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Ghost Lens Like Photo Video Editing App Development

Do you have any idea on what you should use when creating an editing application? Alfee elaborates ghost effect editing applications for both iPhone and Android devices. Contact Alfee today for free quotes.

What is Ghost Lens Clone App Development?

Ghost lens is a ghost photography application that makes it different. You can view photography and videos, edit the effects applying ghosts and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. Ingeniously designed ‘Fade into’ and ‘Fade out'effects can be applied to increase transparency in photos and video character to make ghost effects appear more prominent. After recording for 15 min you can do incredibly useful tasks in an easy approach with such an application.

Why it's promising to create your own Ghost lens-like photo video editing app?

Ghost Lens Clone is a separate app that allows for the editing of ghost photography. It allows shooting videos, clicking pictures, editing with ghost effects and shares it as a square Instagram video, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. In addition, it has a “fade in” and “fade out” feature which has been designed to increase the transparency in video and photographs to make the ghost effect attractive. Ghost Lens cloning gives cool tools with the contribution of AddOn Solutions associates. Creators are planning on making their clone video apps according to photo and video client demands. The amenities necessary to build Ghost lenses are accessible via the Addon Solutions infrastructure.

Developing Ghost effect editing Apps become popular

Photography editing and sharing are incredibly trivial that technological organizations are now concentrated on elaborating unique photo and video apps that add immense value to the application marketplace. With Ghost Lens the engineers have changed the approach to photography and video apps. This innovative Ghost funny Photo collage Maker application is fun packed with tools and enthuses photography enthusiasts with an incredible creative frenzy. Using an application which creates an illusion of ghosts floating around in the air is an entirely new concept. It isn't surprising that specialists nowadays prefer the use of replicating the technology.

How much does GhostLens Photo Editor Clone App cost?

Photography and video applications for small firms can be elaborated at affordable prices. The cost of the application is affected by many factors such as the customization and the platforms that the application will use, etc. A standard app such as Ghost Lens takes about 7 days and requires approximately 770 hours. I am presenting an analysis of the data. Look at this. We need your help! We will talk more about your app concept when we have some general info. If you'd like to compete against GhostLight apps you must include specific features that you need to meet specific requirements. So it'll be a tough competition:

  1. 01
    Application store launch. Experts also contribute in identifying and listing the smartphone application to the respective play stores just like Apple stores;
  2. 02
    Client application elaboration. Adaptive to your brand, the application has creative elements to ensure its appearance will be compatible with the branding;
  3. 03
    Security compliance check. The application undergoes an audit on the security of its applications for compliance with food service standards.

Alfee ghost lens like photo video editing app development amenity includes customization. Many variables influence the price of apps such as customization, the framework used for the application, etc. Let’s start discussing your application idea. We do not offer scripting code for elaboration of applications such as Ghost Lens or similar software. It is elaborated entirely from scratch. Our goal will be to integrate unique functions to differentiate your web site from your competitors' applications.

Competitors in the sphere of Ghost effect editing photo video app development

Alfee's aim is to elaborate program that will be a success in the marketplace giving a competitive advantage to another Ghost photo video editor. Let's talk about your future competitors:

Movavi clips Video Editor

It'ss an exclusive tool and is easily available with smartphones including iPad, Windows and Android which inspire creative content sharing. The program offers a special and additional tool to edit videos with extra functions and is various from other application offerings too. It involves chroma keys, fast motion, filtering, blur videos and many more things. It's available to elaborate video clips, elaborate background music and make a short title to use on social networking websites. It's easy to choose multimedia for good viewing enjoyment.


A free video editing app enabling the creation of your particular to upload video to your smartphone. The app lets you to choose the video for specific apply. The customization video may be elaborated with themes, effects, add background music, etc. Afterwards elaborating videos on their own, you're able to post them anywhere on social media as you like.


Such an application has been specifically elaborated primarily as the selfie photo application which gives you a wide array of effects to your images and lets you to share them through your favourite social media frameworks. These photos filter with over 50 topics. The filters can then be changed in the top left of the page.


The photography editing program is very useful for elaborating the best photo video collage or short video clips too. It's mainly employed to elaborate photos, to elaborate studios and supports the Android and iOS devices.


YouCam is a first-screen app when you click a picture for an attractive look. This place has a beauty center that gives various options to contribute you to take an excellent look of your image.

Ghost Effect Photo Editing App Development

Applying a ghost effect awesome video editor you're able easily to build a very profitable application applying them. Why? Alfee team of specialists is skilled at designing photography and video editing apps that incorporate advanced ghost effects. We have created almost 3200 Android applications. We also elaborate applications to edit video pictures. How much does a new app require for its creation? Give me a call today. Elaborate a valid idea from the perspective of an application engineer.

Do you like to freak people out with Ghost photo?

Seeing spirits is a difficult task in real life, but technic has helped in making this happen. Of course the spirits you see do not appear real, but rather are an illusion created by apps like Ghost Lens. Alfee creators have vast experience working with smartphone program elaboration companies. We elaborate and improve web photography editing apps for iPhone / Android framework applying the latest tools.

What does Alfee offer if you'd like to develop a Ghost Gens app?

Ghost lenses are extremely popular nowadays mainly because they feature exclusive and the best video editing features. Experts are trying to simulate ghost effects, taking apps to another level. Alfee technic, manpower and resources allow creators to elaborate photo apps like Ghost Lens. React Native Specialists can create Ghostlenses photo editing clones application for both iOS/Android devices at low prices.

We created a successful App Ghost Lens which was aimed mainly towards the customer's organizations and was designed to give the best answers to firm demands. Alfee elaboration team is creating a new application called Ghost Lens. It's going to take photography editing to an update level.

A special highlight Ghost effects that you can implement into your amenity

Your application may have fairly simple functions, but which are extremely highly appreciated by applicants, because this is the base that everyone needs and is applied regularly. For example:

  • Applying a variety of ghost effects that can be applied to both photos and videos;
  • Change the quality of a video or photo as needed;
  • Arranging awesome cool video files or photos into collages;
  • Applying Background music;
  • Uninterrupted loading of pre-recorded materials from your gallery;
  • Applying certain effects to enhance your shots;
  • Using the zoom function;
  • The use of both paid tools and access to free ones.
Questions for Ghost Lens Clone App Development

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Ghost Lens?

It can be very hard for anybody to tell you how much you need to spend on elaborating your native application. Each customer has its own needs, which differ relying on the budget and it varies relying on the necessities. The prices generally are determined by the hourly elaboration prices or the Application creation organizations provides the entire price to elaborate your app that you must pay one time or in installments.

How do you create an app like Ghost Lens?

To succeed in such an area as creating an application that will be similar to the legendary Ghost Lens, you will first need to select qualified experts. Such can be provided to you by the Alfee team. Dozens of completed products will be a confirmation of our experience.


We are happy to discuss your project and offer an individual approach to product development.

Contact us in a way that is convenient for you or fill out the feedback form!

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