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The moment has come to urgently build a revolutionary web application or just fix the code. What to commence with? Hiring PHP developers is the key answer. Alfee team is eager to provide you with comprehensive services, since company's experts specialise in multiple frameworks and know how to raise business up to a completely different level.

There is no other company with such a professional team who can boast of profound knowledge and numerous skills in creating revolutionary solutions for prosperous businesses. We are eager to provide you with top-rated creation services.

When you hire PHP developers at our company, you get a guarantee of impeccable quality. Our team consists of professionals who:

  • have profound mastering of Laravel, Zend, Symfony, and other frameworks;
  • are skilled in technical arsenal, i.e. web API development and integration, automation processes, web portals development, etc.;
  • have vast experience in building interactive applications with maximum user engagement;
  • are creative and talented enough to design top-notch custom web solutions;
  • master several web architecture patterns such as MVP, MVVM, etc.;
  • are guided by principles of flexibility and effective communication with customers.

Our expert PHP programmers skilled in the latest PHP frameworks will eagerly implement all your ideas, no matter how difficult they are. Before we continue speaking about main pluses of dealing with our team, let's say a few words about hiring models. There are three of them: in-house team, freelancers, dedicated team.

As for an in-house option, it is the most costly variant, since it's necessary to include additional expenses like insurances and taxes. On the other hand, developers are under business control in this case.

Another variant is to work with a keen freelance developer. Despite its relative effectiveness, this point may lack proper communication process and management.

We believe that the top option is to cooperate with a PHP development company. Cooperation with a dedicated development team means dealing with specialists experienced in Laravel, Symfony, Zend and other frameworks. At Alfee we guarantee high quality of work. Dealing with our dedicated team results in avoiding additional costs and enables uninterrupted management and efficient communication.

PHP Development Services We Offer

Alfee has solutions suitable for any business. When you hire the best PHP coders, a larger spectrum of services become available.

Effective Enterprise App Development

Come up with better results with minimum effort and resources. Make use of robust solutions for your enterprise application.

Reliable Full-stack PHP Development

Thanks to us, web applications with top-usability have turned absolutely accessible.

Custom Web Apps

With pluses of this user-oriented API and its revolutionary functional set, building your dream custom PHP Web Application is no problem.

Unique PHP Desktop Applications

Utilising the best features of the framework to build top-rated cross-platform desktop applications.

Top-rated PHP CMS Development

Create a CMS with amazing tool set and functionality using advanced instruments.

Efficient PHP for eCommerce

The framework has wide operating potential and ideal architecture for building robust eCommerce applications.

Successful PHP Upgradation

Renew your current system to the latest version, increase app performance, improve security measures with PHP development professionals.

Even if you find a company rendering above-mentioned services, it doesn't mean that they are experts. What should you pay attention to when selecting the right candidate for cooperation? We have shortlisted the main points below:

  1. Willingness to develop and grow professionally. Real professionals always want to be ahead of their competitors, therefore they constantly learn and expand knowledge.
  2. High level of expertise. TOP PHP programmers are not just good specialists, these are people whose proficiency is beyond expectations.
  3. Mastering several programming languages. Mastering a good set of programming languages and the newest PHP development tools makes a successful programmer.
  4. Flexibility. It's a delight to deal with individuals who easily adapt to changes and updates.
  5. Critical thinking. A top-rated developer should be an excellent problem solver and find ways out of the most tricky situations.
  6. Perfect work ethic. Highly skilled PHP developers not only have enough technical skills and experience, but also are excellent at building communication processes.

At Alfee we are aware of these points and we 100% correspond them. Whatever service you choose, our revolutionary team with their deep knowledge of system infrastructure & web architecture will work hard to assist you in reaching desired milestones. Hire full-stack PHP Developers from company's team and enjoy amazing results.

We have already implemented thousands of projects for small startups, medium-sized and huge-scale enterprises. Thanks to our work hundreds of businesses went uphill to a completely new level of growth.

Company's developers fluently master all main libraries and frameworks. They are 100% rated in various project management systems, test suites, and advanced tools. When you get PHP development team by hiring, it helps tackle vital business needs, since it becomes part of your business. Your profitability is Alfee's success! Therefore, we do everything to ensure refined retention and super quality.

Our offshore PHP Developers are guided by versatility of principles, among which customer oriented approach and irrefutable reputation occupy No.1 position.

Ways to Hire PHP developers for custom web development

First let's make out why you should go for PHP web development. This is one of the most adaptable programming languages, simple to apply and to master. Therefore scaling process doesn't take long. PHP is also well-known for its flexible character. It is possible to make changes during an ongoing process. Another advantage is that the language can be used with multiple operating systems. Creating reliable applications with improved operating has never been so easy!

Company's dedicated off-shore PHP developers are eager to offer you top-rated web solutions running on multiple platforms and web browsers. We know how to reach out to your target audience and have it engaged.

If you still have no idea what to commence with, check out the algorithm provided below:

  1. Contact our experts. They will help hire the best PHP Developers with little effort. State your requirements and say a few words about preferences. We will shortlist potential candidates.
  2. Pick up the perfect match. You can interview candidates, check their proficiency and way of communication. Select developers that match your finances and needs.
  3. Get started. Hire dedicated PHP developers who will seamlessly adapt company's lifestyle and corporate culture.
  4. Benefit from remote maintenance and support. Administration without additional headaches is one of the main pluses.

Cost of hiring PHP developers largely is defined by candidates' skills and expertise. It may also vary from place to place. Thanks to the fact that this is an open-source option, you can save money significantly. In general, reasonable pricing is PHP's distinctive feature. This is the best ratio of price and quality.

You may decide to hire freelance PHP developers, but don't forget that this is the most expensive option because most freelancers have rates per hour. Dealing with dedicated team of Alfee costs less without losing quality.

We recommend looking through our customers' reviews to get a better idea of our company. Alfee team of Symfony developers is eager to provide solutions for any field with quick feedback.

It's possible to hire expert Laravel developer to deliver robust solutions within one of the most demanded frameworks.

Benefits of Hiring dedicated PHP Developers

Now time has come to tell you why hire dedicated PHP programmer from Alfee:

  1. Dedicated developers. Each developer works with one client, keeping totally concentrated helps reach maximum results.
  2. Effective administration. Track the process and be aware of the progress with professional managers.
  3. Flexible model. Enlarge the team when necessary, implement changes without losing quality.
  4. Talented team. Skilled PHP developers will amaze you with their unusual solutions, providing revolutionary products.
  5. Communication round the clock. Our support staff is available 24/7, keeping them updated on the project progress.
  6. Best standards. Alfee team is a reliable company with quality coding and large practice.
  7. Thorough testing. Our PHP coders do their best to ensure perfect quality of work, carrying out detailed testing at each stage.
  8. On time service. We strictly keep to a timeline, delivering all obligations in accordance with established deadlines.

Searching for the most-qualified PHP developers for hire? Discover new opportunities with Alfee company!

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