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Hire Cryptocurrency Software Developers

According to Statista the global Blockchain-driven economy will grow 1.2 billion dollars per year from the previous quarter to 1.6 billion by 2025. These technologies are creating an increasing amount of startups who seek cryptocurrency entrepreneur jobs and get a lot of funding. It is especially true in many countries. When blockchain developers require a higher degree of expertise in crypto programming, it is important to have knowledge about their skills to implement your project.


What is Cryptocurrency software development?

Cryptocurrencies software development enables you to develop and integrate cryptocurrencies within your existing system. Besides cryptocurrency, this includes websites and apps in favor of making storage and usage of cryptocurrencies easier. Generally speaking cryptocurrencies are digital assets whose functions are to act in exchange for currency, enabling cryptography to guarantee transactions and controlling currency creation and conversions.

Why should you hire qualified blockchain developer?

Hiring an industry-leading cryptocurrency developer can make your company grow. The best candidates must be smart, qualified and dependable or your project will be behind in terms of success. Alfee can solve your job search problems by finding cryptocurrency developers with top skills. Our sophisticated matching technology enables our customers to identify the most suitable candidate in favor of the project they are planning. We offer the best combination of artificial intelligence and individualized interview techniques, guaranteeing your business the right fit. Our primary goal is to help you choose the right product.

Increasing profit margins in crypto investment

Cryptocurrencies have been an enduring topic since it was first introduced. In addition the company is widely acknowledged for unique functions such as decentralization anonymity, transparent transactions and fast processing times in favor of transactions. This feature helped boost its popularity with investors. It has brought increased profits for those who invest in cryptocurrency. Numerous people made big profit through the crypto market. It is also the main cause in favor of the increase in demand to make crypto applications that can help users to trade efficiently and make huge profits.

Emergence of Several ICO Events Globally

In the past few years several ICO events around the world were launched, which has significantly boosted cryptocurrency development demand for innovative ideas. So it becomes imperative to have skilled developers to assist with launching their own ICO tokens and partners to create products and services using blockchain technologies and ICOs.

Emergence of Many Blockchain-based Financial Services

Blockchain technology is opening new opportunities in favor of fintech startups across different sectors, such as payments remittances, and loans. Among the newest blockchain financial products is a blockchain wallet and crypto exchange which help individuals to invest easily while also generating greater returns on investment (ROI).

Cryptocurrency adoption by large financial institutions


Several major banks and investment banks are also interested in blockchain technology, and the increase in demand has prompted an increase in demand by cryptocurrencies developers at the firms' offices. Consequently there is an overall rise in the number of jobs for blockchain developers worldwide.

Increase in the value of Cryptocurrencies

In recent decades, the value of cryptocurrency has increased exponentially. This proves that cryptocurrency is on a permanent basis and continues to gain value. You must employ cryptocurrency developers in favor of developing cryptocurrency exchange platforms and other related crypto-related projects.

Exponential growth of crypto exchange users

The number of visitors to crypto exchanges has increased rapidly in the past year. Consider that Binance will grow its user base by nearly 500,000 between 2017-2021. Coinbase's user numbers increased from 13 million to 56 million in 2019. Its yearly revenues will exceed 70 million by 2022.

Disruptiveness of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technologies promise revolutionizing business forever. Blockchain has already affected dozens of sectors like finance and real estate, and still leaves many opportunities to disrupt other industries, such as healthcare, leisure or education industries.

Exponential growth of Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency sector is expanding rapidly and there are many opportunities in favor of startup startups in this industry. In order for a company to succeed there should be a well established and reliable ICO software development team and sufficient resources.

Why should I hire Blockchain Developers at Alfee?

This would be the best time of day in the crypto world. - Freelancer developer. Alfee's new platform provides developers with the best possible support and tools for their cryptocurrency development services projects. Tell us the best possible method that can help you meet your needs and make your career a success! Artificial intelligence matching - Our crypto currency software engineer is thoroughly vetted before they come into our teams. The candidate must demonstrate their ability to function as a Senior Programmer.

It's easy to hire cryptocurrency developers from Alfee. We have experienced developers waiting in anticipation in favor of your project requirements and we are here to support your selection for your project. All of our developers on our website have been professionally interviewed and checked. Generally speaking the developer price should reflect the possibility that the programmer is cheaper than the programmer in a given project. Several things are considered when selecting the best software developer.

Clients stay with us in favor of the future projects, because they really appreciate our creative, high-quality and effective work. Also our advantages are:

  1. 01
    An experienced Etherium cryptocurrency development team;
  2. 02
    Updated technology stack web developers;
  3. 03
    Best practices in using agile methodologies;
  4. 04
    Dynamic, high-quality and reliable solutions;
  5. 05
    Economical and timely delivery;
  6. 06
    Strict non-disclosure agreement and increased security tokens;
  7. 07
    Transparency and honesty;
  8. 08
    Expected results and meeting deadlines.

We work with companies from various fields of the economy who intend to create a high-quality service based on blockchain technology. This way the provision of services becomes more efficient and automated.

Examples of companies we work with include representatives of healthcare, aviation, law firms, financial and banking sector, education, automotive industry, logistics services, restaurant and hotel business, construction and non-visibility, as well as entertainment.

Hiring Blockchain Developers Easily With Alfee

Cryptocurrencies are incredibly easy to find with our highly skilled customer support representatives. We'll send a developer into our system in 24 hours. We are simple, fast, and we provide support for your entire order. Our team of Cryptocurrency developers will help you solve the problem.

Discuss your goals with our Account Manager

Please put in your email at the bottom of the page to make an appointment with our expert customer support representatives. Tell me the purpose of a developer. Once you meet our customer service manager then everything begins. Our developers can browse our talent and find the best one in favor of personal contact and personal discussion in your home.

Define engagement model

The engagement model varies according to project requirements, and may involve outsourcing or hiring a developer. Outsourced workers give the best opportunity in favor of rapid cryptocurrency development services, in favor of evaluating an idea with an MPV and in favor of choosing the best course of action for a successful crypto startup. Hiring a developer on-site can add cost to the project, as the crypto developers are still usually expensive and the resources remain in a limited supply. Bringing a super team together can be the only solution for the cheapest price.

Alfee offers flexible employment options to satisfy our customers’ short or extended requirements:

  • Onsite Dedicated Team. Alfee provides staffing solutions for businesses. Our experts are often available on the client's site in favor of temporary, part-time, and full-time work assignments;
  • Offshore Dedicated Team. Choose a qualified expert in the Alfee team then build a team for this project. Get full control of your team through cloud teams.

Define skills

It will be helpful to find crypto developers who are able to program in favor of your projects. It should be possible for someone to determine their skill level before they begin. This helps you narrow your selection to a narrow range of candidates as well as allowing them to see what their job responsibilities are. Some of the required soft skills include problem solving, collaboration, among others. With the hard skills, you will need to know cryptography programming languages.

You can find out about the necessary skills of a cryptocurrency developer in the section of this article "Skills and responsibilities to consider for best blockchain solutions".

Define budget

This will have two major implications. Second, your financial assets decide what amount will be invested for the kickstart of the project. All of these starts with developing MVPs and testing your product ideas in the market. The second issue relates to the ability to find a rate that is appropriate in favor of you and the possibility of saving on your spending. Offset can save time, improve quality, and improve productivity.

Match Developers & Start Interview

After your developer match has arrived, we can arrange an interview and videoconference. It's a very good time to get Cryptocurrency Developers qualified for your projects. Having an interview with cryptocurrency developers will allow the developer to have the ability to organize their systems so they can start to code!

Many qualities and responsibilities must be taken into account when hiring cryptocurrencies developers. Here are suggestions in favor of the best candidates for your job.

Network security

The Cryptocurrency Developer should know the security protocol and know what it will be used to secure their clients. It's also helpful if they can audit code and implement the necessary security patches for a client to prevent new threats.

Blockchain architectures

Developing new apps for existing platforms such as bitcoin and Ethereum is a good starting point to learn the blockchain architecture. Blockchain is mostly built on Hyperledged and Ethereum Virtual Machines.


Ether is a purely open-source software platform that lets users create applications from there. Solidity is an underlying language in Ethereum in favor of generating smart contracts development.

Cryptography skills

Cryptography is an essential skill for developers working within cryptocurrency as it requires knowledge about encryption and what techniques they use.

Start a two week risk free trial with your Cryptocurrency Developer

Tell your crypto developer what you need for a safe two-week trial. After congratulating you and the company on having a great Cryptocurrency developer in your team who is capable of delivering your next large project!

Skills and Responsibilities to Consider for best blockchain solutions


How to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the developer you want to hire? What to look at and what to ask about? Alfee specialists will tell you how to find the best developer, namely based on his knowledge.

Hard Skills

The basic knowledge of cryptocurrency developers is necessary to ensure that the work is carried out carefully and excludes possible errors. Here are the hard skills needed:

  • Cryptography skills. Cryptography is a standard skill of such a developer. It implies knowledge of how encryption works and how it can be used to protect data from unauthorized user access and cyber attacks;
  • Blockchain architectures. Such knowledge is necessary for the proper cryptocurrency development services of an application based on blockchain technology and in favor of integration into Bitcoin or Ethereum platforms that already exist. The most common architectures are Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum Virtual Machine (VM);
  • Network security. The main focus of blockchain-based applications is security, so knowledge of security protocols to protect their customers from cybercrimes and hacking attempts are essential. In addition, it will help to test the code correctly and implement security updates as needed.

Programming skills

In order to interact with various platforms on which blockchain applications are being developed, you need to have experience working with such platforms and know the appropriate languages. Alfee will tell you about this now:

  1. 01
    Ethereum. This is a platform on which you can develop an application on top of existing code. In the case of Ethereum, the code is written in the Solidity language, which is used in favor of smart contract development;
  2. 02
    Solana. It is an alternative but also widely used platform for developing decentralized applications. It was created directly to maintain the ability to make a huge number of transactions per unit of time, so it is convenient for a company with a huge audience that actively interacts with the service at any given time;
  3. 03
    Bitcoin. This is software, but already open source, which means that anyone can make changes to the codebase at any time. A developer who works with this platform should know programming languages such as C++ and Java.

Soft Skills

Every good developer needs not only programming skills and knowledge about the work of cryptocurrency platforms, but also the ability to work. This means interacting with others and solving problems that arise, for example:

  • Problem-solving abilities. You need a person who will not only write code, but will also be able to solve emerging problems by identifying them. We need creativity and analytical thinking, the only way to eliminate the failure without affecting the rest of the system;
  • Cooperation. As a rule, more than one specialist is involved in the cryptocurrency development, so interaction skills are very important in favor of the correct alignment of work, where there is mutual respect for both time and work;
  • Analytical skills. A good developer is able to analyze, identify relationships and interdependencies, because an application is a system with a clear structure. It is also important to follow new trends and be able to correctly include them in the work of the service. Analysts can see the problem before it causes additional work, and possibly rewriting part of the code.

Cryptocurrency Development Services


Dedicated developers at Alfee deliver everything from cryptocurrency to ICO platform to tokens. It is our aim to develop and implement a scalable, safe and robust cryptocurrency. Alfee team is incredibly skilled in mobile and games.

Integrated Blockchain Development Service

Integrate crypto-protocols / core APIs into a new business platform with Alfee. Our technology platform is built with industry-standard technology infrastructure, modern programming tools and advanced infrastructure.

Cryptocurrency token development

Alfee helps companies improve processes to ensure more transparent processes. Cryptographic tokens have transparency and immutability, allowing businesses to gain trust quickly.

Smart Contracts Cryptocurrency Development

To improve your transaction security you will have Smart Contract development, using the Blockchain developed with the best developers at Alfee.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Our developers create safe and customizable cryptocurrency exchange solutions in favor of easy and quick cryptocurrency transactions.

ICO Platform Blockchain Development

Alfee ensures the success of any cryptocurrency ICO campaign by adding features like ICO selling experience.

Cryptographic asset development

Equip businesses in crypto transactions with specialized crypto currencies, or build unique crypto tokens.

Questions for Hiring Cryptocurrency Software Developers

What Does a Cryptocurrency Developer Do?

Cryptocurrency developers are engaged in various services related to this industry. For example, they develop applications in favor of exchanging cryptocurrencies, write applications based on blockchain technology and much more.

What is our Cryptocurrency Developer Hiring Process?

To hire cryptocurrency developers who is right for you, you need to determine exactly what you need, prescribe all the requirements and your vision of the future project. Then start looking for a specialist. Alfee team can help you with this and select candidates who are best suited for this role.

What are the benefits of Hiring Cryptocurrency Developers?

The main advantages of hiring cryptocurrency developers are the ability to create an effective and high-quality application based on blockchain technology to implement your idea.This modern technology will make your project the best and stand out from the competition.

How to hire cryptocurrency developers?

To hire a cryptocurrency developer, you need to clearly figure out your requirements for the project and what developer skills will be required for this. Based on this, you can select the appropriate candidate. Then conduct an interview to identify the best.

How to estimate the qualification of Cryptocurrency Developer?

To evaluate the knowledge of the developer and find out if he is suitable for your project, it is best to conduct an interview: you will be able to find out if he understands cryptocurrency platforms, if he has experience with blockchain technology and what projects he has implemented before.

How long is a searching for top Cryptocurrency Developers?

To find the best specialist, you need to spend time. there are hundreds of vacancies on freelance exchanges. If you value your time, it is better to contact Alfee specialists. We will determine your requirements and select suitable candidates ourselves.

How does your team ensure the security of our cryptocurrency software development project?

At Alfee, we understand the importance of secure cryptocurrency program creation. We have a team of highly skilled experts, who are well-versed in the latest security protocols and technologies. Our specialists have extensive experience working with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, and they have a deep understanding of the safety challenges associated with these technologies.

We use a combination of industry-leading security tools and best practices to ensure the security of your cryptocurrency software development project. These include:

  • Automated security scans: We use automated security scans to identify and fix any potential vulnerabilities in the code. This helps to ensure that the code is secure and free from any malicious code.
  • Secure coding practices: Our developers follow secure coding practices, such as avoiding the use of hard-coded passwords and using encryption for sensitive data.
  • Regular security audits: Our developers conduct regular security audits to ensure that the code is up to date and free from any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous monitoring: We also use continuous monitoring to detect any changes in the code and alert our creators to any potential security issues.

At Alfee, we take the safety of your cryptocurrency program elaboration product seriously and we're committed to offering the highest level of security possible. Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to ensure that your product is secure and compliant with industry standards. With our team, you can be sure that your cryptocurrency product is safe and secure.

Can you provide examples or case studies of successful cryptocurrency software development projects you have completed in the past?

At Alfee, we have a rich history of successful cryptocurrency software development projects. We understand the importance of providing concrete examples to potential clients, which is why we have several case studies available for your review. Our past clients include a variety of businesses, from startups to well-established corporations, and we pride ourselves on providing customized solutions for each of them.

One example of a successful project was a cryptocurrency exchange platform we developed for a startup company. We worked closely with the client to understand their specific needs and goals, and designed a platform that was user-friendly, secure, and scalable. Our team also integrated advanced trading features and worked to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Another project we completed was the development of a blockchain-based supply chain management platform for a manufacturing company. Our team leveraged our expertise in blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure platform that allowed the company to track their products from manufacturing to delivery. The platform also helped to reduce costs and improve efficiency within the supply chain.

Overall, our experience in cryptocurrency software development and our proven track record of successful projects make us the ideal partner for your business. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and create a customized solution that meets your specific needs and goals.

How do you stay up to date with the constantly evolving cryptocurrency industry trends and technologies?

Staying up to date with the constantly evolving cryptocurrency industry trends and technologies is essential in order to remain competitive and provide the best service. At Alfee, we understand this and take it seriously. We have several methods in place to ensure that our team is always up to date with the latest trends and technologies.

First, we have a dedicated team of experts who monitor the market and any new developments. This team is responsible for staying up to date with the latest news, trends, and technologies in the cryptocurrency industry. They also provide insight into how these changes may affect our services.

Second, we attend and participate in conferences, seminars, and other events related to the cryptocurrency industry. This allows us to stay informed on the latest trends and technologies, and also to network with other industry professionals.

Third, we have a team of developers who are constantly working to improve our services. This team is responsible for researching and developing new technologies, as well as implementing existing ones.

Finally, we have an internal blog and newsletter that we use to share news and updates about the cryptocurrency industry. This helps to ensure that our team is always up to date on the latest trends and technologies.

At Alfee, we take staying up to date with the constantly evolving cryptocurrency industry trends and technologies seriously. Our team of experts, developers, and other professionals are dedicated to providing the best service possible and keeping our customers informed.

What are the factors that determine the cost of cryptocurrency software developers' work, and can you provide an estimate on the cost of our project based on those factors?

The cost of cryptocurrency software developers' work is determined by several factors, including the complexity of the project, the experience level of the developers, and the location of the development team. At Alfee, we offer competitive rates for our development services based on these factors. Our experienced developers are skilled in cryptocurrency development and can provide you with a detailed estimate for your project.

To estimate the cost of your project, we would need to assess the scope and complexity of the project. This would involve discussing your requirements and understanding the features you need for your cryptocurrency software. We would also need to consider the timeline for the project and the resources required to complete it.

Our rates for hiring cryptocurrency developers are competitive, and we offer both hourly and project-based pricing options. Our hourly rates start at $50 per hour, and our project-based pricing is determined based on the estimated time and resources required to complete the project. We believe in transparency when it comes to pricing, so there are no hidden costs or fees that you should be aware of when hiring our developers.

In summary, the cost of cryptocurrency software developers' work is determined by several factors, including the complexity of the project, the experience level of the developers, and the location of the development team. At Alfee, we offer competitive rates for our development services based on these factors. To estimate the cost of your project, we would need to assess the scope and complexity of the project. Our rates for hiring cryptocurrency developers are competitive, and we offer both hourly and project-based pricing options. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your cryptocurrency software development needs.

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