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If you want to expand your business offering to customers, then security tokens are a great option. We are used to standard investments in ICOs, but in cases when the audience needs an alternative, or diversification, we would like to invest in something that is significantly valuable. Thus, your company provides investors with the opportunity and ownership. This increases the capital that you attract to the company.


Alfee provides our clients with a variety of services, including legal advice, preparation of official documentation, project planning. This is all necessary if we are talking about the development of secure tokens, smart contracts and websites.

You can hire SEO developers from us if your goal is to create a unique offer for investors and you are ready to go all the way to develop and enter the market. Our task is to defeat the increasing number of qualified investors who carry their capital into real estate.

Tell me the meaning of Security Token Offering?

If you want to understand what STO is, then we will tell you in detail. These are security tokens that make your business flexible, efficient and allow you to constantly grow and develop. They contain all sorts of advantages and disadvantages of ICO and OP. But this is what allows investors to attract and raise funds for the digital security of the contract.

Protection in this case is provided in the best way for investors and issuers in cryptocurrency. It is quite effective against scammers and bypasses standard cryptocurrencies by these indicators.

Thanks to SEO, you can store all digital financial instruments in the form of real estate or gold. The token initially assumes an analog expression of a real physical asset. In addition, it is a great way for startups and companies to attract additional capital from investors. The requirements for the safety of such tools are established by law.

Reputated Security Token Offerings (STO) Development Company


Alfee has become one of the leading companies engaged in the development and launch of cryptocurrencies on the market, this also applies to STO. Our team not only takes a very responsible approach to work, but also uses testing that confirms safety, complete and unconditional. For our clients, we not only develop a product, but also advise at the initial planning stage, and then at the end of the work we help to create custom tokens with the help of crowdfunding.

In development, we fully follow all established laws, including SEC regulations and guarantee security against unauthorized use, this is our responsibility.

Tell me the value of security token development?

Security token is an encrypted cryptocurrency token, which is an analogue of a piece of property, cash and shares of depositors from anywhere in the world. First of all, this gives, as in the case of ordinary shares, the opportunity to receive dividends or other profits, but also the right to vote and acquire rights. The fact that the state acts as a regulator makes this type of investment reliable and safe.

Create Security Tokens Exchange Platform

This feature allows you to store tokens on a specialized platform, as well as exchange them there. The advantage is a cheaper rate, and therefore a better purchase price.

Add-on Benefits of Security Token Offering Development and STO development Services


Tokens, especially security tokens, which we are talking about in this article, benefit not only investors, but also issuers. Among other things, there are other advantages that it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to.They will be discussed further.

Give a quick overview of the different types of security token creation

Let's figure out what a security token service is. After all, tokens function like stocks on the stock exchange, if we remember about classic investments, the main similarity is security. Debt security tokens are similar to bonds, so startups attract loans. There are also tokens of reserve assets. They are issued by companies that work with real physical assets such as gold, black gold (oil), real estate. Service tokens are created to enable the owner to have control over the product in their own business.

Your trusted creating security tokens development company

The experience of our developers has allowed us not only to improve the quality of project creation with each new one, but also to constantly introduce new technologies and trends. But they appear regularly in such a rapidly developing cryptocurrency market. Therefore, our smart contracts and wallet developments are of high quality and efficiency.

In addition, we are engaged in the development and creation of a marketing network around the world, if your company requires such a service. This will allow investors from all over the world to learn about your project. The services also include web design and the creation of web tokens.

Security Token Offering Services for STO development Process

Raising capital with the help of investment security tokens not only increases liquidity, but also increases the pace of financing, thanks to a closed gap in the communication of the investor and the destributer itself. This is mainly ensured by the security and trust of investors in such IP technology. Let's talk about what services can realize such advantages in your project:

STO Whitepaper Development

Alfee also has extensive experience creating customised whitepapers that deliver an integrated vision to the investors that helps them to understand their investment objective. Our services ensure you receive an authentic label of your offer that will remain trustworthy for all of your potential customers.

Our goal is to produce a detailed white paper which can help prospective investors understand your ideas.


Security tokens may be exchanged publicly allowing them to optionally limit exchange of limited data, the token being subject to a limited set of conditions. STO development company offers a multifaceted method of fractionalizing highly valued resources and setting a benchmark in liquid assets.

Lower cost and faster execution

STO allow quicker execution and eliminate the need to act as agents or money-related companies, thus transferring the duties to the buyer or dealers. The end result will ultimately lead to significant cost reductions and time-to-market.

Automated investor rights

Using STOs, investors can receive automatic dividend payments distributed by the bank, which can be transferred directly to a wallet. Those also receive benefit-sharing rights or programming value for tokens, giving them full control over liquid assets.

Get democratized access to capital markets

This tokenized securities provides benefits both to investors & issuers. The legal documents become progressively recurrent by introducing STO, which will allow you access to a universal financial institution quickly.

Attract global and accredited investors

Since token principles are the same for every country, it is possible for investors to exchange or purchase them at any location in the World. Moreover, security tokens will be more fluid than secret - albeit costly - offerings.

Multicurrency funding and smart contract development

In addition, Alfee services are available to invest in multiple currencies in a variety of ways. Investors can buy tokens via fiat currencies like the Euros and USD or by utilizing other crypto currencies, including Bitcoin.

Continuous market

STO allows for extension of token exchange time in blockchain ecosystem. Currently, there are no continuous exchanges and many involve human intervention in order to facilitate this.

STO Development Service


We employ cutting-edge technology in implementing tokens to give you competitive advantages. Alfee team makes your job tough for the benefit as well as your shareholders.

Get fractional ownership

An investment token offer process will talk to the company’s stock, which allows the investor to claim parts of highly valuable assets under the securities legislation.

Community Support Management

The support staff is geared toward developing your idea into a comprehensive business offer that is accessible and attracts more investors into your business.

Build Your Own Blockchain

Control of token biological exchanges is challenging. Create a decentralized blockchain to solve these problems and eliminate any money problems.

Debt Capital Markets (DCM)

Expert advice for raising debts to acquire new or refinance existing debt is useful and can be used to restructure issuance.

KYC verification

KYC provides a customer awareness program for customers in need of information regarding unauthorized access.

Commercial Real Estate

STO can improve the reliability of real-life investments and help you access them digitally and globally.

STO Website/Platform development

Having a website is vital for attracting investors to a STO, so we have developed one that is easy and informative.

How to hire STO developers in 5 steps?


When you have an idea that you need to implement your project using a software application, it's not immediately clear what to do next? Rush to look for a performer in favor of a project on one of the freelance exchanges?

We have prepared in favor of you a simple algorithm that will help you not get lost when nothing is clear. Follow him and everything will be revealed!

  1. 01
    Formulate your requirements and wishes. Let us know about your requirements, about how you want to see the result and we will do everything in the right way to satisfy you.
  2. 02
    Strategic planning. In our work, we will propose a complete and specific strategy in favor of the implementation of the task to achieve the final result.
  3. 03
    Conducting tests. We will make a list of the amount of work that needs to be done and test each part to avoid mistakes in the work and achieve high efficiency.
  4. 04
    Selection of applicants. Conduct an interview with selected applicants suitable in favor of your specific task and find the perfect performer.
  5. 05
    Getting started. Now the preparations in favor of getting started are complete. Let's make the best project in favor of you!
Questions for Hiring of STO Developers

What is STO development?

Security token offerings are designed for STO and provide a full range of STO solutions that ensure security and transparency of trading. Alfee strives to make your project effective, so our engineers use all innovative technologies in development.

How much is an STO?

On the market, it ranges from 357 thousand dollars. But the final cost directly depends on the type and functionality of what you need to develop, and on the specialists with what qualifications you use in your work.

Are STO regulated?

STO is a regulated stock trading scheme using blockchain technology. This includes the generation of blockchain tokens. Alfee developers can help you with all the formalities so that the regulatory side is satisfied.

What are STO services?

Security Token (STOs) is a type of securities offering in which a token is issued and either distributed directly to a blockchain address or account managed by a “Wallet” of the investors or the fiduciary.

What is an STO developer and what specific skills and experience should they possess to be considered a good fit for my company's needs?

At Alfee, we understand that finding the right STO developer is crucial for the success of any STO project. An STO developer is responsible for developing and implementing the smart contract code that powers an STO. They must have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, smart contract development, and security best practices.

To be considered a good fit for your company's needs, an STO developer should possess the following skills and experience:

1. Expertise in Smart Contract Development: A good STO developer should have a strong background in smart contract development, including experience with Solidity, the programming language used to write smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

2. Understanding of Blockchain Technology: A good STO developer should have a deep understanding of blockchain technology, including the underlying architecture and protocols that power it.

3. Security Expertise: Security is of utmost importance in the STO space, and a good STO developer should have a strong background in security best practices, including experience with secure coding practices and vulnerability testing.

4. Experience with STO Launches: A good STO developer should have experience with STO launches, including knowledge of the regulatory landscape and the ability to navigate the legal and compliance requirements of an STO launch.

At Alfee, we have a team of experienced STO developers who possess all of these skills and more. We are committed to delivering high-quality STO development services that meet the unique needs of our clients. We take a collaborative approach to STO development, working closely with our clients to understand their requirements and goals, and delivering solutions that exceed their expectations. With our expertise and experience in STO development, we are confident that we can help your company achieve its STO goals.

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