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Google Cloud Services


Google Cloud services denote kit of development activities placed on the identical infrastructure as Google itself applies within the framework for its final products such as Google Search and YouTube. Complementing some management tools, it additionally provides a selection of modular services such as computing, data storage, data analysis and machine learning. You may have heard of App Engine, Google Cloud SDK, Cloud CDN, Google APIs, NoSQL database and other norions relation to Google Cloud plaform. All these cloud  resources help to deliver robust, credible projects corresponding to clients' requirements.

Google cloud development has gained in popularity with lots of businesses selecting cloud integration and enterprise migration to the cloud. It's hard to believe that over 75% of companies use cloud platforms for their companies.

ALFEE is a trustworthy, credible company specializing in Google cloud development. We work in a kit of model cloud services that make it possible to create everything from simple websites to complex applications. Being a top-notch Google Cloud company means rendering services in one of the most speedy cloud infrastructures with high productivity.

Leverage Google Cloud technologies

Sometimes IT infrastructure in companies may become overgrown thoughout the years, increasing complexity, administrative costs and resource consumption. Repetitive or permanent IT services additionally damage enterprise employees and budget. And you may need new skills that the labor market currently does not provide so quickly. These problems require a lot of attention, resources and investment power.

With the help of managed Google cloud platfrom, we solve exactly these tasks. With installed service blocks, we facilitate your IT, optimize your processes and accelerate your journey to the Google cloud storage. At the same time, take advantage of experience from several hundred publicly available projects.

ALFEE's consultants and engineers cover a wide range of different managed services that make your IT easier and allow your employees to concentrate on core tasks. We know how to leverage Google cloud platform resources efficiently and at a maximum profit.

Our specialists are engaged in development, implementation, management, applications. In addition, professionals advise on Google Cloud Platform issues, including cloud functions and Google compute engine. Our cloud deployment manager and dedicated team will keep you constantly aware of the project progress.

What are ALFEE’s advantages in Google Cloud software solutions?

  1. 01
    Company's Google cloud developers are always guided by customer-oriented approach. Cooperation with us is flexible, accurate, convenient.
  2. 02
    We posses profound knowledge in Google Cloud Platform and exceptional experience in delivering Google cloud products.
  3. 03
    Our Google cloud developers implement multi-functional aproach. We search for unusual solutions when developing a project, studying a wide range of new technologies, applying the most effective developer tools.
  4. 04
    We are well aware of all Google cloud platform peculiarities and are eager to implement all the resources from our arsenal to make your business flourish sdeepily.

ALFEE Google cloud storage solutions


Alfee team has vast experience in the development of cloud based automated solutions — all tailored to the needs of customers. Let's go a bit into detail.

CRM on Google cloud platfrom

CRM software developed by ALFEE ensures trouble-free installation, seamless access to internal business and customer information, high level of security, reliable operation, flexible deployment options and improved compatibility.

ERP key concepts

Our ERP software solutions, developed with intelligent technologies such as predictive analytics, digital assistants and machine learning, enable customers to seamlessly transform into intelligent enterprises. We provide access to business-critical applications at any time and from any location. Alfee ERP solutions help customers grow, innovate and optimize their time and resources.

API Management

When applying Application Programming Interface Management (API management) we create, analyze, implement, and scale APIs in safe environments. Specialists manage API locally, in the cloud or via a hybrid on–premises environment.

We can link heterogeneous software applications together. Developers connect to the API of various companies and services to get certain results. Specialists implement tools and libraries using various programming languages, define interface between mobile applications and operating systems, manage remote resources using certain protocols, and assign an interface through which interaction between a third-party environment and apps using its resources takes place. Such interfaces can be used not only for smartphone applications, but also for large businesses.

Thus, Alfee can create, protect, and control access to the API, improving performance results via Google cloud functions. Whatever Google cloud developer you choose, we guarantee high level service.

Fully Managed Cloud Data Solutions

Development of data managing solutions include development of strong strategies with a holistic approach to data over the entire life cycle. Data backup and recovery, protection and security, transparency, activation, orchestration, automation – everything is covered. Database managing guarantees full sypervision, security, and availability with Google cloud platform command support. In addition, they are compatible with such popular databases as Cloud Memory storage, Cloud Scanner, Google Cloud SQL, Cloud Datastore, etc.

Google Cloud development

Alfee aims at solving strategic tasks, as well as maintaining your investments profitability. We deliver Google cloud platform items that meet current society demands and bring you income. We have already successfully deployed thousands of web apps into Google App Engine, and thanks to Google Cloud Client Libraries development period is significantly shortened.

Custom Cloud Native Applications

Alfee team has their knowledge of engineering, industry and business practices to customize applications to your business needs. Using the latest development technologies and promising approaches, we provide customized cloud platform solutions.

Cloud platform migrations and integrations

Regardless of whether it is a one-time migration from an existing system or a real-time integration between data sources, our Google cloud developer will accompany you throughout and ensure the consistency of your data integrity. As an app development company, we have valuable experience in evaluating, revising, updating and managing applications, as well as expertise in migration and porting.

We will help you seamlessly integrate components and manage Google cloud successfully. Our deployment manager will provide timely updates on the progress.

Development of Cloud SDK

In addition to providing traditional application development services, each our Google cloud developer has experience in delivering standard software development kits that provide clients with a valuable opportunity to take full control of their cloud-based solutions.

Cloud SDK is one of our favorite notions widely used in our everyday practise. With a huge variety of command-line tools it sigificantly helps manage apps and resources. Some of tis include Gcloud cli, gsutil, and BQ command line tools which transform the virtual machine.

Alfee Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to support businesses in increasing their competitiveness while raising cost-effectiveness of software application development. We achieve this goal by applying innovative software development technologies, providing IT services at the highest level and applying first-class experience while reducing costs.

We are engaged in software development outsourcing and has created a sustainable company based on innovation, technology and experience. In this regard, we emphasize the strategic importance of providing:

  • high quality in development processes;
  • attracting exceptional specialists to gain technological and project management experience;
  • adaptability of the process to customer requests;
  • reliability by establishing successful long-term business relationships.

Why should you choose ALFEE?


ALFEE is responsible for employees' professionalism and their competence in Google Cloud development. Our team has extensive experience working with programming languages such as Python, PHP and Java. We can create products in any industry. It can be Google Bigquery, App Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud vision API, etc. We efficiently manage Google cloud dataflow, being open to new tasks, questions, solutions.

What makes us so special?

  • Development flexibility. We welcome all unique software adaptations, as every accepted IT challenge increases professional level. othin is impossible for us, be it working with virtual machines, hosting web applications, or managinf windows workloads.
  • Serious adherence to deadlines. Compliance with project deadlines is top priority of each Google cloud developer. We strive hard to satisfy each client, closely monitoring product quality and project timing. We implement application monitoring tools (APM), aimed at controlling the infrastructure, the Internet and the API.
  • Delivering universal products. Alfee solutions are suitable for integration with any topic. It can be education, transport, healthcare, entertainment, politics, news, etc.
  • Support Policy. We provide the complete maintenance and support to satisfy customers.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions. Alfee provides several cooperation models with multiple service accounts depending on your budget limits.
  • Customer oriented approach. We have earned a reputation for always deploying high-quality solutions on time and within budget, resulting in excellent long-term customer relationships. Each Alfee Google cloud developer focuses on individual customer approach within the framework of each individual project and does everything to ensure a successful solution finding.

We actively apply Google Cloud Services

Our team has strategy in work. As you know, Google Cloud development is aimed at business growth using service that calculates, solves a large number of problems and difficulties using artificial intelligence, a machine method.

Google mobile app service with cross-platform technology. We offer mobile application development services to everyone (from start ups to industrial giants), creating projects on Google Cloud platform for iOS and Android. We ensure that your application runs on next-generation software that uses the latest development technology.

Google Cloud Tools implementation

We take advantage of multiple developer tools in our working and learning path, trying to bring about a real digital transformation aimed at creating a high-quality product. Working, focusing on the quality system, planning and setting the necessary goals within the task framework.

As the information environment is mastered, the development of test scenarios is carried out, which are fully automated. Then we monitor and measure processes, log test runs. Actions are taken to continuously improve the effectiveness of the process.

Being a Google Cloud services partner company with hudreds of successfully completed projects, we guaratee effective use of Google cloud source repositories and tools.

Our main directions are Google Cloud Solutions

Alfee expertise includes several fields and directions of work on Google Cloud platform. Check out the list below:

  • Smooth workload migration. Migrate your workloads to Google cloud platform, taking advantage of cloud storage and keeping the same well-known tools and existing controls.
  • Automate deployments of security measures. A full-featured API allows DevOps and SecOps to deploy automatically necessary security measures using tools familiar to you.
  • Secure remote access. Remotely connect users to your Google cloud platform environment with detailed user features and application management.

The cloud can become more secure than your on-premises environment, if you choose the right products and the right team to improve your underlying Google cloud platform infrastructure.

Best Team for Google Cloud Platform Services


We create Google Cloud solutions for businesses to ensure security at the corporate level and deliver robust apps, working with virtual machines and deploying containerized apps on Google Kubernetes Engine.

Clients around the world trust Alfee developers to protect their data and applications from various threats, accumulate existing databases, moving business forward. We offer simple, comprehensive and inexpensive solutions, constantly working on innovations to provide you with tomorrow's security technology right now.

Do you want to find exceptional option in the sphere of Google Cloud development with high performance? Collaborate with our professional developers to enjoy the best results. 

Questions for Google Cloud Development

How does Google Cloud functionality allow businesses to grow?

Google Cloud offers a wide range of functionality that can help businesses grow in various ways:

  • Scalability: Google Cloud allows businesses to scale their resources up or down as needed, which can help them save money and handle increased workloads during peak times. 
  • Reliability: Google Cloud's infrastructure is built to be highly available and reliable, which can help businesses ensure that their services are always online and accessible to their customers. 
  • Security: Google Cloud provides a number of security features, such as encryption and identity and access management, to help businesses protect their data and applications. 
  • Analytics: Google Cloud provides a range of analytics tools that can help businesses gain insights from their data and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Artificial Intelligence: Google Cloud provides a number of Artificial Intelligence services that can help businesses automate tasks and improve decision-making. 
  • Cloud-Native App Development: Google Cloud provides a number of tools and services that can help businesses develop, deploy, and scale cloud-native applications more easily. 
  • Cost optimization: Google Cloud provides a number of tools that can help businesses optimize their costs and reduce waste. 
  • Collaboration: Google Cloud provides a number of collaboration tools that can help businesses work together more efficiently and effectively.

All these capabilities can help businesses to grow in terms of revenue, efficiency, and competitiveness.

What is the cost of developing Google Cloud?

It is difficult to estimate the total cost of developing Google Cloud as it involves various expenses such as research and development, infrastructure, marketing, and employee salaries. Google does not publicly disclose the exact cost of developing and maintaining its cloud services. Additionally, the cost of developing Google Cloud would also depend on factors such as the specific services being used, the number of users, and the duration of usage.

Why do the timing of Google Cloud development may be different for different providers of such services?

The timing of Google Cloud development may vary depending on the provider's capabilities, available resources, and the level of customization required. Each development solution must be tailored to fit the specific use case at hand and various providers may have different levels of expertise or resources required in order to get the job done. It is important to be aware of potential differences between providers so that your organization can choose the best solution for their needs.

What are some examples of companies successfully using Google Cloud?

Google Cloud has proven to be an effective and powerful tool for various companies around the world. Companies in various industries have seen success in using Google Cloud for their operations, ranging from retail outlets to governmental organizations. Organizations have seen success in using Google Cloud to store and analyze their data, manage their infrastructure, and build powerful cloud applications. Companies have also experienced the advantages of applying Google Cloud's powerful yet flexible Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning amenities, to gain insights from their data and automate tasks. With a combination of its flexibility and powerful technique, Google Cloud has enabled businesses of all types to improve their operations.

How to make a quick profit using Google Cloud?

Google Cloud offers a variety of ways to make a quick profit depending on your organization goals. For example, you can use it to monetize website apps, create marketing campaigns and analytics, or scale up storage and computing power to generate income quickly. With such a wide variety of apps, there is sure to be a profitable decision waiting to be explored. By taking the time to properly assess your firm goals and determine which Google Cloud services are best suited to reach them, you can efficiently maximize your profits.

What disadvantages does Google Cloud have?

Google Cloud has several disadvantages, including a lack of straightforward customization options, less onsite support, potential downtime due to external forces, and higher pricing levels than some of its competitors. Despite these issues, Google Cloud continues to remain a popular choice for businesses with varied demands. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of using Google Cloud with any other cloud service to make the best decision for a specific business's needs.

What does a Google Cloud developer do?

Google cloud developers create, manage and use clouds for several tasks, such as creating cloud infrastrustures, hosted solutions, calculations, migration to the cloud.

A Google Cloud developer is responsible for designing, building, and deploying applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The role of a Google Cloud developer involves a range of tasks, including writing code, designing and implementing cloud-based solutions, and integrating various GCP services to create scalable and reliable applications.

A Google Cloud developer may work on various types of projects, from web and mobile applications to data processing and machine learning solutions. They must have a deep understanding of the GCP architecture and various services, including Compute Engine, Kubernetes, and Cloud Functions, and be able to choose the appropriate services to meet the project's requirements.

In addition to technical skills, a Google Cloud developer must also have strong communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams, including product managers, designers, and other developers. They must also stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices to ensure they are building applications that are scalable, secure, and efficient.

Overall, the role of a Google Cloud developer is critical to the success of any organization that uses GCP. They are responsible for developing and deploying applications that meet the organization's needs and help drive innovation and growth. With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, the demand for Google Cloud developers is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

What programming language does Google Cloud use?

Google cloud development supports various programming langguages, such as Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby and others.

Google Cloud supports a wide range of programming languages, giving developers the flexibility to choose the language that best suits their needs and preferences.

Some of the most popular programming languages supported by Google Cloud include Java, Python, JavaScript, Go, Ruby, and PHP. Each language has its own set of tools and services within Google Cloud, enabling developers to build and deploy various types of applications.

For example, Java is a popular choice for building enterprise applications and web services, while Python is often used for data processing and machine learning tasks. JavaScript is a common choice for building web applications and front-end development, while Go is popular for building fast, efficient, and scalable applications. Ruby and PHP are also popular choices for building web applications.

Google Cloud also provides its own set of cloud-native languages and tools, such as Cloud Functions and Cloud Dataflow, which enable developers to write serverless functions and process large datasets with ease.

Overall, Google Cloud's support for a wide range of programming languages makes it a flexible and accessible platform for developers of all levels and backgrounds, empowering them to create innovative and scalable applications.

Does Google Cloud require coding?

You don't need to code when working with Google cloud, however some cloud engineers do code, as a rule this is specific types of cloud code.

Yes, using Google Cloud requires coding knowledge, but the level of coding required depends on the specific tasks and services being used.

For example, if you are using Compute Engine to create and manage virtual machines, you would need to have some knowledge of programming and scripting languages like Python or Bash to automate tasks. Similarly, if you are using Cloud Storage to store and retrieve data, you would need to write code to interact with the API.

However, Google Cloud also provides a range of tools and services that can simplify the coding process for developers of all skill levels. For example, Cloud Functions enables developers to create and deploy serverless functions without needing to manage infrastructure, while Cloud Dataflow provides a managed data processing service that abstracts away many of the complexities of data processing.

Overall, while coding knowledge is required to use Google Cloud, the platform's various tools and services can help simplify the coding process and make it accessible to developers of all levels. Google Cloud's documentation and community resources also provide ample support for developers who are new to the platform or want to learn more about coding for the cloud.

What is GCP development?

GCP is a flexible process of creating new applications with the help of Google platform scalability and flexibility. This type of development leverages all benefits of Google data center.

GCP development is the process of creating and deploying applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a collection of cloud-based services provided by Google. GCP development involves a range of activities, such as developing and implementing cloud-based solutions, building and deploying applications using GCP tools like Kubernetes, Compute Engine, and Cloud Functions, and monitoring and managing the performance of those applications.

One of the benefits of GCP development is that it can be used to create various applications, from web and mobile applications to data processing and machine learning solutions. Additionally, GCP provides a suite of development tools and services, including Cloud SDK, Cloud Source Repositories, and Cloud Build, which can help developers build and deploy their applications more efficiently.

Overall, GCP development offers organizations and businesses the ability to create scalable, cost-effective, and highly available applications that can meet their specific needs and requirements. The platform's powerful tools and services enable developers to create complex solutions quickly and efficiently, empowering businesses to innovate and grow in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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