Hire Ionic App Developers

First, let's talk about what Ionic is. This is an open source (open and free) framework created specifically for mobile application developers, which contains the appropriate library of components needed for this process. Ionic will help you:

  1. 01
    To create an app for smartphone (e.x.);
  2. 02
    For website development;
  3. 03
    To create many projects of progressive web applications.

The layout of the software product is very similar to assembling a model from a constructor. The component library can be used separately and for other purposes, in addition. At the same time technological support for all tools is provided. Using this constructor, you can make software solutions (cross platform mobile applications):

  • App projects For Android (from Android 4.4 and above).
  • App projects For iOS (from iOS 10 and above).
  • Ionic 2 does not conflict with the Universal Windows Platform.
  • The Ionic Framework (based on "Angular.js") is supported by BlackBerry 10.

Technologies for ionic app development

Ionic uses languages, protocols and web technologies such as:

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript;
  • Angular;
  • TypeScript.

Ionic application code is a mixture of native code and web code. But full access to the required functions is provided, and the user interface of the application is built on the basis of standard web-technologies:

  1. 01
    Built-in hardware acceleration options are used such as CSS animation;
  2. 02
    Rendering is optimized (without costly manipulations);
  3. 03
    Ionic uses CSS transforms for animations as a way to maximize available CPU time.

Ionic was founded in 2012 on the basis of the Drifty Co tech start-up. It is currently the best world's open source for building hybrid mobile apps (i.e. cross-platform). Just hire ionic app developer (even a one, not a team of ionic developers) and you will see how strongly the productivity of your firm increase.

Independent work with Ionic

Why do experts still not recommend mobile app development on their own if everything is so simple? The Ionic infrastructure also provides a complete set of virtual tools for programming, and the interface of the platform is quite friendly, after all. The answer to this question as usual follows from the balance of the relationship of complexity and responsibility, or rather: the necessary developers competence and the cost of error.

Expert Ionic developers. Benefits

Even the Excel program which has long been mastered by a lot of people requires proper mastering, especially if you need to complete any important project by a clearly defined deadline. The same principle applies to Ionic: if you want the intended mobile application to be executed at a high professional level make sure that competent specialists do it. Hire ionic app developers or even the intuitive simplicity of Ionic 4 won't help you otherwise.

Required Skills or who is Ionic developer?

To confidently and efficiently develop applications using the Ionic infrastructure from scratch, any dedicated ionic app developer needs to have the following skills:

  • Dedicated developers have to accept the Ionic interface as friendly. This requires a solid understanding of the architecture of ionic frameworks and knowledge of the functions contained in it.
  • Substantial experience with the Ionic platform.
  • JavaScript, Angular, TypeScript, CSS and HTML5 experience.
  • Knowledge of programming languages: Ruby on Rails, Go, Scala and some others.
  • Experience with NoSQL and SQL databases.
  • Possession of DevOps tools at the confident user level.

Ask yourself if your development team have all of these criteria or at least some of them.

Job description and working qualities of Ionic App Developer

The specialist’s responsibilities in creating programming products based on the Ionic platforms always include the following:

  1. 01
    Integration of Radar, Payments, Dashboard, Invoicing and Analytics with any website or smartphone applications based on iOS and Android.
  2. 02
    Building an efficient CI/CD pipeline for Docker, AWS, PHP/Laravel, and SQL.
  3. 03
    Forming a working documentation for all created applications (and posting it to the public for use by a team of other developers).

And if we talk about the professionalism, then a real highly qualified ionic app developer in the field of Ionic development should have the following set of personal qualities (it needs for any cross platform development process):

  1. 01
    Ability to generate new ideas for mobile applications.
  2. 02
    Ability to think systematically and comprehensively.
  3. 03
    Ability to defend your ideas.
  4. 04
    Tendency to accept the outside ideas and opinions.
  5. 05
    Preference for teamwork.

Reasons for choosing Alfee specialists or how much does it cost to hire an app developer?

If you have an idea for a smartphone application, then you need to decide on its implementation mechanism. The best solution is to hire ionic developers so that as little time as possible passes from idea to implementation.

Any development businesses don't always have employees with the required competence, however. The solution here is to hire Ionic developers from Alfee. And there are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, Alfee specialists are full-fledged experts in the field of Ionic development.
  • Secondly, our specialists have extensive experience in IT development and teamwork in the other start-ups for hire.
  • Thirdly, the quality of any app created by our specialists is always impeccable. You will never have any problems with the physical embodiment of your idea.

An extremely important argument is that the level of remuneration of our specialists is not prohibitive, in addition. Particularly in comparison with the salaries level of their colleagues from America and Europe.

Transferring the physical creating functions of your app to our ionic developers team outsourcing will cost you less than potential competitors, consequently. And there are no compromises in terms of quality.

Cooperation between native specialists and Alfee employees during Ionic development

You don't have to hire a whole team of Ionic developers to implement your app. You can only understaff your own team of programmists with the required specialists or even to hire Ionic app developer (just one). Thus you can get several bonuses at once:

  1. 01
    Your ionic app development company can significantly save on the salaries of Alfee developers. And it doesn't matter either it is app or website.
  2. 02
    you can save a lot of resources when hire ionic app developers (ionic experts) instead of rising the competence of your own stuff.
  3. 03
    Our ionic development team will significantly speed up the implementation of your app. In this case you will be billed only for the work that was carried out by hired dedicated ionic developers.
  4. 04
    Cooperation of your company employees with our ionic programmers increase competence of the firsts. The real result of such work is that your IT department will turn into a team of highly qualified specialists in the end of the project.

There are several other advantages becides the others:

  • The speed of project implementation is growing significantly. Your employees get access to necessary competencies and can absorb highly qualified ionic framework developers experience.
  • Development outsourcing is formalized by NDA, SLA contract basis. All parties have legal protection, as a result.
  • Only specific work performed is paid.

The main feature of such outsourcing is a higher level of management costs. The bonuses obtained are much higher, however.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Ionic app Developers and cooperation with Alfee

Cooperation with our company bring you an exclusive opportunity for the prompt and high-quality your IT project implementation. Such interaction will open a new page of partnership with our company, at the same time. And if you again have an idea for a mobile application you will definitly choose Alfee again by inviting our Ionic app developers to implement it.

Check out our company reviews on G2Crowd, GoodFirms, Clutch and other information platforms. They are all extremely positive. You will also be satisfied with highly qualified work of our ionic app developers.

We are sure of this because Alfee employs mainly middle and senior programmers (full-fledged project managers). Such specialists have a huge baggage of knowledge and previously completed projects both in field of Ionic app development. That is why your IT project will be implemented on time and in accordance with the issued terms of reference.

Summary or hire Ionic Framework Developer

Any mobile apps can be physically implemented in many ways. You can rely solely on your own strength: trust to develop a project (apps or website) to an individual team of IT specialists and control their implementation on your own. You can also involve freelancers in market operations. The main problems in this case will be the physical control of the development time. And this is with the probable adjustment of the formula of the terms of reference.

The most reasonable solution would be to hire Ionic app developers in our company to complement our own team of programmers, however. If there are not enough your own IT employees in your company, then this is not a problem either.

Form a working group entirely of hired specialists. In this way you can avoid difficulties in recruiting personnel with the right competencies, as well as save the most important resource - time.

We will not only help you to bring your app to life physically but also bring it to the stage when it starts to generate income. You are guaranteed a solid financial return on your investment. We are always ready to help. Contact us and you will be convinced in our professionalism.

Questions for Hiring of Ionic App Developers

How long does it typically take for an Ionic app developer to complete a project?

When it comes to the time it takes for an Ionic app developer to complete a project, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration. These include:

1. The complexity of the project: Projects that are more complex will take longer to complete than simpler projects.

2. The size of the project: Projects that are larger in scope will take longer to complete than smaller projects.

3. The experience of the developer: Experienced developers can work more quickly and efficiently than developers with less experience.

4. The availability of resources: If the necessary resources are not available, it can take longer to complete the project.

Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for an Ionic app developer to complete a project, depending on the factors mentioned above. At Alfee, we have experienced developers who can complete projects quickly and efficiently, and who have access to all the necessary resources. This means that your project will be completed in a timely manner, without compromising on quality. We also offer competitive pricing, making Alfee the ideal choice for your Ionic app development needs.

What experience and qualifications do your Ionic app developers have?

At Alfee, we're proud to have a team of skilled and qualified Ionic application specialists. Our team is composed of experts who have undergone rigorous training and have years of experience in elaborating high-quality Ionic apps. Our creators possess strong expertise in Ionic and related technologies, involving Angular, React, and Vue, which they leverage to create engaging, responsive, and feature-rich applications.

Our Ionic application specialists have a proven track record of delivering exceptional results to consumers across different spheres. They are skilled in developing both hybrid and native applications, providing that our customers receive the best solutions that cater to their special necessities. Additionally, our experts stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements in Ionic development, enabling them to provide innovative solutions that enhance applicant experience and engagement.

At Alfee, we prioritize the professional creation of our professionals. We provide them with continuous training and development opportunities to guarantee that they remain at the forefront of their field. Furthermore, our team operates under strict quality control measures, providing that our consumers receive high-quality, reliable, and scalable applications.

In conclusion, our Ionic app developers possess extensive experience and qualifications in elaborating high-quality Ionic applications. With their expertise in Ionic, Angular, React, and Vue, our team can deliver innovative and engaging solutions that cater to our customers' specific needs. We pride ourselves on providing our developers with continuous training and development opportunities, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of their field and provide our clients with the best possible solutions.

How do your developers ensure the security of the app during the development process?

Our developers at Alfee have a meticulous approach when it comes to ensuring the security of our apps during the development process. We prioritize security at every stage, from concept to deployment. To achieve this, we take various measures, including:

1. Threat modeling – Our developers perform a threat modeling exercise to identify and analyze potential threats to the app. This helps to identify vulnerabilities that need to be addressed before they can be exploited.

2. Code analysis – We use advanced tools to analyze the code for potential security flaws, regularly conduct code reviews, and follow secure coding practices to prevent common security issues.

3. External audits – We conduct regular external audits by third-party security experts to identify potential vulnerabilities that may be missed during internal testing.

4. Data encryption – We ensure that sensitive data is encrypted both at rest and in transit, and is only accessible to authorized personnel.

5. Regular updates – We regularly update the app with patches and security fixes to ensure that it's protected against newly discovered threats.

At Alfee, we understand the importance of building secure apps that protect user data and privacy. By taking a comprehensive approach to security, we ensure that our apps are among the most secure on the market. We'd be happy to discuss in more detail how we can help secure your business's app.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance services for the app after it is launched?

Yes, we do provide ongoing support and maintenance amenities for the application after it is launched. We understand that launching an application is just the beginning of its journey and providing post-launch maintain is equally essential for its long-term success. Our team of experienced developers offers timely and effective technical maintain to guarantee that your application runs smoothly and any issues are addressed promptly.

Our support and maintenance amenities include but are not limited to, bug fixing, app updates, server maintenance, and security upgrades. We also offer regular maintenance checks to provide that your application is up-to-date and working at its optimum capacity. Our support team is available round the clock to provide that your application runs seamlessly, and any issues are resolved in the shortest possible time.

We believe that our support and maintenance amenities are the best on the market because we prioritize customer satisfaction and work towards building long-term relationships with our consumers. Our approach is to engage with our clients regularly, offer them expert advice, and ensure that their application meets their firm needs. We are confident that our support and maintenance amenities will provide you with the peace of mind to focus on your organization, while we take care of your application.

How do you approach user interface and user experience design for Ionic apps?

At Alfee, we approach user interface and user experience design for Ionic apps by putting the applicant at the center of the design process. We start by understanding your firm and your applicants' needs through thorough research to gain insight into your target audience and their preferences. This helps us elaborate a design that resonates with them.

Our skilled designers follow a user-centered design approach, where we elaborate wireframes and prototypes to test our designs with real users and refine them based on their feedback. This ensures that the design is not only visually appealing but intuitive and easy to apply too.

We pay attention to every detail of the design, from the layout and typography to the color scheme and icons, to elaborate a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. We ensure that the design is consistent across all screens and devices, which helps create a seamless user experience.

At Alfee, we believe that a great user interface and user experience design is essential for the success of any Ionic app. Our team of designers has the expertise and experience to create a design that meets your business needs and delights your users. We are confident that our approach will result in an Ionic app that stands out in the market, and we would be honored to work with you to bring your vision to life.

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