we use project management software that allows our clients to track the progress of their projects in real-time. This software also enables our team to communicate with the client efficiently, either through the software itself or through other channels such as email or video conferencing. We also ensure that our clients are updated regularly on the status of their projects, including any potential challenges that we encounter and how we plan to address them.

Secondly, we use agile methodologies to manage our projects. This approach allows us to break down complex projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. This enables us to prioritize the most critical features of the project, ensuring that we deliver the most valuable software to our clients in a timely manner. We also use Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) tools, containerization with Docker and Kubernetes to streamline our development and testing process. This ensures that any issues are detected and resolved quickly, allowing us to deliver high-quality software to our clients.

Lastly, we understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach to project management. Our team works closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals for the project. This allows us to create a project plan that is customized to their requirements. We offer both hourly rate and fixed project fee options, depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Our pricing is competitive and transparent, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their investment.

In summary, at Alfee, we prioritize open and honest communication, use agile methodologies and DevOps tools, and tailor our project management approach to meet the unique needs of our clients. We are committed to delivering high-quality software solutions that exceed our clients' expectations.

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