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Decentralised finance becomes more common and demand for DeFi developers has increased. Alfee discusses technical expertise required to weed DAPP developers out of a project, and shows how to find those engineers. Decentralized finance DeFi markets like cryptocurrency are taking hold of the world in quick succession and particularly in the cryptocurrency space. Decentralized Finance has become synonymous with banking in favor of those seeking loans to borrow from banks. The global market for blockchain-related applications and asset management is estimated at around $1.9 billion. 

According to forecasts, in 2026 the blockchain market will be already $70 billion. That is why companies are already striving to take their place in this industry in order to be on the horse at the right time. 

Alfee specialists and this article itself will help you figure out how to find suitable DeFi developers, what skills they need to perform the task you set.

Tell me the meaning of DeFi?

The term "decentralized finance" is used by many financial industry experts to improve liquidity by limiting intermediaries and centralizing the system. Amongst the most attractive aspects in this space are fewer centralized custody arrangements.

Conventionally, centralized exchanges and banks have different rules that regulate users of services. But Decentralized Finance doesn't have these requirements making it a profitable option. DeFi offers a number of advantages. Just like Bitcoin, DeFi uses blockchain technologies.

What is the protocol DeFi development?

Decentralized Financials, also called Open Finance Development, is an innovative new idea brought about by blockchain technology. It literally gives people power by allowing in favor of more access to financial services like loans and investments in regulated environments in regulated economies.

Our DeFi development company aims to deliver the best DeFi solutions technology can give you. What we do is that we build a platform and related solutions for your financial business, wherever your needs lie.

Where can I find qualified DeFi developer to realize DeFi app development?

You should hire a DeFi developer freelance based on their experience in their industry, or you can hire in Alfee. It's fortunately possible that DeFi developers and their developers can be consulted by reputable platform providers. We are the leading IT company with a strong focus on the integration and retention of high skilled professionals from different technology fields and a wide array of customers.

Since 2013, the firm has processed nearly 200 million talent application requests per year employing around 450,000 people. Alfee provides consulting services in more than 160 countries with an active client base of over 160,000.

What skills are required from developers of decentralized finance?

When planning an application DeFi development plan Dapps needs to understand that its development is different from most digital financial solutions. Dapps have the blockchain-type features and possesses special characteristics associated with this technology namely composable, transparent and auditable. Therefore a qualified Decentralized Finance engineer is necessary in favor of the development of such a system.

How can DeFi developers develop a technology stack? There is no single answer as Decentralized Finance products are characterized by their own technology. However, Dapp DeFi developers need mainly technical knowledge such as this. For example:

  • Experience working with basic frameworks such as Truffle, Hard Hat, Brownie and others;
  • Connection with Ethereum;
  • Transaction processing skills (Ethereum, Tendermint, Corda);
  • Knowledge of the file storage system (IPFS, Swarm);
  • Working with databases (BigchainDB, IPDB);
  • Ability to interact with technologies for hash registry development;
  • Interaction with automated smart contracts registries (for example, dapp.registry);
  • Ability to interact with applications of communication between blockchains (for example, Oraclize).

How to hire DeFi Engineers for best and innovative solutions?

Choosing the right decentralized developer can seem difficult. Decentralized Finance remains a relatively new field in which employers can overlook identifying key roles. Alfee specialists recommend starting with looking for talent at your place. DeFi developers are found on jobs boards and free-lancing websites. Whatever you choose is required for an effective application to be considered.

After you've got all the applications sorted you will need a system to select the right candidate. Interviewing will help you learn how to find a good candidate for the company.

Alfee team has prepared an algorithm by which you can easily find and hire the right defiant DeFi developer for you step by step.

Choosing the technology with which you want to implement your project

The first thing you start with is choosing the blockchain technology you want to interact with. This is important because specialists, as a rule, specialize in their own specific technology, which they deeply understand. This will reduce the search circle.

Own specialist from the team or brought in from outside

There are only two options. Either your team already has a DeFi developer, or there is a need to attract a person from outside. The first option has a significant drawback. The payment in favor of the work of a full-time specialist is high, in addition, you may simply not find a specialist in your region with the skills and experience you need. But a person from outside can be a good option: the cost of payment and skills that are right for you are lower.

Understanding the goals of your project

What kind of specialist you need and what the payment will consist of depends directly on what exactly you want to get as a result. You have to formulate it precisely for yourself first of all. Whether it's an electronic wallet or a DeFi lending platform, if you don't understand what you want, don't expect it from the performer. Formulate your wishes correctly and concretely.

Scrupulous search, selection and interview

At this stage, it's time to move on to the search for developer vacancies. You should personally talk to the selected candidates and familiarize yourself with their previously implemented DeFi projects. Word of mouth can also help, maybe your friends have already hired a specialist and are satisfied with the result, or maybe vice versa. Any feedback from previous customers may be useful.

Innovative DeFi Solutions and its pros

Decentralized finance protocol development gives businesses an entire range of opportunities to offer financial services. In addition, it offers flexible financial solutions and services across several economic sectors. It democratizes financial markets effectively and enforces equal opportunity.

Money Legos

Essentially it focuses on children toys which are constructed from Lego and are able to build different structures. Lego refers to a method of creating decentralization finance applications based upon similar premised blockchain. So there is much compatibility among the various projects and collaborations are possible between them.

Self-Custody and DeFi wallet development services

Self-care is defined as no other person possessing the money. It makes it safer from phishing attempts to steal money from customers, and enables smart contracts to utilize your credit or cash in loan or exchange transactions.


The decentralized financial system is available on public “perseverable” blockchain that are available to anyone. The user can just create their own wallet and create a new account.

Transparent DeFi protocols

Decentralized financial applications use public blockchain to run the ledger. This provides high transparency which traditional systems cannot provide.

Global access

Our Decentralized Finance Application is fully available online and can be easily accessed anywhere on Earth.


All data are stored on the immutable blockchain ledger, so that data will never be destroyed.

Top Blockchain Technology and DeFi apps used for it

DeFi apps are based upon blockchain and decentralized public ledgers which allow the recording of a network transaction. But cryptocurrencies are best when they are connected to their businesses. Decentralized Finance is based on some of the world's largest blockchain projects.

If you hire a decentralized financing Alfee developer, be sure they have an understanding of different blockchains. Ethereum leads the DeFI industry today but is not the sole cryptocurrency developer using the blockchain to develop.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that works with smart contracts. At the moment, it is the largest blockchain platform due to the high speed of transactions and digital assets, the possibility of integration (all projects work on the same basis according to the basic mechanism), the absence of a higher supervisory authority.

Ethereum can help you create financial apps which are usually provided through centralized banking institutions. In particular, it is possible to use Ethereum in favor of developing an AppDeFi allowing for flash lending.

Flash Loan is a Decentralized Loan. It signifies borrowing is not required by providing any personal details or providing a guarantee. Though they are not available to people outside the Decentralized Finance community, there is an excellent possibility these loans are going to become the norm. Flash lending offers a convenient way to borrow without the need to visit any central government or banks.

Solana (SOL)

Solana's blockchains provide high throughput and high scalable performance. Compared with other popular blockchain systems, this technology can process up to 60,000 transactions every second. Although not as popular as Bitcoin, Solana has a high-speed processing speed and has the capability to process large amounts.

The main difference and advantage of Solana in comparison with other platforms is naturally speed, low transaction cost, scalability.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is an older blockchain that has become popular in DeFi applications. It runs smart contract software and delivers high security and low costs. A very appealing aspect of the avalanche is its focus on ecofriendliness - despite DeFi getting many critics in favor of neglecting its environmental sustainability.  

Avalanche was originally created with a special focus on scalability. Transactions carried out on this platform are much smoother than their counterparts. Another advantage, mainly over Etherium, is low fees. Stability is ensured through the use of an energy-efficient algorithm, whereas other platforms use a health check process. And an additional plus is speed. Who wouldn't like processing over 6,500 transactions in one second? 

Questions for Hire DeFi Developers

What does Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development Company do?

DeFi Development company is engaged in providing services for creating a product on the blockchain platform using the most innovative solutions, providing the product with scalability, security and high performance at the output.

Where to Hire DeFi Developers to Build Your Dapp?

You can hire a DeFi developer on the freelancers exchange, be sure to get acquainted with their work experience, portfolio and interview. If you don't want to doubt the quality of the artist's future work and waste time searching, you can hire a developer in Alfee.

How to Hire DeFi Developers: Everything You Need to Know

You should choose the technology with which the project will be implemented, formulate what the product should be at the end of the work and express all your wishes, find a specialist suitable in favor of the requirements.

What are the features if you hire DeFi developers?

When choosing a specialist, you should pay attention to what skills he owns. In order to perform the task of DeFi development qualitatively, you need to be able to at least work with smart contracts, blockchain platforms, be able to process transactions, what are the files of storage systems and how they differ.

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