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LaunchPad - special platform for attracting financial investments into crypto startups / ongoing projects. This platform allows developers to securely find real investors, and investors to find potentially explosive start-ups.

Due to the ease of use and decentralized architecture, LaunchPad is currently basic token sale platform with tremendous potential. LaunchPad deserves trust due to many advantages and features, main ones:

  • Safety;
  • Simplicity & Accessibility;
  • Minimum Restrictions;
  • Minimum Costs (due to smart contracts);
  • Transparent terms of cooperation.

Increased reliability and comfortable management of hired employees create maximum convenience for work. Currently, Launchpad serves a huge number of customers and has an excellent reputation for providing services worldwide.

Alfee - leading company that specializes in high-level software development, providing professional services at affordable prices. If you are interested in launching a startup and need professional programmers, you can Hire LaunchPad Developers right now. Just contact us in convenient way / fill out website form.

Alfee`s Expert Software Engineering Team Experience

We use the latest LaunchPad coding standards with the newest software development tools. Cooperating with Alfee, customers receive high-quality results guarantee in accordance with technical requirements and LaunchPad platform necessary conditions.

Each Customer Satisfaction

Alfee is very trembling with its reputation and scrupulously treats each client. When working, we use effective tasks setting method, which allows us to pay special attention to each requirement and develop projects at short time.

Experienced Junior Software Developers & Professional Senior Experts

Depending on task complexity, current team will be filled by certain specialists in the development area. Our developers have over a thousand successfully implemented business projects behind them. Alfee is proud of its employees and bears full responsibility for each company developer`s work.

Affordable prices

Efficient working method allows to optimize all processes when programmers develop software / application according to your technical requirements. Accelerated product implementation manner allows us to significantly reduce customers` financial costs.

cooperating with Alfee you get pleasant price guarantee.

Timely Tasks Execution

A well-coordinated team has repeatedly faced challenges when it is necessary to develop complex multifunctional digital solution in short time. Our LaunchPad developers never let their customers down and completed all work within specified time frame.

Contact us right now to discuss your ideas. Whether you need to build a web or mobile application, our expert LaunchPad developers will help you. Customers are assigned with personal consultant who will thoroughly review your request and provide every project detail.

Requirements of Working with LaunchPad

Working with the LaunchPad platform greatly simplifies the search for investors for beginners and advanced startups and makes most of the actions extremely convenient and simple. For a competent distribution of efforts when working with this platform, the following strengths will be required, which Alfee is ready to provide:

High-Level Development Skills

To work with the LaunchPad platform, deep knowledge of at least one functional programming language, such as Java or Javascript, is required. With the work of a whole team, the process of project implementation is accelerated and greatly simplified.

Initially, a plan is drawn up and the composition of the team for the back end technology stacks and which in the front end technology stacks. Then a team of experts is tasked to build outstanding web

Well-Organized Teamwork

Well-coordinated teamwork is aimed at high-quality results that will meet all technical requirements. Optimization of the project implementation process allows Alfee`s employees to complete complex orders in the field of LaunchPad development in short time.

Latest Technologies Usage

For a significant performance boost, LaunchPad developers use the latest up-to-date development tools. For example, the use of modern javascript frameworks can significantly increase the speed of a future software and speed up development processes.

Alfee's employees have vast experience with a host of the latest technologies and tools, which guarantees a high-quality solution.

Excellent Communication Skills

To demonstrate project to investors / correct agreement with the developers, competent speaker will definitely be required. High oral presentation skills guarantee reliability and confidence that every project detail will be taken into account, information will be conveyed to the listener.

Recruitment Strategy & Team Goals

Before hiring programmers for an active team, it is required to draw up and analyze a detailed project implementation plan, set LaunchPad aims and consider implementing extension functions.

The main task of the team is preliminary preparation before releasing apps. When the structural plan of all development processes is completely ready, it's time to start.

Specialists in the field of Crypto LaunchPad development can significantly improve your project and take it to the next level. Competent front end web developer improve your current project by expanding the functionality and creating really worthwhile effective solutions.

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