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EOS is a cryptographic blockchain protocol that uses blockchain technology. We can design and develop decentralized systems which are beneficial. Alfee offers safe, smart contracts for businesses and IT platforms that are customized for your business requirements and are available as an EOS blockchain platform. Start now.

Our expertise in EOS system smart contracts

Transform your business using a highly experienced eos developer network. Hire eos Blockchain Developer for decentralized and scalable applications using strong blockchains for smart contracts.

Engagement Models to Hire top EOS developer

Alfee offers a variety of hiring models that allows for the best fit for your needs. We have EOS Blockchain developers available to hire in either part-time or full-time hours.

Major Benefits of Hiring EOS blockchain developer from Alfee

Plug into the world of talents and collaborate with leading EOS best EOS developer risk-free. Do not employ an EOS freelancer, but Hire EOS Developers that is certified by our team. Set the pace for your team. Stack your teams. Improve productivity and increase efficiency with Alfee's Smart team. Our team connects you to highly qualified EOS developers on-demand.

Zero Infrastructure & Recruitment Cost

You don't need to put your limited resources in office rent, recruiting employees or professionals, and training. Hire offshore Blockchain developers with a simple and hassle-free onboarding process and start your project right away.

Cost-Efficient Solution

We know your budget is limited. When you hire dedicated Blockchain developers you not only save the basic and additional costs associated with your blockchain project but also get high-class solution at the most affordable budget range.

Premium Tools nodes

At Alfee, our EOS professionals and engineers use the latest Blockchain technology and hold years of hands-on experience with all the essential and popular tools including Ethereum, Solidity to deliver you the best decentralized solution.

Dedicated EOS engineers

We don't hire freelancers. Alfee has full-time Blockchain top experts who constantly work with our clients and give full support. When you hire them, they dedicatedly work on your project having transparent communication with you.

Our Full-Stack EOS blockchain development services

Alfee is a leading hire EOS Developers company, providing high-quality services to companies and businesses across the planet. Having completed over a thousand orders, we've had significant success and always get results that exceed our clients' expectations.

NFT marketplace development

Our developers are well-versed in creating a decentralized NFT marketplace to help you organize NFT trading, buying, and selling digital assets. We have top Ethereum wallet developers at the place who deliver simple solutions for your complex NFt development requirement from allocating assets to verification.

ICO development

Our Blockchain cryptocurrency developers are adept in ICO development involving token creation, website development, integration of ICO campaign analytics, EOS blockchain deploying and etc. We provide technical assistance for your cryptocurrency and crowdfunding project while ensuring your token is compliant with network-specific technical standards and rules.

Smart Contract Development

Our blockchain smart contract developers build and deploy self-executing contracts for both private and public blockchain networks. They are well-versed in EOS smart contracts development for NFT projects, crowdfunding, blockchain supply chain, and ranging decentralized applications. Just hire them and they will deliver you the best solution you need.

dApp development

From designing to developing, our Blockchain developers have delivered enterprise-level dApps for numerous international clients and helped them achieve their business goals with flexible and effective solutions. They have deep knowledge of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solidity, and Truffle to make a fully secure and successful decentralized application.

Tokenization Assistance

Hire EOS Developers from us who can assist you tokenize any digital or physical asset you want. We have professional Ethererum Wallet Developers who have a wide knowledge and real-life experience of tokenization of assets using blockchain technology. They ensure efficiency, transparency, trust, and bring more liquidity to a variety of assets.

Blockchain Wallet Development

Our Blockchain wallet developers create secure cryptocurrency wallet, Bitcoin wallet, eWallet that allow you to make easy and safe cryptocurrency transactions. We make the best use of Ethereum platform to give you a robust blockchain wallet that has great features to send and receive value globally with a high level of security.

Ethereum Development

Our Ethereum developers possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the Ethreum framework. We build full-fledged decentralized applications and NFTs using this platform. We can produce innovative blockchain applications for web browsing, identity management, supply chain management, and many more from Ethereum.

Custom Blockchain Solution

Our Blockchain app developers are proficient in using famous Blockchain frameworks & technologies such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, EOS, Stellar. They can develop custom Blockchain applications for any business requirements. Just share your blockchain development requirements, and they will turn your idea into a fully-functional application.

Cryptocurrency Exchange development

We can create highly secure and flexible cryptocurrency exchange applications for web and mobile platforms. Our full-stack blockchain development team develops safe and hack-proof apps with advanced features that support all essential cryptocurrency exchanges including centralized and decentralized P2P cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why dedicated EOS blockchain developers is the solution to your business problem

Alfee provides blockchain development services for a variety of industries. When you hire Blockchain developers from us, we ensure that you get best-in-class solutions for all business and industry requirements.

Healthcare industry specific

Healthcare industry is utilizing the power of Blockchain technology to provide enhanced, secured, and scalable healthcare services. Our Blockchain app developers can provide you with modern blockchain-based solutions for your ranging healthcare industrial needs like Blockchain-based IoMT, Patient billing and healthcare payments, PHI storage and sharing, Drug traceability, and Health record management.

Travel and Tourism

Blockchain technology can upgrade your travel and tourism business. And our Blockchain experts know how to do it. They can build Blockchain-based web and mobile applications for luggage tracking, identification services, secured and traceable payments, customer loyalty programs with token distribution that could uplift your travel business to the next level.


Our developers are specialized in using Blockchain technology for the retail industry.

They can create secure and reliable applications for:

  • proper inventory management; Using cryptocurrencies as a payment method;
  • prevention of counterfeit goods and fraud;
  • authentication of products, merchandise contracts, smart loyalty programs, P2P and cryptocurrency transactions;
  • product tracking;
  • direct B2C interaction;
  • supply chain management and so on.


Blockchain gives many benefits to eCommerce like enhanced security, easier, faster, and safer transactions, and streamlined business processes. Our engineers can create high-end eCommerce solutions for token-based purchase, cryptocurrency transactions, supply chain management to boost your sales and revenue growth.

Hire our brilliant Blockchain cryptocurrency developers and Ethreum wallet developers now.

Banking and Finance

Alfee can help you with streamlining your banking and financial services, clearance and settlement systems, buying and selling assets, digital identity verification with high-end secured blockchain applications. Hire on-demand blockchain developers, and they will transform your financial and banking operations.

E-learning and Education

Our Blockchain developers are proficient in creating web and mobile applications for e-learning and various educational purposes. They can upgrade your exiting online learning platform by enabling lessons and courses with smart contracts and giving advanced features like digital badges, file storage, online rewards, or fully creating a new one. Hire Blockchain programmers now.


Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, or supplier, we have a talent pool of engineers and programmers who create advanced applications using Blockchain with AI to automate the monotonous and manual operations of your logistics and supply chain management. You can get real-time insights and predict the prospective challenges to make your transportation and logistics business better.

Real Estate

Alfee can upgrade your real estate-based business with blockchain. We can tokenize your real-world assets involving real estate funds, real estate property, governance rights, and more using Ethereum Blockchain development. We not only provide secure and compliant digitization of your real estate asset but also guide you in investing in NFT real estate property in popular metaverse brands.


Our in-house developers and programmers have delivered over 50 projects using Blockchain technology and AI for multiple industries. No matter how complex or specific requirements you have, Hire EOS Developers from us and see how they make it happen.

Questions for Alfee EOS blockchain experts

What is a EOS Blockchain Development Company?

Alfee as an EOS Blockchain Development Company offers personalized business-grade EOS solutions. Our passionate Blockchain developers expand boundaries to fetch desired results and satisfy the clients to the fullest. Hire EOS blockchain developer and programmer with us now for innovative Blockchain solutions, and we will be glad to help you with your EOS Blockchain project.

How to hire EOS developers for your project?

Blockchain is an advanced technology that requires a deeper understanding of cryptography, NFT, AI, data structuring, programming, and intelligent use of Ethereum and other blockchain development platforms to make you fully successful. And our blockchain experts have years of hands-on experience with popular frameworks and tools especially in Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, Stellar, EOS to give you a really effective solution. When you ask why you should hire on-demand Blockchain developers from Alfee, we give the below reasons.

Are you ready to hire top EOS developers?

Alfee has been providing Blockchain development services for the last 7 years. Our developers and engineers hold diverse expertise with top-notch blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Solidity, Stellar, Corda, and many more. Their experience empowers us to deliver an effective Blockchain-based solution that makes you successful in the market.

What is EOS blockchain?

EOS is a high-performance blockchain infrastructure that provides a fast, cost-effective and secure environment for commercial-scale DApps. EOS blockchain is Ethereum’s competitor, built for both public and private use cases.

The EOS ecosystem has three main components:

  • EOS.IO. The underlying software, more like an operating system that runs and manages the EOS blockchain network. It provides a tool kit for developers to simplify DApp development.
  • EOS Blockchain. The main EOS blockchain, governed by the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm that hosts and runs DApps.
  • EOS Tokens. EOS blockchain has an underlying currency, EOS tokens, which are responsible for on-chain staking, governance and other economic activities on the network.

What is EOS and how can it benefit my business?

EOS, or Enterprise Operating System, is a comprehensive software solution that can help firms streamline their operations and enhance their overall efficiency. It's designed to integrate all of the various functions of a business, such as sales, marketing, finance, and client amenity, into a single platform, making it simpler for employees to collaborate and share info.

One of the main advantages of EOS is that it can help organizations save time and money by automating many of their routine tasks. For example, it can automate the procedure of sending out invoices, tracking inventory levels, and generating reports. This can free up employees to focus on more important tasks, such as developing new products or improving consumer amenity.

Another key benefit of EOS is that it can help firms make better decisions by offering them with real-time data and analytics. It can help them detect tendencies and trends in their operations, as well as pinpoint areas where they can improve. By using this data to make informed decisions, organizations can outpace the competition and reach their aims more quickly.

Overall, EOS is an ideal option for firms that want to enhance their efficiency, streamline their operations, and make better decisions. At Alfee, we're committed to offering top-notch EOS development amenities that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your firm succeed with EOS.

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