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Personal recruitment is a bit harder than we might think. Person to appropriate is a human race a heterogeneous and conflicting creature. Can you enumerate some criterias to do your perfect match? Do we have special knowledge in such sphere? Alfee help to find and employ the best Ruby developers to realise your company goals. Our consultant discusses the common benefits for R.R. technic, general types of employing strategies and selection criteria in favor of employing.


Why is Alfee interested in a Senior ROR developer?

Your company can see many creators in the meantime. Nevertheless, it's tough to employ crews devoted exclusively to website applications. Your idea requires specialization just like top elaboration assistance. The same happens if it involves CSS and HTML or Rails projects website development. This is a reason to trust Alfee. We guarantee your business always has top Ruby on Rails engineer's maintenance. Remote developers discover our clients with Ruby on Rails education and have a bit more skills.

A way to hire RoR Developer

Regardless of if you would like to find a Ruby on Rails developer or Android creator, there must be somewhere in favor of it. World of a Developer is extremely technical so there is the necessity to recruit someone who understands technical just like functional Ruby programming language. Because Ruby on Rails is a bit rare, a proper selection of creators become more substantial in favor of success too. In contrary, it means there are many Rails developers, and they're likely to get a great job.

When you imagine an idea that needs to use a software application, it's not immediately clear what will be the next stage? Rush to find a performer in favor of a idea on one of the offshore exchanges?

We have prepared a simple algorithm that will direct you not get lost when nothing is clear. Follow him and all of it will be revealed!

  1. 01
    Formulate your demands and wishes. Remind us about your requirements, about what property should your product has and we will do everything so as to satisfy you.
  2. 02
    Strategic planning. We propose a full and specific strategy in favor of implementation of problem to realize the final goal.
  3. 03
    Conducting tests. We will create a plan of the work scope to do and test each part to avoid mistakes in the design and get high efficiency.
  4. 04
    Selection of applicants. Conduct job interview with selected applicants suitable in favor of your specific task and find the perfect performer.
  5. 05
    Getting started. Now the preparations in favor of getting started are complete. Let's make an excellent idea in favor of you!

Advantages of hiring RoR developers


If you are still in doubt whether you need such an expert, then let's talk about the advantages that you get by hiring such a creator, as an example, as a part of your full staff.

Business culture

Inhouse creators are woven into the internal environment of the organization. They are usually involved in internal initiatives or organize activities aimed at presenting the brand and its message. Employees may build genuine connection with the company's products and itself, inherit its treasure and representing. These partnerships build good workers who will stay with the organization during times when economy is down.

Simple communicating

While a Ruby on Rails developer comes to company, provide simple interaction. It is available in favor of employees and clients to do the work together on the one day and at the same moment to meet any time zones. Every of these things highly simplify interaction and enable fewer conflicts and more effective collaboration.

Dedicated RoR developer

It is the main difference between your own employee and an offshore worker. If you hire Ruby on Rails developer, he will focus only on your projects, in addition, he will dive deeper into the essence of your business and understand the treasure of the company. If we are talking about hired from the outside, then freelancers tend to constantly switch between several projects.

Hire Dedicated Full Stack Ruby on Rails Engineers or remote developers according to Project Demands


When you have already decided that a Ruby on Rails developer is simply necessary, then you should select candidates who are really able to make your idea real, while using the most modern technologies and following the latest trends. To satisfy the customer, the specialist must know and be able to interact with several tools, but with which ones:

ROR with PostgreSQL

The ability to work with databases is the main skill required by the creator of Ruby on Rails projects. To make the maintenance powerful and efficient, scalable and flexible, you should implement PostgreSQL databases.

ROR with Vue

Vue. JS is a framework that makes the result in the form of code for the front end flexible. It is the simplest framework used by developers, but thanks to it, flexible and high-quality functionality is created with which the user interacts.

ROR with Docker 

Get in touch with our Ruby on Rail creators who can dockerize the ROR elaboration project and speed it through multiple environments.

ROR with angular lines

This is a service that requires the developer to know programming languages. Alfee specialists have such unconditional skill, but if you select the creator yourself, then you should pay attention to the knowledge of the Angular MVC structure.

ROR with React native

Your application can become much faster by reducing memory and server time. Customers will be satisfied with the speed, which means they stay with you.

ROR with MongoDB

MongoDB is a great way to integrate if there are bugs in your application. Find a developer who understands and the result will not keep you waiting.

Benefits of using Alfee Ruby On Rails Development teams For Your Project


If you don't quite understand how the software is built in Ruby on Rails, then you shouldn't panic prematurely. Our experts explain to you exactly what technologies are used and what functionality can be included in the app built on such model. And now we will tell you about some of the advantages of working with us, if there are still any doubts.


Scalability is a priority for any business. Even if a startup has just entered the market, it plans to grow. And what happens if the application at some point simply stops coping with the volume of traffic. Using Ruby on Rails technology in Alfee, such a problem has been solved. Even seasonal bursts of customer flows are easy to pass on your app, thanks to scalability.


The problem of security is acute in the modern world, when everyone is on the Internet. Any little thing that has been overlooked can lead to information leakage from the customer base, which entails unpredictable financial losses. Ruby on Rails copes with such task thanks to code security and testing, which confirm this parameter. You have nothing to worry about anymore.

Faster Development

Ruby differs from other languages, for example, PHP, Python and XML, in that the code is shortened. It is extremely convenient for the developer, and even more attractive for you. Reducing development time means reducing costs for you, so also a plus to this is high speed and quality.


The Ruby framework is used by many companies, as the functionality is extremely extensive. you can implement anything you want on such a platform using this framework.

Result-oriented Alfee Ruby on Rails development services

Ruby on Rails is a design that attracts the user. This is a code that implies effective and high-quality functionality, which will also not be ignored by the audience. At Alfee, you can bring these modern technologies to your project and just watch how the result brings potential customers and profit. And here are the services you can develop using the services described below.

Ruby on Rails Services and Maintenance

Support services include not only consultations, but also the correction of all errors that occur in the course of work, when the app is already launched for the use of the audience. In addition, you can add new functionality and update the application to a more up-to-date version with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails for MVP / Startups

Your Rar application is an investment in the future development of your business. Using MVP will accelerate the return on the project, as the product will not only be innovative, but also highly functional.

Rails On Docker containerization

Docker is what you need if you still want to stay at the helm and beat the competition. Proper use of such a tool will ensure scalability and the ability to quickly bring the project to market.

Continuous Integration and deployment

In order to constantly maintain high app speed and continuous scalability, developers are simply obliged to interact with CI/CD, creating a CD for such purposes. This methodology will facilitate rapid deployment.

Pair Programming with ROR

Writing code in pairs is not a new trend, but do not neglect it. One developer may miss something important, another will not test thoroughly enough. And working together, all this will be leveled.

ROR Integration with Front-End Technologies

Alfee is responsible for the quality of the products that enter the market with our help. Their high performance is also not an empty word for us. The active use of Javascript interface frameworks, including Reactos, AngularJS, allows the project to remain the best among competitors.

Ruby on Rails for eCommerce Apps

Reliability and safety, that's what we focus on. The use of modern trends for e-commerce makes our RoR app effective, even when there is an influx of customers.

ROR Migration Services

If the framework? Which was used in your application is noticeably outdated? You can also contact Alfee for help. Our Ruby On Rails developers will do this quickly and safely for your data.

ROR Installation And CMS Development

Do you want to create a custom CMS application? Develop functions that no one else has yet. Ruby on Rails will help you in this matter, thanks to the use of the latest trends and R & D technologies.

Ruby on Rails Developer Skills


How to hire Ruby on Rails developers? It looks like a simple question, but only if you don't fully understand it. What will you ask the candidate at the interview? How to understand which specialist is right for you or is suitable for such work at all? You need to know what skills are required.

Ruby on Rails

First of all, education and knowledge. How to write code syntax? How to enable cycles? What are the class modules? What object-o programming languages do you know? These are the questions to start with. if there is no understanding of such basic information for the developer, then the interview can be completed immediately. You need to understand how Ruby on Rails works, which frameworks are suitable, which operations are carried out. Knowledge about APIs is also needed.


First of all, Ruby was created for the server side, but it helps to understand the interface very well. you don't need to know the Javascript and CSS languages that are needed for this. but understanding how another developer works is mandatory. Interaction is mandatory. This is the only way to create a high-quality and effective product.

Analytical and logical reasoning

There's much more time involved understanding concepts to create an app or program than writing code. Advanced analysis and logic skills are essential in favor of developing and implementing plausible ideas and achieving rapid results, without having to start with nothing at the first.

Self education

Nowadays, technologies are developing extremely rapidly, so every creator, if he would like to remain highly paid and in demand, should follow all new trends. You should discover an experienced Ruby on Rails development team that is ready to learn and gain new experience. Do not forget that they also gain experience in your company.


Ruby development is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. If a creator with one year's experience tells you that he is able to handle it, don't trust him with the project. But interaction is also important. Building interpersonal relationships within the team is a direct way to create a high-quality app, because everything is coordinated and agreed.


One of the important aspects of working with Ruby technology is the ability to understand and interact with databases. If the creator is swimming in this, then don't expect a good project. The ability to read SQL databases is a must.

How much does it Cost to hire RoR developers?


To begin with, determine what do you want. A lot depends on the function. Both the final price and what type of creator needs to be required. Your company need to discover a specialist who can implement your idea, having appropriate competency and experience of work. And in favor of experts, the price depends heavily on working experience and competency, as everybody understands.

Questions for Hiring Ruby on Rails Developers

How much do Ruby on Rails programmers make?

An experienced creator in RoR earns approximately 90 thousand dollars a year. His cost rely on his professional experience of work and also on available competency. Having additional training is also important, and in conclusion, additional competency.

Where can I find Ruby developers?

Alfee offers an innovative, professional partner selection service, originally designed to attract technical talents. We select Ruby engineers who are suitable in favor of your company's project and meets all the demands.

How much does Ruby on Rails cost?

RoR specialist the range of bids from $50 to $200, and contracts with fixed price can vary in relation to the length of the product and the functionality you would like to get. Everything relies directly on the aim of elaboration and the specialist's competency you need.

Is Ruby on Rails still in demand?

RoR smashed into the development community and was hugely influential. Since this technology entered the market, Rails remained a leading provider of needful frameworks and began to be widely useful in 2006. However prevalence has decreased from that moment, and demand from companies continues to increase so far.

How to Hire a Ruby on Rails Developer?

If you would like to hire RoR developer, you should clearly figure out the requirements in favor of the idea and what characteristics of developer competency is needed for it. Having analyzed this kind of information, you are able to select the appropriate expert. Then conduct an interview to identify preferred.

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