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It is very important to define what high-load systems are. They don’t require a big developer number or an overcomplicated working process as you might think. The main difference from usual systems is ability to support many users simultaneously and a serious equipment load as well. But how do we distinguish a really serious load? Maybe 10 users is a high load? Maybe 100 or 1000?

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You might be surprised, but Alfee says the number does not decide anything.

High-Load engineers explain it like this. Some servers can process thousands of requests per second without crashing at all. For others a slight breath is enough to break forever. Nobody tells you exact numbers where everything goes wrong or continues running smoothly. There is no absolute point, everything is relative, because all hardware differs, all application requirements also differ. So, what do we mean finally?

Experienced High-Load developers tell about the system's ability to withstand a series of continuous requests without failure. Alas, you cannot just copy paste some nice code fragment to make everything work perfectly. System’s stability depends on hardware configuration, software components and general architecture. There has to be teamwork between elements, same as a professional orchestra has.

Alfee is proficient in High-Load development, implying top developer solutions you could ever find across the Internet. We deliver modern programming patterns, thoroughly planned architecture and powerful equipment which increases a system’s performance significantly controlling major tasks.

Before moving on, let’s summarize in brief why you should hire a High-Load developers:

  • Building a system capable of coping with a current high load. Generally this is the main point
  • Arranging sufficient infrastructure for immediate response on requests number being increased
  • Plugging additional servers in to handle grown network requirements ensuring equipment stability
  • Maintaining hardware diligently so it is able to amplify and allocate high load volumes equally on each component
  • Including all necessary means to fight network load smoothly in no time delivering the best service to users
  • Building a scalable infrastructure promising sufficient reaction to changed circumstances.

We told you only basics should be known before hiring High-Load programmers, but now it’s time to dive deeper into the educational ocean.

How to build a High-Load Development Team

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Usually customers, who have never dealt with this topic before, experience some difficulties choosing the right specialists. In developer searches they may spend months which would be better used actually building a system, but not dreaming of it. We want to share some secrets about hiring the most effective High-Load developer. Simply follow this checklist endeavouring your hardware performance slightly:

How can I find and hire a High-Load developer being confident?

No need to be afraid, Alfee cares about your enterprise structure no less than yourself. Our utmost priority is gathering an exact initiative developer team which builds a secure system with top configuration empowering flexible solutions. All employees are certified and vetted thoroughly through the exams series, so we are confident in each single professional being hired. The only customer’s task is to set definite goals, then we easily create a most suitable strategy.

What about the cost to hire a High-Load developer?

Each price set comes individually due to different factors combining a unique service outfit. First, we consider a work extent, then assign a suitable specialist. Final expenses may vary depending on developer’s talent level, experience gained, working schedule, professional degree and even location from which job will be done. Nevertheless, all selected employees are highly educated to meet your requirements in a full scope.

But how can I exactly assure a developer’s level?

Ordering Alfee service, be sure that we propose only our TOP High-Load developers, no exceptions. Each individual specialist while being employed takes a series of tests confirming his qualification reaches industry standards. Then, if the candidate is accepted, we arrange regular developer skills improvement and familiarisation with new technologies. The only question is not an employee’s knowledge but only its specification. Choosing the right one brings you real benefits.

Any possibility for a candidate's trial?

You may surely choose among our best High-Load programmers and check the suitability ensuring top effectiveness during the development process. Our utmost priority is a customer’s comfort multiply work result.

What professional types may Alfee propose?

Our staff consists of various specialists with different skills joined by the same target. Some prefer a soft-oriented developer, someone needs an overall manager capable of strong team building, another person requires system administration connected with correct hardware choice. Generally, every employer has sufficient skills and knowledge, but firstly we are interested in presenting exactly the one needed for your tasks.

Having enough situational awareness, you can start building a High-Load development team with individually chosen programmers being confident in a job quality when it’s supposed to be done. From our side we guarantee full support supplying you with really best specialists proven their qualification via complicated exams.

Your benefits from Hiring Expert High-Load Developers

It is obvious that only educated specialists with certain experience are able to perform complicated tasks with regards to requirements. Ordinary users do not understand nuances so their initiative may turn into a huge disappointment leading to money loss. To avoid such an unpleasant result, we strongly recommend hiring expert High-Load developers which take your project up to an unbelievable level.

Speaking about benefits, we want to raise a bit more technical information that might be helpful in any situation. Alfee High-Load architects propose such complicated work types to each customer:

  1. High-Load System Implementation. For those who get in touch with this topic for the first time, top experts arrange system architecture planning, cloud storage performance evaluation, high-load process imitation, improvements research, repeated evaluation and implementation after fixes done and diligent reports at the final stage
  2. All-round performance testing. A High-Load developer also proposes an already working equipment diagnostics with further improvements including various tests (scalability, load, crash, endurance, high-volume, end-to-end prescribing custom scenarios) to ensure system stability
  3. End-to-end performance optimization. Hire the best High-Load developers, and you’ll get a thorough system analysis with a full set of recommendations on contemporary strategies implementation
  4. System performance monitoring. Hiring a High-Load developer means a proficient visualisation of your system working condition including throughout, HPS, response time graphs.
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