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Hire Payment Gateway API Developers & Experts

Almost any business today is striving to find a credible software developer to apply payment gateway integration. But why did actually payment gateways become so much in demand? The answer is simple - they link online business, client, payment system and bank of the card holder. Payment gateway integration is absolutely necessary for eCommerce website to be maximally profitable and online shopping to develop properly.

Alfee is a software development company where you can fins payment gateway integration engineers for hire. Our experts will be glad to use their experience and knowledge for the implementation of your ideas in API integration.

What does the notion of payment gateway integration mean?

A payment gateway is a software system financial services payment processing. It encrypts the processed data and assist the clients to authorize correctly without issues. The payment gateway serves as a link between the buyer and the seller. Money is accepted via payment systems.

Generally, these are different systems, but large companies combine two services into one, for example, PayPal. It is a payment system which at the same time provides secure data transfer.

What are payment gateway operational principles?

A payment gateway is an element in a complex process called online payment. It is responsible for the reliability and security of data transmission between the buyer and the seller. All information is encrypted and not available to third parties.

Let's see how the payment gateway operates. We've described the whole process step by step below:

  1. 01
    A customer orders goods or services in the online store and is redirected to the payment page. He or she enters the details of debit cards on the payment system website. The payment gateway transmits the received information to the acquiring bank.
  2. 02
    The bank sends an authorization request to some international system through which the payment is made (Mastercard, Visa). It confirms the payment by sending an authorization code through the acquiring bank.
  3. 03
    At this moment, the customer gets a message sent by the bank. He or she enters the numbers on the website and receives confirmation of the successful operation.

The process itself takes a few seconds, but delays are possible. They occur due to numerous simultaneous requests that come via the payment gateway.

Advantages of working with payment gateway integration professionals

When you work with payment gateway integration team like Alfee, you can be sure that the results will be beyond your expectations. Payment gateways that we deliver have a number of benefits:

  • Full automation and fault tolerance thanks to integrating multiple gateways into a website;
  • Operating mode 24*7*365;
  • Information is transmitted over the HTTPS protocol and encrypted with different keys. Customers receive a reliable service that doesn't transfer data to third parties;
  • Consumers of payment systems don't buy equipment and specialized software. Suppliers are responsible for this;
  • Payment and bank card data is provided only to the payment gateway, not to the seller;
  • A good payment gateway can reduce shopping cart abandonment rate, this way you will get more conversions.

As you can see payment gateways, ensure secure money transfer and protect sensitive data. Customers can securely store their sensitive information, such as credit card information, on the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) portal.

Where to find reliable payment gateway developer?

Finding a trustworthy payment gateway developer is a tricky task. Undoubtedly, you'll search for an experienced software engineer at an affordable cost, but he isn't easy to find. In any case, you'll have two options - either to hire payment gateway API developers as freelancers or to work with a dedicated development team.

Both cases have their own pluses and minuses. Let's look into the issue in more detail.

Payment gateway programmers from freelancers

Hiring a freelancer as a payment gateway developer is a good option for small scale projects, medium businesses, startups, etc. This will be okay for enterprises with limited budget, who don't want to invest much into their development.

The main advantage of working with freelancers is a relatively low cost, but you should bear in mind that what is cheap isn't always good. You risk loosing quality and getting a software solution with numerous faults and issues. Freelancers don't provide proper guarantees for the product developed.

Payment gateway experts from Alfee

When you work with experts from reliable companies like Alfee dedicated team, you can be sure that the result will correspond to the established standards. Our professional developers have enough experience in payment gateway integration, and they are eager to implement all their skills and deep knowledge to get the best result for you.

Professional payment gateway developers will deliver a top-notch solution in accordance with the latest technologies, applying their vast experience and strong knowledge. If you think that this will cost you a fortune, you're mistaken. Alfee offers the best quality at a reasonable price, that's why working with our dedicated team will become one of the most cost effective decisions you will make.

A freelancer will hardly create complicated payment gateways with fraud checking tools, including CVV (Card Verification Value), AVS (Address Verification Service) and payer authentication to reduce the risk of information being lost and stolen.

Dedicated teams build payment gateways that also support cross-border online payments, making it easy for aspiring business owners to scale their e-commerce business internationally.

Why hire payment gateway developers from Alfee?

Payment gateway integration is really important for any business that has to accept payments. If you manage to create a payment API with multiple useful functions, such as fraud protection, 24/7 phone support, and shopping cart integration, all compatible with most e-commerce platforms, you can count on great results.

Online payment gateway integration makes your business more flexible and incorporated. A customer, who came to your website, will be able to buy in one click. Using a reliable payment gateway, customers can purchase products while storing their debit or credit card information for one-click payment.

Now let's say a few words about Alfee professional development team. Why should you choose us among all the other developers to work on carrying out your payment gateway integration:

  1. 01
    Experience & expertise. Our software developers have delivered hundreds of mobile apps and web applications for business. We have deep understanding of advanced techniques and extensive experience in building best-in-class solutions;
  2. 02
    Reliability & trustworthiness. Just read reviews and testimonial by our clients to see how reliable we are. Hundreds of implemented projects with maximum effectiveness;
  3. 03
    Transparency. Our managers provide regular reporting on the project progress. You can follow the project, being aware of all the alterations and improvements;
  4. 04
    High quality standards. We use world standards in website development and project management;
  5. 05
    Client-oriented approach. When applying payment gateway integration for your company, we always take into account clients' opinion. Our managers are available around the clock for the first few months.

Alfee team takes on a payment gateway integration project of any complexity. We are ready to discuss your project, create a strategy for the implementation of the site and form an individual offer. Do you have any questions? Just leave a request on the website and our payment gateway developers will contact you as soon as possible.

Questions for Hiring of Payment Gateway API Developers

How much does it cost for a payment gateway integration?

Hiring a full stack developer team for payment gateway integration will cost you about 100,000 USD. Some projects may be more expensive because of additional set of functions, their price may reach 150,000 USD. If you need to have a complex payment gateway integration project with rich functionality be ready to pay about 200,000 USD.

Which API is used for payment gateway?

There are several API integrations which you can use for payment gateway. Undoubtedly, PayPal is one of the most widespread API you may have heard. Square API helps seamlessly integrate its payment gateway with existing POS software. The most widely used API integrations also include Paytm, Stripe, Razorpay, PayU, and others.

How to hire the best Payment Gateway Integration Engineers?

If you need to find a full stack developer for your payment gateway integration project, we recommend you to cooperate with Alfee team. Our experts are professionals in computer science with good command of multiple programming languages and great talent for software development. We are ready to work with you on full time basis and part time.

Where to hire Payment Gateway API Developer?

You can find a payment gateway developer among freelancers, but they won't guarantee you 100% quality for the product. Therefore, we recommend you to work with payment gateway developers from expert companies like Alfee. Our team will help you integrate the latest payment processing technologies to support core values of your business and take it to a completely new level.


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