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Hire Google API Developers

Google API is a short term which is on everyone's lips. But what does it actually mean and why is it so popular nowadays?

Google API is Application Programming Interface developed by Google company which ensures uninterrupted work of Google services and their smooth integration with other services. Other applications can benefit from Google APIs to enlarge their functionality.

Most companies hire Google API developers for creating efficient solutions for their clients or for inner use, since APIs provide functionality such as analytics, machine learning as a service, or access to user data. In this article you'll learn where and how to hire a reliable Google API developer for your business.

What do Google API experts do?

Google API developer does a lot of work to customize how users interact with data based on real-time display and traffic signals. Solutions from social networks and some popular services, as a rule, are aimed at a narrower segment, for example, displaying certain tweets, interacting with bots, advertising accounts.

API development is used in eCommerce as well. Software developers apply it to set up product display in catalogs, filtering, adding products to certain sections, promotions, etc.

Another important example is when API developers embed a Google map into a website, which can be achieved using the Static Maps API, the Places API, or the Google Earth API.

Alfee top developers are ready to work for your business and provide best-in-class solutions in Google API development.

Options to hire remote Google API developers

Generally, there are two main options for hiring a Google API developer, i.e. working with a freelance Google API developer or hiring a development team. Let's see what are the advantages of both options.

Working with a freelance Google API developer is:

  • more cost-efficient;
  • larger in choice;
  • more flexible;
  • without legal confusions.

However, cooperation with a Google API freelancer is less risk free, since the person may simply disappear and ignore your messages. Another downside is that freelancers don't guarantee top-notch quality and they don't provide maintenance and support.

If you choose to work with a Google API development company like Alfee, you will get numerous benefits, such as:

  1. 01
    expertise in Google API;
  2. 02
    full-cycle service;
  3. 03
    progress reports and timely updates;
  4. 04
    customer-oriented approach;
  5. 05
    maintenance and support.

If you want to find your Google API talent and don't want to work with freelance Google API developer, we recommend you get in touch with Alfee professionals. Our experts have enough experience and knowledge to implement even the most incredible ideas into practice.

How to find top Google API developers?

Finding a good Google API developer isn't an easy task. We know that the market is overwhelmed with specialists, but you can't be be sure that they all are highly-qualified developers with enough skills and expertise.

Before looking for a Google API developer you should make up your mind whether you want to work with a freelance Google API developer or with a dedicated team. As it has already been mentioned, the choice depends on your business needs and budget.

We've prepared a list of tips which will help you find the right Google API developer for your project:

  • Carry out research. Try to understand what exactly you need in order to enjoy great results in the end. Make out whether you need a full stack web developer, a freelancer for a few hours per day, etc.
  • Check out experience in software development. Ask to take a look at portfolio to have a better understanding of the developer.
  • Focus on communication. Expertise in software development and sound knowledge of several programming languages are really important, but communication skills are no less essential. Weigh up the way you interact with the developer.
  • Be guided with your business goals. Try to explain to your potential candidates what your business goals are and why they are important for you.
  • Define your budget. Undoubtedly, a full stack developer will cost you more, especially if this is a senior developer and not a less experiences specialist.
  • Use definite criteria to judge each developer. We recommend to prepare a list of requirements and a list of questions that you would like to ask your potential developers.

Why work with Alfee Google API professionals?

Web application development market is full of companies offering Google API development. So why should you actually choose Alfee development team among all the others?

We offer not only cross platform applications development, but also native Android applications and iOS solutions. With large experience in web development and profound knowledge of Google API tools, we are ready to develop the most unusual and extraordinary solutions for your business.

We deliver mobile applications and web services that are popular among users thanks to their simplicity and user-friendly character. When performing our work, we strictly adhere to our clients' needs, taking into account the specifics of your business. We never disregard such important aspects as design and functionality. With our expertise in digital marketing your business will go uphill.

Thousands of companies have become our clients and are now enjoying great results in their niches.

Questions for Hiring of Google API Developers

Where to hire the best Google API developers?

If you want to hire Google API developers for your project, you can visit websites with freelancers offering their services. However, if you need a great talent, we recommend you contact Alfee company, which will provide you with a dedicated team of professionals working in Google API development.

How Find and Hire Freelance Google API Developers?

If you need to hire a reliable Google API developer, you should first make out what your business aims are. If you want to save money and need to launch a small startup, a freelance Google API developer will do, but if you need to scale up and improve your position in the market, you'd better consult a software development company like Alfee.

How much does it cost to hire a Google API developer?

Hourly rates may differ depending on the country, projects and developers expertise. If you need to hire a senior developer full stack, be ready to pay more. When working on a project with minimum number of features, you may pay about 2,000 USD. But if the project is a large-scale solution for your business, totally tailored to your requirements and customized to your preferences, it may cost more than 10,000 USD.


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