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As blockchain technology evolves, decentralized autonomous organizations become more common. Alfee specialists describe how to hire engineers capable of developing DAOs. Basically, blockchain aims to decentralize every aspect from organisational decisions to token assets and services. Decentralized autonomous organizations are not really new today. DAO had an estimated market value of $21 billion in 2022, with 42227 in ecosystems. Decentralised financial services analysts say the financial services sector is set to grow in fewer years than expected.

What is DAO?

Decentralised autonomous organisations or DAO are a community built based on code but does not involve central bodies such as companies, government and foundations. The website is an online business owned by the entire membership network. A DAO consists of monies which nobody can see without their consent. The Members may elect and make their suggestions. Typically an AO or traditional organisation has no CEO or CFO position. During its operation, all members have equal participation in all operations. How does a DAO differ from traditional organisations?

The DAO may also have for-profit and non-profit organizations. It has to be decentralised and automated. Some examples include world contributions and memberships being accepted by DAO charities. Members choose which donations will be shared amongst groups. DAO members combine investment funds to choose which firms are eligible to receive funding via ballot. DAO is a cryptocurrency owned or controlled by the community.

Difference between DAO creation and traditional organization

What is the difference between a DAO and a traditional organization?First of all, the lack of leadership positions, such as CEO, CFO, and so on. Each team member equally participates in the life and functioning of the organization.

And here's how else the DAO differs from standard organizations:


Ordinary organizations have a subordination structure, in other words, they are hierarchical. If we are talking about the DAO system, then here we talk about a fully democratized system. Everyone is equal.


Leadership in the DAO is not one person, not a group of managers, but the whole community. This is what distinguishes this approach from a traditional organization in which the power over the business belongs to the top.

Automatic processing

The processing of all services in the DAO is automated, there is no more room in favor of bias and subjectivity, for example, when distributing funds to charity.


DAO provides a high level of transparency. All business activities become public.

Examples of DAO Development

A DAO can be any kind of company that is engaged in commercial or, on the contrary, non-commercial activities. The main thing is that the group should be centralized and automated. There are apollo DAO, Kolibri DAO and DAO journey. We can show this with a few examples that were created by Alfee DAO developer:


DAO charity is engaged in fundraising from all over the world. And the participants, since they are members of the organization of unequal rights, decide together exactly how the donations will be spent.


In a DAO venture fund, members of the organization pool capital and jointly decide which startups to invest in by voting.


DAO can also be considered as a cryptocurrency and also as a component of a smart contract. A good example is the DASH.

Where can I find top DAO developers for DAO Projects?

If we create our first DAO, we need to develop intelligent agreements that drive them. DAO makers certainly assist in completing your application if they have experience in a particular field. What are some good places in a job search to get the right help? Alfee team is glad to help you with it.

When the idea of the project has already come to your mind, you need to know what to do next. How not to waste time and quickly find the perfect candidate? You just need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • You must accurately formulate all your requirements in favor of a future DAO-based project. What you see it, what functions it should have.
  • You need to select the appropriate candidates. Look at the freelance exchanges, there are plenty of them. Carefully review the portfolio. Which projects DAO developer has already worked with and whether you fully like them.
  • It is necessary to conduct an interview with the selected performers to make sure of their expertise, and most importantly to understand whether you can work together.
  • When the ideal candidate is selected, it remains only to conclude a contract.

However, if you value your time, you can entrust all this to Alfee specialists. our managers will talk to you, identify exactly what you need. Then we ourselves conduct the initial selection of DAO developer who are suitable in favor of solving your specific task. You only have to conduct an interview and choose the best one.

But how to understand which specialist is suitable in favor of solving your problem? Let's figure out what services are provided by DAO developers. All this is also implemented by Alfee specialists.

Blockchains Used by Developer DAO

When hiring DAO creators, you must ensure that you hire someone that is qualified in your field in favor of working with blockchain. These blockchain technologies are commonly utilized in the web development process.

Avalanche (AVAX)

Avalanche is an ideal blockchain to develop DAOs as they support the use of smart contract. Blockchains are designed as an alternative to reducing transaction costs: security, speed, and sustainability. Avalanche aims to solve one big problem in the blockchain industry: excessive fees and congestion.

Ethereum is among the earliest blockchains available on DeFi and allows only fewer transactions in a second. Meanwhile Avalanche processes 6500 transactions in 1 second and enables subsecond end-of-day processing. It offers lower fuel costs so it's cheaper to use compared to other cryptocurrencies and to creating smart contracts.

Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos is a blockchain with tokens that operates without mining the token. Instead tokenholder receives reward if they participate in proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms. Similar to Ethereum, Tezos is a smart contracting tool. Developers say 'Tezo' means smart contracts, and translates to "smart contracts." Despite its similarities, it is different to Ethereum as the network allows participants to determine the system rules. It is designed as a flexible and dynamic platform for networks that are critical in favor of the success of TezoS.

A fundamental DAO blockchain development skill required to use Ethereum is knowledge of solidity. Developers must understand Ethereum's high-level developer's preferred language to write smart contracts. They need to know about Truffle and Geth clients. The Truffle Framework is a system in favor of automatizing the testing of intelligent contracts. Geth also offers Go-based Ethereum software in favor of interaction between developers and Ethereum.

Terra (LUNA)

Terra is a public blockchain platform enabling borrowers of digital assets to lend them back. The algorithm is unique to stabilize token prices across networks. Terra believes that digital assets can serve as collateral for lending and this can help bolster blockchain adoption. Terra has a two-token system. The initial token Luna helps stabilise the value of digital assets within the network. The corresponding token, Terra, is used for payment of products and services and as a part of smart contract.

Solana (SOL)

Solana became an alternative in favor of Bitcoin and Ethereum because of cheaper and faster transaction speeds. Blockchains use Proof of History (Pi) concept that bypasses mining and provides quicker transaction processing speeds. Solana processes a total amount of 64k transactions every second much faster versus 15 TPC Ethereum. The platform also enables low fuel costs and a more affordable DAO development.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ether is the decentralized exchange system for smart contracts. These contracts were designed in statically typed language to aid in the creation of DAO. Ethereum's success as a Blockchain in favor of DAO development can be explained by its huge community, extensive documentation and extensive toolsets.

Interview Questions for DAO engineers

To choose the right candidate, you need to carefully read the portfolio. But the next stage is an interview. This is an opportunity to identify whether the contractor is suitable for the implementation of the project based on his experience and skills. Here are the questions worth asking:

  1. What is your experience with blockchain technology? This will help you understand whether the performer has any idea at all how such a technology functions or whether he has years of work with blockchain services behind him.
  2. What do you think is the most important aspect of DAO development? The answer to this question will show what the developer DAO focuses on when creating the service. Whether it's the quality of the code or the creation time. You know what is important for you - it remains only to choose someone who thinks the same.
  3. Which programming languages are convenient for you to work with? If you would like the service to be written in a specific system programming language, then you will find out if the developer can provide you with such a service.
  4. Have you ever worked on a project that includes a DAO? If yes, please describe what role you played. You can also ask to show the developer's early projects to make sure whether his level of expertise suits you and whether the work suits you in principle;
  5. Are you ready to learn about the new blockchain? If you want to use a new blockchain technology in your product, for example Terra, then you need a specialist who will be ready to dive into something new and deeply understand it.

Why Alfee is an excellent variant to hire DAO creators?

Statistics and surveys show that the development of DAO will gain great popularity due to all the advantages it has over analogues and which we have described in this article. It cose the community growth. As a result, Alfee developers are constantly gaining new experience in this field and undoubtedly provide the highest quality products among competitors.

Questions for Hire DAO Developers

What is a DAO developer?

DAOs operate independently and have smart contracts. DAO is an easy to work group that can work with smart contracts. Although a particular task isn't automated, it is entirely decentralized and controlled by the workers who work for it.

What are the benefits of Adding a Full Stack Developer to your team?

If you have ideas for implementing a DAO project, then the best option would be to hire a Full Stack developer. This will allow you to focus on the project, the service will be more efficient, and the development time will be reduced. A professional will fully immerse himself in your task.

Who is a DAO developer?

DAO developer is a specialist who is hired to create a service based on blockchain technology. In his work, he uses various platforms, such as Etherium, Terra, Solana, Tezos, Avalanche and others.

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