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In this article we have prepared useful information about those who want to hire a part-time developer for profitable business.

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Any person who owns a business dreams of finding a perfect software engineers - professionals with enough experience and skills to implement even the most incredible ideas. This task may seem impossible to many of us, since the market is overwhelmed with dishonest specialists, so sometimes you can be trapped or, what is worse, deceived.

If you don't want to find yourself in an unpleasant situation, we recommend hiring part-time engineers of Alfee team with the help of our time software engineering mentor. Here you can find the most promising full time software developers who offer the best ratio of quality and price. We have vast experience and profound knowledge to create scalable Android apps, as well as in providing sustainable web development solutions.

Why actually look for an IT developer part-time?

  1. Find a senior developer cheaper. Senior spacialists are the most demanded ones when it comes to building an efficient and bug-free application. Hiring a part-time senior software engineer who are a mentor exceptional student developers is a good way to economic independence.
  2. Get highly specialized specialists. Part-timers are generally specialists in a narrow area with more profound knowledge. Part-time software developer remote is more flexible and less dependent on circumstances.
  3. Save money and effort. Working with freelance employees can help save money, since you don't pay for insurance, vacations, etc. You only pay the developer rate per hour or other fixed rate.
  4. Faster time to market. With top-notch professionals you will speed up your way to market and take business to a completely new level. All competitors will be left behind.

How to Find Part-Time part time software engineer

It may seem that finding the best part-time programmer is a difficult task. However, following some simple steps, you will understand that everything is much easier than expected.

Make out how it works. You don't need to be a professional in front-end or back-end software engineering and understand peculiarities of coding processes. You should know at least how it all works, and what the main expectations for your project are.

Define requirements. State all your preferences - what technologies should be used, what platforms are top, what the budget is and how much time can you provide a part-time senior developer or medium developer with.

Where to find high-quality specialists? It depends whether you are looking for a mobile application developer or time jobs for a web developer for part-time technical position who will work with existing website core. In any case if you're looking for candidates for software development jobs, you can take benefits of job alert and job description with creative job title, development companies like Alfee, and social networks.

Check reviews for remote full-stack programming in order to choose the right person to entrust with your project. Interview potential candidates to find out more about his software development experience and implemented projects. If you feel that the person suits you well, start building a connection.

Offering a test task is also a good idea. In this way you will be able to identify whether the person has necessary soft technical interviewing skills.

Don't forget to ask about the part-time Software developer hourly rate. We are going to tell you more about this point below, so keep on reading.

How Much Part-Time Programmers Take for Their Work: software development life cycle

When you want to find part-time creators one of the main issues that may bother you is costs of their services. An hourly rate depends on several factors such as your project's complexity, deadlines, and of course developer's level of proficiency. It should be mentioned that rates differ from country to country.

Senior developers in the United States have the highest rates. The average software developer remote salary here is about $117,000-120,000 per year. Middle developer earns less - approximately $78,000 per year. As for junior creators, they are more affordable - about $63,000 per year. But don't forget that they are the least experienced experts.

Hourly rates on Upwork vary from $50 to $170 and even higher. If you want to hire a narrow specialist, be ready to pay twice, and if you want to decrease the costs, look for a middle developer ($40-45 per hour) or a junior developer (about $30 per hour). Keep in mind that entry level programmers are less experienced and skilled. European software developers earn about $47,500 per year. In some countries this number goes higher, and can be even more than $82,000 per year.

One of the best ways to cut down on your expenditures is to hire a part-time software engineer. Alfee team is ready to help you solve any issues, provide robust solutions for your business. Why should you choose to cooperate with Alfee?

  1. Vast experience. We have one of the most experienced and reliable teams of perfect part-time developers. At our company you can find both narrow specialists and general sphere programmers. There are a lot of Java experts, Android programmers, etc. You are sure to find a suitable candidate for your project and leverage great results.
  2. Innovative & flexible approach. At Alfee you can choose any programmer part-time that appeals to your requirement systems. We will gladly listen to all your preferences and help you choose the right strategy. Our team is constantly growing, and we are eager to implement all innovative technologies into practice.
  3. Cost-effectiveness. Alfee company can boast of convenient payment methods and reasonable pricing. We are ready to offer you solution that are totally tailored to your budget.

These are just a few reasons to choose our part-time remote software specialists. Want to know more - just get in touch with our professional team.

How to Cooperate with Part-Time Remote Software Developers

Organizing a smooth and efficient communication with a part-time freelance developer is very important. There are a few steps we'd recommend you to follow.

  • Define your terms of collaboration. State how you are going to communicate, what the deadline is, etc.
  • Choose the development methodology. Weigh up all the pros and cons of each option to find the one that suits your requirements best.
  • Decide on the budget. It's a good idea to speak about the software development cost in advance and to keep to the amount stated beforehand.
  • Don't forget about collaboration tools. This point is especially important when hiring part-time programmers from countries which are located in other time zones. Choose tools that will be okay for both of you.

We hope that the information above will help you hire part-time developers for successful implementation of your project. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact Alfee expert team.

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