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Binance is a great tool for developing mobile applications. Its main advantage is the use of blockchain technology. This contributes to the fact that the service becomes high-performance and flexible. Smart contracts are easily implemented into the operation of the application. You can take advantage of such benefits if you hire binance developer from Alfee.


Who is a Binance software engineer?

A Binance Software Engineer is an experienced and efficient person working within the Binance network. The user must know a specific Binance development cycle and leverage that knowledge to speed up and efficiently complete the tasks. Binance developers and software engineers must also know how to build and maintain cloud applications. To use the Binance smart-chain development API or similar smart contract development activity it requires a solid understanding of C++.

Binance developers are professionals involved with developing smartchains, Binance API and documentation, and Binance apps development on IOS and Android. A Binance Software Developer specializing in smart chain development in favor of various projects associated with Binance. Learn more about openSea development by hiring the most skilled OpenSea developers right here!

How can a Binance developer help you?

Binance is an online cryptocurrency marketplace. Throughout this article we'll discuss key attributes needed to build Binance software as well as the highest offering and service offered to Binance developers. Find out what DApp developers are - get one!

Benefits of hiring Alfee binance developers


Choosing an executor for the implementation of the project, you may face the fact that there are too many developers and too little time. At this moment we will come to your aid. Instead of spending time searching and selecting, you will be able to do the business of your business.

But why can we help you and implement exactly what you would like to see? Here are a few arguments.

Software test

Software products that deliver the expected results with measurable quality - 95% increase in testing coverage - 25% reduction in test time. Is it advisable to use sameday delivery for businesses? Decision-making process is automated, there is a unified data collection system. Our experts provide real-time security when your employee needs help.

Dedicated team

The dedicated group model is ideal for clients searching for a long-term business association to complete complex and expensive projects. Projects using blockchain technologies could be in such category. It is the flexiblest of the three lists because it allows a continuous change of business operations to be made without fixed time to meet market demand. We provide a full license in favor of hiring professionals to manage your remote-based project.

Time and materials

Our Time and Material model is adapted to clients with complex projects with long-term and complex requirements including project implementations including design and development. Its main difference from the previous version lies in its flexibility to change and modify within an agreed period in a flexible manner. The work starts once you understand the vision scope, rather than the entire project.

Fixed price

Fixed price approach is ideal in favor of customers seeking scale in a limited scale in a clear and determinable way. Onboarding of a small project will be initiated based on an estimation of a realistic period & budget for creating an MVP which minimizes project risk. These models maintain stable prices by using predictive calculations on time, money, and work.

Case studies

Alfee will always remain the same business principle we use for every client. Technology for the optimization of parking spaces in favor of efficient transportation and smoother operation. Optimizing parking. Improve user experience. Payment integration and e-payment systems. Others. Product prototypes that highlight the main feature but without risking the most. 5% Improved Product iterations - 100% customer satisfaction - 77 000+ beta testers.

Why should you hire a specialist for Binance smart chain development?

Tell us the reasons companies and individuals are looking for a Binance Smart Chain Developer? Using Binance the software is developed in an Integrated Programmable language based upon Binance. Aside from that, they understand all aspects of Binance smart chain development. Additionally, Binance developers also have experience using blockchain technologies including Ethereum.

For companies working with blockchain technology, it is important that products can be placed with the possibility of decentralized financing. This can be done by the Binance Smart Chain network.

Binance Smart Chain is a side chain of Binance Chain, on which smart contracts can be implemented and implemented.

Alfee developers are developing decentralized applications based on Binance Chain. This makes it possible to work with the decentralized exchange Binance DEX and various crypto assets. Moreover, this blockchain technology allows the integration of Ethereum-based tools.

Also, the advantages of such technology include:

  • A fast-growing ecosystem of digital assets based on the leading decentralized exchange Binance DEX;
  • Low cost per transaction (up to one cent);
  • Network is quite high-performance and is able to generate a block every three seconds;
  • Cross-chain mechanism increases interoperability with decentralized finance;
  • Binance Ecosystem finances and supports decentralized finance projects;
  • Ecosystem that already has millions of users and the prevalence is growing;
  • Many large cryptocurrency projects already use Binance Smart Contracts.

What should I expect from Binance Development Services?


Throughout our company's experience, mobile apps team has provided a highly efficient and effective solution in favor of customers seeking agility through a streamlined process in favor of mobile application development. Alfee Binance programmer is well qualified for transformation in app form, meeting both business requirements and market demands.

When choosing developers to implement an idea, you need to rely on your requirements and vision of the future project. That's why you need to understand exactly what you want. Here you can get acquainted with the services that the Alfee team provides to our customers.

Advisory services for developing on Binance smart chain

Binance developers are actively involved in the development of a smart chain platform, participate at several forums and conduct webinars. These help to support the solution of a variety of programming problems involving coding problems.

Training on Binance blockchain development and binance DEX decentralized exchange platform

Training on Binance's blockchain development is one of the main services that the Binance developer provides. The company offers training classes and training online and on the telephone in favor of all the latest and aspiring Binance developers.

Binance smart contract development

Binance is a smart contract development tool that leverages Solidity and C++. The Binance software developer has extensive knowledge and experience in these languages and is highly sought after in digital asset development.

Binance NFT marketplace development

The ability to develop nFT market products is one important benefit of Binance developers. These tools are used to implement NFC-based systems in favor of enterprises and businesses.

Cross-platform application development

Application development experience helps specialists not only to create new ones based on one specific platform, but also to implement cross-platform applications into work. Such applications will suit you much better if you are not limited to just one market. They are also easily scaled and extremely flexible by nature.

Mobile applications on the blockchain

Increasingly in the world, mobile applications compete in favor of the frequency of use with web applications, and the financial instruments market is no exception. So Alfee developers use blockchain technologies to create products for financial organizations and not only.

AI/ML Mobile Apps

No one will argue that the introduction of artificial intelligence into the work of services has already become our reality, so developers are implementing the same algorithms. This immediately optimizes the operation of applications and brings its benefits to companies.

AR/VR Mobile Apps

Alfee experts have many years of experience in implementing virtual reality services. This contributes to the fact that applications become more interactive.

Biometric Sensors

Data security is a key indicator of the quality of the application and whether users trust their data, which means whether they will remain. In our work, we are implementing biometric indicators such as voice recognition, fingerprint scanning and many others into applications.

Location-based applications

When creating an application based on blockchain, it should be expected that the audience covered will be from extremely different areas and even countries. Therefore, it is important to us that the support and operation of the service is not limited by location. In work, we use technologies such as BLUE Beacon, Near Field Communication and others.

Why Alfee is the best variant fto create a project in Binance Chain Ecosystem?


There are many developers on the market who are ready to start working on your project tomorrow. But how to understand who will do better, faster, more efficiently, at an attractive price? And most importantly, how to choose the right one and not make a mistake.Highlight

Alfee experts will talk to you and find out exactly how you want to see the result. It will depend on which specialists and with what skills are required. We will select the candidates, and you will only have to conduct an interview, choose the right one and finally hire Binance developers.

Our products are of high quality, and customers are satisfied due to the fact that we follow our principles:

  1. Our team consists of creative and motivated specialists focused on results;
  2. We ensure the security of our clients' ideas by signing a non-disclosure agreement;
  3. We use only the most modern technologies and trends in development so our clients' projects keep up with the times;
  4. Alfee specialists are deeply immersed in the specifics of your business so the project meets all the stated needs;
  5. Our requirements in favor of data quality and security are high and always a priority.

Questions for Hire Binance Developers

Where can I hire expert Binance developers?

You have to decide whether you are looking for a freelancer or a person for a permanent job, depending on the competence of the specialist, on how much time and amount you are willing to allocate. If you value your time, you can ask Alfee for help, and we will select candidates.

How to understand whether the cost of Binance Smart Chain Developers and programmers for hire is justified?

First of all, compare the average prices on the market, which are requested by different specialists. But you should take into account that more experienced specialists are more expensive. But you will definitely be satisfied with the result and get it in a relatively short time.

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