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Surely you have heard the fashionable word NFT more than once, but most likely you have little idea what it is and why it is generally needed in the modern world. We've prepared this article to tell you more about NFT marketplace, blockchain technology, smart contracts, ad surely to give a useful peace of advice on hiring NFT developers. 


What is NFT project?

NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unit of account using which a digital cast is developed for any exceptional object . These can include paintings, photographs, films, songs - practically any content that is considered exceptional. NFT collection is a very valuable object among art lovers and gamers. It can be sold and purchased at NFT market or via an auction.

What is token?

A token is simply a record in a block, and, generally, there can exist numerous identical records. Each separate bitcoin is an absolute copy of another such bitcoin, this quaityenables them to be compared with a currency.

And what if I need to develop an exceptional token having no analogues? This is hwen we speak about non fungible token.

What is non fungible token?

Non fungible tokens are an excellent method to move exceptional items from the real world to the blockchain platform. Each of these tokens is exceptional, inseparable and has no copies. All the necessary data about it is safely kept in the blockchain.

Where is NFT collection stored?

NFT tokens are stored in blockchain platforms - large chains of blocks, each of which stores data. Unlike servers, where data is kept in one place, these blocks may  be placed on multiple devices in different parts of the globe.

This type of encryption protects blockchain technologies from hacking. Maximully you will manage to hack only one data block, but not the whole chain. This is the reason why majority of cryptocurrencies operate on blockchain.

When did NFT development appeared?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are not new notions in our world, but non fungible tokens appeared not so long ago. They became extremely popular thanks to the game cfalled CryptoKitties, where you need to care for virtual crypto cats. A cat from this game can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The relation of NFTs to cryptocurrency also played a crucial role. Throughout the pandemic, numerous fresh non-professional players who aspire to make money turned up at stock markets.

However, this token became largely spoken about in connection with celebrities who constantly stir up interest. When you hear about token in narrow cryptography circles, you don't pay much attention, but when  famous people and public figures come into play you can't just stay aside from the topic of NFT development.

Where are NFT development services implemented?

Initially NFT projects were created as an opportunity for digital content creators to make money on collectors, gamers and just art connoisseurs. However today monetization of popularity has become the main direction. Celebrities sell their tweets in the form of tokens and not only successfully earn money on this, but also once again draw attention to their personality.

There are lots of NFT artists who start selling their paintings in the form of NFT art. Actually, you can implement NFT development in any sphere, be it gaming, art, social media, or something else.

How to sell at NFT marketplace development?

You can find any NFT marketplace for selling or buying tokens. There are even NFT platforms with a narrow specialization - for example, only game items or only NFT art. As a rule, NFT platform charges a commission in the Ethereum blockchai cryptocurrency.

The commission is always charged at the time of token creation, but depending on the site, this can be either immediately after the file is uploaded or at the time of the sale.

How is NFT created with blockchain technology?

One of the main questions is how to create NFTs. If you want to succeed in creating top-notch tokens, we recommend you cooperate with a creative technologist from Alfee NFT development team.

Our expert FT developers have been creating NFT projects sice the notion of non fungible token appeared at marketplaces. We are well aware of all the pitfalls of NFT development and we are eager to provide you with uniqe solutions in blockchain development.

At Alfee you can hire NFT developers with vast experience and profound knowledge in NFT development. Our NFT specialists have great skill set to develop your custom cryptocurrency, create an exclusive NFT art, or deliver a perfect gaming solution. All these can help you increase your revenue streams with top developers from Alfee.

NFT blockchain development and copyright

Despite its popularity, NFT minting still has certain disadvantages. For instance, NFT marketplace has ambiguous relations with copyright.

People who buy NFTs often wonder, "Do I now own the rights to something?" No. The fact is that NFT does not give any rights to own an object outside the NFT platform.

Why do we need NFT services?


So why do actually businesses and individuals hire NFT developers? The most valuable thing about NFT is its exclusivity. No one else has the same token as you, and all information about it is securely recorded in the blockchain platform. For collectors, art lovers or gamers, it's like buying an original.

Tokens are not necessarily considered only as something valuable in terms of uniqueness, they are also an excellent investment tool.

The only thing is that in the real world we have a rough idea of how the price of art objects is formed, and in the case of blockchain, a completely new and incomprehensible creative market appears, where the price is not predetermined by artistic factors at all.

Alfee NFT developers will provide answers to all the questions that may arise. You will make out what you are actually investing in, and at what rate you can sell at NFT marketplace.

Hire NFT developers from our professional team to create lots for which collectors will fight for more than one day, overstating the original cost at NFT marketplace by a thousand times.

Order NFT game development from Alfee

Play-to-earn model has become accesssible thanks to NFT developers and blockchain technology. The main ideas are based on NFT technologies:

  • to start the game, the player needs an initial investment to acquire a character;
  • the main task is the production of valuables for resale;
  • the implementation of certain actions involves receiving a reward (it has a very real in-game value, it can be resold);

Anything can act as a reward, from crypto to NFTs.

It is worth noting that the purchased NFT character is not suitable for every game. However, NFTs can be profitably implemented, and the more unique the item, the more expensive it will be. All games are based on blockchain development, and if the video game is popular, you can consistently make a significant profit from blockchain development services.

NFT design is an art that involves the development and creation of graphic projects that are unique in their kind, and which can be obtained in ownership, which is confirmed by a token. Our NFT developers are professionally engaged in virtual blockchain creativity, ready to come up with and implement the most daring and unique design ideas, create a digital asset of maximum complexity. Exceptional collections are created by NFT developers in the same style. Thanks to an integrated approach, it is possible to carry out a turnkey design. We offer the highest quality and at the lowest prices at NFT marketplace.

Hire NFT developers from Alfee for NFT games creating. Our designers can easily take on the design of NFT games. We will:

  • define variables;
  • choose the angle and size of the image;
  • draw a picture and divide it into segments;
  • register the NFT;
  • link the illustration to the token and do NFT minting through the blockchain;
  • put up your NFT for auction for sale if needed.

A few words about smart contract development

Smart contract is a computer protocol that allows transactions and controls their execution using mathematical algorithms. Smart contracts are stored on the blockchain platform.

When concluding a smart contract, the parties prescribe in it the terms of the transaction, sanctions for non-compliance and put their digital signatures. A smart contract independently determines whether the conditions are met and makes a decision: complete the transaction, impose a fine on the participants, or even close access to assets.

Smart contract development is gaining in popularity thanks to the following advantages:

  • absence of the need for an intermediary;
  • cost reduction;
  • high speed of execution;
  • security.

Smart contracts in blockchain cannot be lost, and the decentralized control process eliminates manipulation risk. Hire our smart contract developers to leverage all the benefits of advanced blockchain technology.

Secrets of hiring NFT developers with no issues

As it turned out, it is not easy to find a good NFT developer. Many IT-specialists didn't dive headlong into this blockchain direction. It is difficult to find a serious level of training courses for an NFT developer. The demand for NFT development services exceeds the supply. There are not so many programmers and designers on the labor market who are able to take part in the development of serious NFT projects at a really high level. It takes time to adjust to the newfangled direction, many developers are completely pessimistic about this industry.

If you want to develop a successful NFT project, you can hire an NFT developer from our company. Our programmers and designers have undergone special training in blockchain development. They have sufficient experience in the field and are ready to join your NFT project at any stage, professionally help not only at the technical level, but also take part in the development of an idea, concept, creation of objects to be further tokenized , their placement on a specialized website.

Benefits of Hiring Alfee NFT Developers


Here are some of the main benefits of hiring an NFT creator and ordering marketplace development services at Alfee:

  1. 01
    NFT developers with vast experience and profound knowledge in NFT art.
  2. 02
    Expertise in NFT minting.
  3. 03
    Developing smart contracts.
  4. 04
    Skillful project management.
  5. 05
    Hundreds of successfully delivered projects in NFT space.
  6. 06
    Ability to track record.
  7. 07
    Services with customer-oriented approach and innovative integration.

Interest in the topic of NFT development is constantly growing. Blockchain latforms are already announcing various innovations and attracting investors, while NFT artists and musicians are starting to show more and more interest in a new niche.

Are you passionate about NFT technology, want to make money on digital art? Are you looking for high-class specialists who are ready to take responsibility and solve technically complex problems to implement your ideas? Need to carry out smart contract integration? We are confident that using our development services, you will be satisfied with the level of professionalism of our NFT developers, the quality and cost of the work performed by them, as well as the approach of the company's employees to work.

Questions for Hiring NFT Developers

What is an NFT, and how can it benefit my business? Can you explain the technology behind NFTs and how they differ from traditional assets?

NFTs or unplayable tokens are a kind of digital asset that is unique and can't be replicated or exchanged for another asset of equal value. NFTs are elaborated and stored on a blockchain, in particular the Ethereum blockchain, applying smart contracts. This offers a secure and transparent system for verifying the ownership and authenticity of an asset.

The technique behind NFTs is quite interesting. Each NFT contains a unique code that acts as a digital signature. This code is stored in a blockchain, which makes it immutable and transparent. This means that anyone can verify the authenticity of an NFT and who it belongs to. NMTs let additional information to be attached to an asset too, such as developer information, a description and even multimedia content such as images or videos.

NMTs can benefit firms in a difference of approaches. For example, artists and specialists can use NFTs to sell their work and receive direct payment for their creations. This allows experts to have more control over their work and receive fair compensation for it. Additionally, NFTs can be applied to elaborate unique collectibles or even virtual real estate. These unique digital assets can elaborate new sources of income and attract consumers in new and interesting approaches.

In general, NFTs are unique digital assets that are elaborated and stored on a blockchain. They offer a safe and transparent system of ownership and authentication. NFTs can benefit businesses by allowing specialists to sell their work and elaborate new revenue streams through unique digital assets.

What is your experience in developing NFTs? Can you provide examples of previous projects you have worked on and the results achieved?

We're proud to have a team of skilled specialists who specialize in NFTs and have worked on a difference of projects.

Our team has extensive experience in elaborating and deploying NFTs, including on the Ethereum blockchain. We have worked on products with a difference of clients, ranging from startups to established organizations. We have also developed NFTs for a difference of use cases, from gaming to digital art. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality NFTs that meet our clients' needs.

As an example of our work, we recently developed a NFT for a gaming company. This NFT was used to track in-game achievements and rewards. We were able to successfully deploy the NFT to the Ethereum blockchain and integrate it with the gaming platform. This allowed the company to track in-game rewards and achievements and reward their players accordingly.

In addition to our experience in developing NFTs, we also have extensive experience in deploying and managing them. We have a team of experts who specialize in deploying and managing NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality NFTs that meet our clients' needs.

At Alfee, we take pride in offering our consumers with top amenity available. We have a team of skilled engineers and experts who specialize in NFTs and have the skills and expertise to deliver high-quality results. With our experience and expertise, you can be sure that your NFT project will be successful.

How do you ensure the security of NFTs? What measures do you take to prevent hacks or breaches, and how do you handle any security issues that may arise?

At Alfee, we take security very seriously, especially when it comes to handling valuable assets like NFTs. We follow a comprehensive security protocol to ensure that all NFTs are kept secure from any potential security breaches.

To ensure security, we implement a multi-layered approach to protect NFTs, including encryption and secure storage. Our platform has undergone rigorous security testing and we continuously update our security measures to stay ahead of any potential threats. We also have a dedicated team that monitors the platform 24/7, ready to respond to any security incidents that may arise.

In the unlikely event of a security breach, we have a clearly defined incident response plan that includes identifying the root cause of the breach, containing the breach, and restoring the affected NFTs. We will also communicate transparently with affected users and keep them informed throughout the entire process.

Overall, we believe that trust is key when it comes to handling NFTs, and we are committed to providing a secure and reliable platform for our users. You can rest assured that your NFTs are in good hands with Alfee.

What are the legal and regulatory considerations when creating and trading NFTs? How do you ensure that our NFTs comply with relevant laws and regulations?

When creating and trading NFTs, there're are several legal and regulatory considerations that need to be taken into account. First and foremost, it's critical to understand the intellectual property rights associated with the digital asset being sold. This includes ensuring that the NFT does not infringe on any existing copyrights, trademarks or patents.

Another essential consideration is the tax implications of buying and selling NFTs. Relying on the jurisdiction, NFTs may be subject to sales tax or capital gains tax. It's essential to consult with a tax professional to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

In order to guarantee that your NFTs comply with relevant laws and regulations, Alfee has a team of legal experts who are well-versed in the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding NFTs. We work closely with our clients to guarantee that their NFTs are created and traded in a manner that is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to ensure that our clients remain compliant as the regulatory landscape evolves.

In summary, creating and trading NFTs requires careful consideration of intellectual property rights, tax implications, and other legal and regulatory considerations. At Alfee, we have the expertise and experience to help our clients navigate this complex landscape and guarantee that their NFTs are fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

How do you handle the storage and hosting of NFTs? Do you have a secure and reliable storage solution, and how do you ensure that the NFTs are accessible and transferrable?

At Alfee, we take the storage and hosting of NFTs very seriously. We understand that NFTs are valuable digital assets that need to be stored and managed securely, so we have implemented measures to ensure their safety.

We use secure cloud storage solutions to host our clients' NFTs, which are encrypted and protected by advanced security measures. We also conduct regular backups of our storage to ensure that data is not lost in case of system failures or errors.

Accessibility and transferability are also critical aspects of NFT management, and we have made sure that our NFT storage solutions are designed to facilitate easy access and transfer of NFTs. Our platform allows clients to manage and transfer their NFTs easily, quickly, and securely.

Moreover, we continuously monitor our storage and hosting infrastructure to ensure that it meets the highest standards of security and reliability. Our team of experts is always available to address any issues related to storage or hosting of NFTs and work with our clients to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

In summary, at Alfee, we provide secure, reliable, and accessible storage and hosting solutions for NFTs, with advanced security measures, easy transferability, and responsive customer support.

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