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Hire Access API Developers

API development notion is becoming more and more widely used by specialists who are somehow related to software development. However, people don't fully understands its complete meaning and the reasons business aspires to hire API developers. Enterprises, startups and grand companies develop APIs for their customers or for internal use. Some of them create APIs as end products.

Alfee is an expert app development company where you can hire API developers for your project at any time. We deliver the best software solutions at the market.

In this article we've provided detailed information on the notion of API development, and we've highlighted the points concerning the hiring and management process.

What is API development?

The abbreviation API stands for "Application Programming Interface" and it denotes a set of instructions that enables different applications to interact with each other. Once a user opens an app or website page, he or she interacts with remote server API. API is a server element that gets requests and sends reactions. API developers extend the functionality of a certain software product and link it to others.

You'll hardly find a modern website without APIs. Out of house developers have already created working solutions, be it a library or a service, therefore, it is more reasonable in terms of timing and pricing to take and implement these ready-made options.

Thus, when visitors use APIs this only means that the company has built a series of special URLs that give back data as a reaction.

For example, Google Calendar, which is an Android calendar app, runs on API that enables you to connect your calendar directly to third-party apps. Users take advantage of several different programs with built-in, updated calendars, where all the essential events, appointments, etc. will be. Companies can embed the calendar API on their websites to make appointments for their clients. Embedding a Google Calendar entry form enables clients to automatically work out an event and indicate the details of an upcoming meeting. Applying the API, the site server immediately contacts the Google server with a request to create an event, gets a response from Google, processes it, and passes the corresponding information to the customer as a confirmation message.

How does API operate?

API is an intermediate layer between two applications. It allows two programs to exchange information and perform functions without exposing their internal API.

Software developers use 3 methodologies for API integration:

  1. 01
    A set of actions that a program can perform applying a particular API;
  2. 02
    Data to be passed to API in order for it to perform its function;
  3. 03
    Data the program will possess as output after interacting with API.

The way API works is simple. A third-party software developer writes some kind of application, function, operating system. He makes up an API - a set of rules based on which other developers can apply his creation in one way or another. You get this API - it is either in public domain or opened on request for clients. You call API inside your web app and take advantage of the functions you need.

However, you don't necessarily be aware of how the API function you are calling works. You can also create API functions for your web app - compose a set of instructions by which other applications can access yours. This is necessary so that you can set up integration with your service.

Access API developers have total freedom in creating API functionality. For instance, a single set of functions can denote the ability to log in and register in a database within the program.

APIs can be public and private. The former are intended to be shared with the outside world, such web services as YouTube API. Out of house developers can create mobile applications to take advantage of these APIs. The latter mean inner application development for a specific audience or user base. They are frequently applied in businesses & inside companies. To implement such an API, you should get access.

API functionality

The basic API functions are to get information, send it, change it, or delete it. For this, your application sends a request to a third-party, and that, in turn, generates a response.

The particular function set is entirely dependent on the app that provides the API. It could be:

  • sending you the exchange rate;
  • authorization in the CRM-system with the ability to add, delete and change information;
  • making a payment through the banking system;
  • voice recognition and its translation into text;
  • text translation;
  • obtaining information about the current stock of goods.

As you can see, API allows you not to develop your own functions, but to use already developed ones. It's like with libraries in programming languages: you don't write your own sorting function, but connect the library and use ready-made, customized tools.

Why businesses need hiring API developers?

Prior to the advent of Windows and other graphical operating systems, developers had to create enormously long codes to deliver windows on a PC screen. When Microsoft demonstrated Windows API to programmers, building windowsbecame much less time-consuming.

The programming interface enables API developers to:

  • ease & fasten the deployment of fresh software solutions, as you can apply finished APIs for standard functions;
  • make software development process safer by embedding a set of functions into single web applications;
  • simplify links configuration among various services & programs thus avoiding cooperating with various software developers to create your product;
  • save budget since you don't have to build all software products from the very start.

Businesses need API integration to conduct transactions, integrate data flows with clients and partner systems, refine the quality & safety of automated processes, construct their own web applications, etc.

Even governments have APIs which help exchange data among departments & interact with citizens, receive feedback.

Where to hire API developers?

When you are in search of a well qualified Access API developer, you always have two options to choose from. The first one is to hire a freelance API developer, and the other is to work with a dedicated development team. Let's see what are the advantages and disadvantages of both the cases.

Freelance Access API developers

Working with freelancers can help you save money significantly, since they usually don't charge much for their work. However, we recommend you to think twice before choosing this option. The thing is that when you hire API developer as a freelancer, you don't get any guarantees.

What if the API developer you hire lacks expertise and doesn't have the necessary skill set? What if he doesn't possess the necessary knowledge of programming languages and have no soft skills you seek? This can have a negative impact on your project and on the development process on the whole. That's why we recommend you to cooperate with a credible API development company like Alfee.

Top Access API developer from a dedicated team

If you want to get a risk free API solution, you'd better turn to Alfee expert team. Each our API developer possesses in depth knowledge of the most advanced software development technologies. Alfee team have enough technical skills to save time and provide the best results.

Thanks to vast experience in web development and software engineering, we are able to create business apps with maximum performance. Our team will start with analytics and go on to developing the strategy in accordance with your business needs.

Why select API development services from Alfee?

Ultimately, hiring an API developer from Alfee team will save time and cut down the development budget of your business. Moreover, API development makes your app more secure.

If your company doesn't specialize in information security, it will be difficult for you to create secure payment tools or authorization schemes. This is where API integration comes to the rescue: Alfee software engineers are just concerned primarily with security, and you can use the fruits of their labors and focus on solving more business-critical tasks.

Our team consists of programmers and managers, linguists and designers, experts in testing and business analytics. For 20 years we have established ourselves as reliable partners in the international IT market.

We offer cost effective scalable solutions both for startups and large scale companies. Hire API developers from Alfee professional team and leverage great results. No matter whether you need to have integrated solutions with Google maps API or rest API we will provide you with a full stack developer or a part-time team to fit your case.

Questions for Hiring of Access API Developers

How much does it cost to hire API developer?

If you want to hire web API developer, get ready to pay an hourly salary of about $13-$22 for a medium complexity project. If you need to develop a more complex API, expect to pay at least $45 per hour. Bear in mind that the cost of various API projects differs taking into account not only the complexity, but also the level of stack developer expertise and the specifics of API development. In some countries freelance API developers can charge from $10,000 to $15,000 per project.

How To Find The Best API Developers For Hire?

Hiring API developers can often turn into a nightmare, when you don't know where to look for good specialists. Freelancers don't give much result, therefore, we recommend to work with Alfee experts. Our top API developers have profound knowledge of API documentation and app development. We've already delivered hundreds of successful API development projects in different industries and we would be glad to help you implement your most incredible ideas into practice.


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