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Grocery Shopping App Development

An online grocery delivery app is a fantastic way to establish contact with clients and make your sales go uphill. Over past decades, online grocery shopping has converted itself into a thriving industry.

Grocery delivery services established themselves as a demanded shopping option for many users. Consumers have switched to the convenience and accessibility of online payments. However, together with the advancement of technology, grocery mobile app development is also changing. It has turned into not just a popular trend, but almost a standard in online grocery.

At Alfee we construct demanded grocery shopping apps for large supermarkets and local small stores. Our dedicated team has impressive experience in mobile app development and is eager to apply their knowledge & skills for the prosperity of your deal.

Who should have Grocery Shopping Apps

Almost every consumer is a smartphone owner. Every free minute they surf in search of data, share their experiences or purchase goods and buy groceries online. As the demand for mobile system as a whole continues to rise rapidly, accordingly, the volume of purchases made in apps will rise in near future.

With grocery apps & responsive shopping websites, people make more impulse purchases than ever before. A grocery shopping app is valuable thanks to integration into the smartphone or tablet system & ability to encourage customers. It provides store owners with ability to bypass clutters of Facebook inboxes or feeds and inform users directly.

Grocery apps by Alfee are written using a specific language for the operating system (most often for Android and iOS devices and provide fantastic customer experience for end users. This results in higher conversion rates.

Who actually should have a grocery delivery app developed:

  1. 01
    Small local stores. The grocery app makes it possible to close deals & sell promotion coupons to be redeemed instantly through your mobile device. They also provide clients with a direct & secure method to do online grocery shopping;
  2. 02
    Large shopping centers. Popular grocery shopping apps are beneficial for getting loyal customers. They enable targeted marketing and refine customer interactions;
  3. 03
    Chain stores. Grocery mobile apps provide convenience & accessibility by providing all the arsenal of the worldwide web.

Online Grocery App Development Process

Grocery delivery app development is a complex process, which includes a set of specific stages. We've named the major ones below:

  • Market research. We start with defining clients' needs & requirements. At this stage, our team carefully analyses services and applications that online grocery sales. In addition, we analyze what features helped them become popular and what is missing;
  • Determining basic features. Keeping in mind that grocery business is a very competitive industry, the grocery app should be launched as quickly as possible. Why? Based on customer feedback, you can create decent content and improve the interface;
  • Design development. Most app users form their opinions about grocery stores based on visuals alone. Professional design will help increase brand popularity & awareness. Product visualization should be thourough;
  • Selecting a platform. To do this, you should research the market niche and examine your target audience. The standard variant is to create an application for iOS first and then port it to Android platforms. Or you can take advantage of both worlds and build a cross platform app;
  • Support & maintenance. After the successful launch of your grocery app and its quality testing, we go on to discover how we can improve the product. This phase includes feedback analysis, optional research, and seeking new grocery app features to apply in the next development cycle;
  • Grocery app promotion. Don't underestimate the importance of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter accounts are now must-have tools to promote online grocery shopping. Try to make your social media accounts as active as possible. Attract customers directly, offer loyalty promotions & discounts.

Grocery App Development Cost

Grocery store app development is a large-scale project. To calculate costs, you need to estimate the desired app features and measure the man-hours required to implement them. The number of man-hours required depends directly on the complexity of the grocery app and the range of supported operating systems and devices.

The average grocery app development cost is about $25,000-$60,000. This cost includes:

  1. 01
    design - full development of the interface to make it convenient for the user to work with the application;
  2. 03
    backend development - setting up the application architecture, developing work logic, connecting a database, etc.;
  3. 04
    testing - search and elimination of all bugs and shortcomings;
  4. 05
    administration - project management (coordination between teams, etc.).

There can be also additional costs, but these investments will pay off very quickly, because a grocery mobile app allows you to effectively attract new customers and retain old ones. You can also monetize the resource additionally.

An application can recoup all investments only if it was developed by professionals, and the output is a high-quality product. For this result, we recommend contacting Alfee app development team. It employs professionals with extensive experience in grocery shopping app development. The company has all the necessary specialists and equipment, which allows it to quickly and efficiently develop grocery delivery applications. You can contact the company through the feedback form or by calling.

Essential features of Grocery Delivery Apps

A grocery store application allows daily users to find the right products much faster and more conveniently, make a purchase, etc. However, this is only ensured if the app has all the necessary features. Here are the basic features that a modern grocery delivery application should have:

  • User profile. It should be simple, pleasant and convenient. Provide users with additional login options, such as through Facebook or other social networks;
  • Product search should be fast. Filters speed up your search. The presence of the "Reviews" section can increase sales by 20%. This allows customers to express their feelings about the product as well as the shopping experience itself;
  • Shopping basket. Users of online shopping mobile applications are happy to fill their shopping carts with grocery they would like to purchase;
  • Multiple payment options. Don't annoy users with additional forms that need to be filled out for payment. Instead, offer most popular payment methods, such as card, cash, or on delivery and don't forget about credible payment gateways, which will also increase the feeling of security;
  • Offer delivery. Indicate the time and cost of delivery, provide delivery person contacts if needed, and the option to track delivery statuses.

More advanced features may include creating a grocery shopping list, push notifications, a list of wishes and recommendations, etc.

Why entrust Alfee with development of your own Grocery Delivery App

Years of experience in mobile application development have created a name for us. Today we work with companies from various fields of B2C and B2B. Each grocery shopping delivery app we create increases sales and brings profit to our clients.

We are right on target, based on grocery market research and opinion polls. Each project is built on numbers, so the packaging design, corporate identity of the company or positioning are always aimed at their target audience.

We are experts in grocery delivery business applications design trends and create them ourselves. At the same time, we do not focus on fleeting microtrends, but highlight macrotrends. Therefore, our design is relevant to your business model and business logic.

Our app development team never has problems understanding tasks. The desires and expectations of customers are justified when they see the result of the work.

Questions for Grocery Delivery App Development

How to create a Grocery Shopping app?

If you need to create a mobile app for grocery delivery service, cooperating with a professional development company is the best option. We recommend you to work with Alfee app developers, since they have enough experience and practice to implement even the most incredible ideas. With Alfee you will get a top-notch grocery app, developed in accordance with your business model.

Which is the best Grocery Shopping mobile app development company?

If you need to develop a custom grocery app, we recommend you to work with Alfee expert team. Our professional developers have gained enough experience to build a grocery app, regardless of app complexity and app features. We will take your grocery delivery service to a completely new level with push notifications, personalization features, and google maps integration options.

Benefits of building a custom Grocery Shopping app

No matter whether you are an owner of a small store or a large chain of supermarkets. People today prefer buying groceries online and if you want to outstand your competitors, you can't do without credible and trustworthy grocery rebate apps. Alfee team would be glad to develop a grocery delivery mobile app for your business, and help you rank high in the list of sellers.

How much does it cost to develop a Grocery Shopping App?

The cost for developing a grocery list app may differ a lot depending on certain criteria. When you need to build a demand grocery delivery app, you should take into consideration such factors as complexity, timeline, feature set, etc. These all influences the final price. In general, you may pay from 25,000 to 65,000 USD for a grocery shop app.


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